June First Friday


2012 Baltimore Ave.   I  Kansas City, MO 64108  I  816.474.1919   Thurs-Sat. 11 am-5 pm
First Friday Opening
June 5, 2015
6 pm -9 pm

Print this image at 6" x 6" and add color using Sharpie Markers or colored pencil using any combination of these colors:

Red orange, lime green, light blue, dark yellow, medium purple, turquoise, violet, dark brown, rust and pink.

Bring your creating to the Poetry Reading on Saturday, June 6 at 2pm.


Sonie Joi Thompson-Ruffin

Sessions: synesthesiaroutesrhythmiccoulours 


Glenn North & Sonia Sanchez 


June 5 - August 1, 2015

Front Gallery



Poetry Reading

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Reception: 2-3pm

Reading: 4-5pm


Reception Hosted by Dr. Loretta Britton

 Introduction by Jose Faus

 Curated by Dr. Jacqueline Wood

 Curatorial Team: Arzie Umali & Michael Toombs

 Reception Sponsored by: UMKC Department of English


Glenn North
Sonie Joi Thompson-Ruffin
Sonia Sanchez

Glenn North is a published author, Black Archives Director of Education and Community focus Cave Canem fellow, a Callaloo Creative writing fellow and a recipient of the Charlotte Street Generative Performing Artist Award and the Crystal Field Poetry Award. Glenn provided the poetic narration for the award winning film short, May This Be Love and did a guest appearance on the popular ABC family drama, Lincoln Heights. He has shared the stage with many legendary African American poets including Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez and Amiri Baraka.



Glenn North in Black Art in America


Soni? Joi Thompson-Ruffin is a contemporary fabric artist, fabric designer, author, teacher, and lecturer. She has led workshops and lectures on contemporary Black African American quilting and color combining at the Smithsonian's American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery, Nelson Atkins Museum and the UMKC African American Culture House. Soni? is a Charlotte Street Visual Arts Fellow, Art Omi Fellow, Storytellers, Inc. Art Fellow. Her artwork has been exhibited in the United States, Europe and Africa. Her artwork can be found in the collections of galleries, museums, private and corporate collections around the world. She is the author of ''Soulful Art of African American Quilts'' and ''Opening Day Negro League Baseball''. She is the designer of ''My African Village, and Drums of Afrika fabric collections.  Her fabric collections have been featured in McCall's and Better Homes and Garden Quilt magazines. Soni? was recently chosen to collaborate and create artwork for the Helix Architectural firm for the new Kansas City East Patrol located at 27th & Brooklyn.



Sonie Joi on KCPT: The Local Show

(Starts at the 11:35 Time Marker)

Sonia Sanchez| Poet, author, and activist Sonia Sanchez believes that by telling her story about the African-American experience, she has found a way to tell all of our stories.


Sonia Sanchez is one of the most important writers of the Black Arts Movement. She is a poet, activist, scholar-was the Laura Carnell Professor of English and Women's Studies at Temple University. She is the first Poet Laureate for the city of Philadelphia. She is the recipient of both the Robert Frost Medal for distinguished lifetime service to American poetry and the Langston Hughes Poetry Award. Sanchez is the author of sixteen books.




Sonia Sanchez performs

Haiku for Max Roach






Dean Kube
Lorrie Crystal Eigles
Johne Richardson
Art of KC Voices
In partnership with Whispering Prairie Press,

May 1 - June 27, 2015
  Back Gallery

Featured Artists

Cynthia Bjorn

Claire Brankin

Andrea Brookhart

Allan Chow

Emily Connell

Lorrie Crystal Eigles

Wood Dickinson

Caleb Harman

Christel Highland

Brent Kallenbach

Dean Kube

Thomas Luna

Rebecca Pashia

Johne Richardson

Lisa Rogers

Noelle Stoeffel

McKale Wiley

Linda Yates


Since 1992, Kansas City Voices has published works of art from Kansas City based artists as well as artists from around the world.  During the last three years, we have published some of the best art we've ever received.  


The variety of techniques, medium, inspiration, and execution celebrates the diversity of these artists working in the Kansas City area today. From unaltered photography to ethereal and surreal sculptures, to vibrant and evocative paintings, Art of KC Voices provides an effective snapshot of the art we publish and appreciate. Every piece is different from the next, reflecting our belief that good art can exist within a wide spectrum of materials and through the unique voices of diverse artists.


Art of KC Voices highlights a number of the best from here in the Kansas City area with an eclectic mix of mediums and a wide range of interests.  Every artist here has found a home for one or more of their pieces in Kansas City Voices and we felt it was time to celebrate their hard work.



Leslie Holmes


Mary Kay Fosnacht


Marnie Clawson


Pat Owoc


Midwest Metaphors
Studio Art Quilt Associates Regional Members Showcase
Kansas - Missouri - Oklahoma

May 1 - June 27, 2015
Main Gallery 


Featured Artists

Cindy Brendzel

Jackie Berry

Jean Brueggenjohann

Patti Cantu

Marnie Clawson

Shannon Conley

Shawn Delker

Rebecca Douglas

Mary Elmusa

Brenda Esslinger

Linda Filby-Fisher

Mary Kay Fosnacht

Linda Frost

Cherrie Hampton

Karen Hansen

Charlotte Hickman

Pat Hilderbrand

Leslie Holmes

Andrea Luliak

Ada Niedenthal

Pat Owoc

Cynthia Parry

Ruth Powers

Carmen Rinehart

Lynne Seaman

Jackie Stoaks





Emmett Merrill, Saint James Infirmary Blues State 4, relief print, 22" x 30"


Emmett Merrill

The Bridge 

May 1 - June 27, 2015

Opie Gallery

Artist Statement


In a culture which drifts deeper and deeper into social media, the internet, objects that are sterile and untouched, a return to the artist's hand is essential. In the lineage of the German Expressionists, the work is about the act of its creation and represents a human connection to the material as well as how the mind responds to experiences from the world outside of technology. The prints are stories told in relief, each new state continuing a story or train of thought as the printing surface is depleted, growing closer to a full white, death, in a sense. The narratives in themselves are not apparent because, as it rings true in plays or the theater, it is not the story which makes something human but rather the individuals in it.



Artist Bio


Emmett Merrill, expecting a BFA in printmaking from the Kansas City Art Institute, makes prints which draw heavily on the influence of the German Expressionists, The Outlaw Printmakers, and sketchbooks of art history.