Drones Rising: Business Use
Have you yet experienced seeing a drone pass by or here the buzz of one swooping close to your head? Drones are unmanned aircraft, many with camera capabilities. They may be flown by your neighbor, a local business, the government. If you haven't seen one yet,you will soon, almost a guarantee. In 2016 alone, hobbyists purchased 1.9 million drones! Businesses are beginning to purchase drones for commercial purposes. This year, we expect to see upwards of 600,000 drones being used for commercial use. What does this mean for your business?
Are Your Summer Toys Properly Covered?
It's that time of the year we've all been waiting to enjoy, Summer! With the beautiful weather also comes many opportunities to have some fun with summer toys. Summer is the perfect time for long trips in the family RV or motorcycle rides for an afternoon cruise. You should make the most of your summer toys, but it is important to make sure they are covered before doing so. 

Buying Term Life Insurance in Your 30s
You know what they say about your 30s... It's the best time to buy life insurance. Okay, so maybe they don't actually say that, but the point still stands: Life insurance in your 30s is often one fo the most practical, impactful & affordable times to buy a policy. Find out more!!
Gallen Insurance Celebrating 60 Years!!!
You may have seen on our Facebook page that Gallen Insurance is celebrating our 60th Anniversary this year! We will be having an agency open house with food, drinks, prizes, games & more so stay tuned for a date is yet to be determined. Please enjoy the photos below from our history here at Gallen. 
Remember, we would not be here if it was not for our loyal customers like you!! 

Celebrating 60 years strong thanks to our loyal customers, like you! 
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