Upcoming Events
Parent Group Meeting
June 7, 2019
10 AM - 1 PM
2121 N Sherman Blvd., Milwaukee, WI

Possibilities For Youth With Disabilities

An open discussion event that will help parents guide their youth with disabilities to explore the skills they already have. With these set of skills that youth enjoy doing will hopefully make great, long lasting careers and potential stable financial gain.
RSVP Juvosha at 608-440-1559
Cool Kids FUN Group!
June 7, 2019
6 PM - 8 PM
7726 Rasmussen St., Siren, WI

Want to join a group with youth with or without disabilities?
Are you 12-18 years old?
Well, this is the group for you!
We will meet every first Friday of the month.
> Games
> Transition Topics
> Employment Skills
> Outdoor Activities (Spring/Summer)
> Learn about Honey Bees
> Snacks & More!
To join or register call:

Fatima at 608-800-7253 or
CAZ/Becky at 715-566-0406
Possibilities for Parents Forum
June 12, 2019
11 AM - 1 PM
4924 W, Roosevelt Dr., Milwaukee, WI

For parents who have youth with disabilities.
- DVR (Daniesha, Counselor)
- Apprenticeship (Darla Burton)
- WI PROMISE Youth ( Jamal & Miracle)
Free Summer Resource Event
June 14, 2019
11 AM - 3 PM
4200 N. Holton St., Milwaukee, WI

A networking event for youth and adults with disabilities. This event will help connect local resources to help build effective job-related skills related to gaining steady employment. As well as help with navigating resources that could help with unexpected life changes that affect gaining or staying employed.

RSVP by June 14, 2019 to 608-440-1559
RSVP by June 14, 2019 to:
Parent Cafe'
June 15, 2019
10 AM - 12 PM
St. Croix Falls Public Library

Join other parents, caregivers of the aging and people with disabilities, and grandparents to be empowered and inspired! This event includes small and large group conversations about critical aspects of self-care including resilience, social connections, and concrete supports in times of need. Come to connect and bring a friend.
Information Outreach
June 19, 2019
4 PM - 6 PM
3005 Rapids Dr., Racine, WI

A support group to help answer questions and help guide families when dealing with systems. A kind and helping hand approach.

RSVP Irma at 262-632-4174
RSVP Irma at 262-632-4174
Supporting, Educating and Empowering foster/adoptive parents
June 29, 2019
8 AM - 3 PM
Journey Church, Kenosha, WI

While foster/adoptive parents have some resources available to them, they do not always know how to access them, or where to go to get services that are needed to support the child and family.

This conference has been developed to be another resource for foster/adoptive families. The goal of the conference is to help connect families to other families that are experiencing some of the same struggles. We also want to connect families to resources that they may have not known about.