And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” –

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Welcome to our June update!  
Wendy Gammons, MIIA Wellness/Health Promotion Manager  

What a great way to begin the summer – with Massachusetts re-opening! We hope you have a very safe and fun summer and spend plenty of time enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.
Our newsletter this month highlights the photos from our spring photo festival – thank you to all who participated. Please use the link provided in the article below to view the photos taken across the state this spring.
The Well Aware Self-Directed
Activity Challenges
Now there are TWO ways to earn gift cards while staying fit and well! Find our Wellbeing Smorgasbord and Webinar Buffet in each Monthly Newsletter like The MIIA Outdoor Adventure Scavenger Hunt and Summer Gardening. We offer a variety of exercise, diet and wellbeing activities in self-directed and webinar formats. Each program includes educational information, tips and strategies. Only MIIA/Blue Cross subscribers are eligible for the $50 or $75 Amazon gift card.
Program of the Month
The MIIA Outdoor Adventure Scavenger Hunt
A 2-Week Challenge Starting June 14

Did you know that the treasure hunting in Scavenger Hunts has many health benefits, including relieving stress, stimulating the mind and exercising the physical body? Add the element of the outdoors and your vitamin D levels can rise and your mental and physical health can improve. In excitement of these warmer spring and summer days, heed the call of the outdoors and reap the benefits of a good old scavenger hunt. And earn cool prizes.
Webinar of the Month
Summer Gardening with Sara Barrios
Although the spring planting season may be winding down, there's still plenty to do in the garden once summer arrives. Plant expert Sara shares her tips for lasting enjoyment all season long. Available June 1 through June 30, 2021.
Success Story Corner
The Power of Accepting Challenges with Vigor
Elaine Doherty, who works in Woburn’s public school system, is a go getter and accepts every challenge she encounters with vigor and dedication. Last year Elaine went to donate blood but was not allowed to as her heart rate at 120 beats per minute was too high. The American Red Cross guidelines for blood donations are pulse rates not greater than 100 and not less than 50. This year Elaine’s heart rate is 66, her blood pressure low, her iron level up to 15.6 and she was able to donate blood.
The Wellness "Spring Photo Festival" Results!
Thanks to everyone who participated in this event. We received 46 beautiful photos from across the state of Massachusetts. Participants were also asked to write a short paragraph about why the photo represented wellness to them. All of the pictures and commentaries can be seen at the below link.  The "winners" have an asterisk next to their name. Note: MIIA randomly chose 22 people to win a $25 Amazon gift card. These people are the "winners".
The Ticks Are Back: Six Things to Know
Al Lewis, Founder Quizzify and MIIA Health Care Consultant
Our article today focuses on lesser-known tick factoids. This list will sound scary, but keep in mind that millions of us are bitten by ticks every year. Yet only a small percentage of people who are bitten end up with an illness as a result. Still, the consequences of a tickborne illness can be severe, so it pays to heed this advice. Want to test your knowledge of ticks and other summer hazards and enter a drawing for ten $100 gift cards? Register to play this month's Quizzify quiz.
The Good Health Gateway® Diabetes Care Rewards Program
We are proud to announce that the Diabetes Care Rewards Program is launching July 1, 2021. If you or a family member enrolled in a MIIA Health Benefits Trust health plan are living with pre-diabetes or any type of diabetes, you can join the program at no cost to you. More information about the Diabetes Care Rewards Program and how to join will be available in July 2021!
Recipe of the Month
Raw Zucchini Hummus
Zucchini is in abundance in the summer months and this is a great recipe that highlights the vegetable in a unique way. It's a refreshing and healthy snack with some fresh vegetables or sliced pita!

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