June First Friday


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June 2, 2017
6 pm 9 pm

Going Beyond the Surface
T he Works of John Lamberton

June 2 - July 1, 2017
Front Gallery


John Lamberton fires a warning shot challenging the status quo. Both witness and accomplice, John is a historical documentarian whose photographs look beyond the physical attributes of his subjects and take us deeper into a psyche that understands evolution is not only desired, but imperative.

While exploring the complexities of our existence, these images activate the mind to see beyond the superficial, allowing for an extrasensory experience. The viewer is drawn into a dimensionality where reality becomes more than mere surface.

These images and their presentation show us an evolving change in the appearance of our landscape, both social and physical. John directs the eye toward a raw and unvarnished cultural metamorphosis. Through the beauty of his imagery we are invited to explore cautionary tales for modern society.


John Lamberton has been a professional photographer in Kansas City for 40 years. During the course of his career, John has experienced the evolution of photography from film to digital. Always an early adopter of new technologies, he embraced digital photography 20 years ago, both professionally and artistically. Prior to that he founded the Holographic Imaging Lab at Portson Inc., one of the leading holographic imaging companies in the nation. In addition to working as a fine artist, John worked in Collections Management as the Senior Photographer for Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

He served as an Adjunct Professor of Photography at Johnson County Community College where he founded the Digital Photography program. Lamberton's current work takes the light formed image literally to new dimensions. His abstract renderings explore the complexities of our existence. They draw the viewer into a dimensionality where reality becomes more than mere surface.


Our Changing Landscape

SAQA |  Studio Art  Quilts Associates

An Exhibition of Contemporary Fiber Art

Featuring 32 pieces by 21 artists who are members of
S tudio Art Quilt Associates  of Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma

June 2 - July 29, 2017
Main Gallery

Artists (clockwise from top right)
Ada Niedenthal, Karen Hansen, Vicki Conley, Shin-hee Chin, Carol Jones, Linda Frost


Rebecca Gemeinhardt

May 5 - July 1, 2017
Back Gallery

Hopscotch explores the structure of knitting through a sprawling installation of patch-worked macro yarn. Drawing parallels between the children's game 'hopscotch' and knit patterning, the exhibition approaches knitting as a system of play, expanding on its everyday functionality to offer the audience a whimsical and immersive didactic.

Rebecca Gemeinhardt is an artist and designer studying Fiber at the Kansas City Art Institute. Her work explores a wide range of textile processes, including sewn construction, knitting, and surface design. Gemeinhardt has held internships with local studio artists and Paul Mesner Puppet Theatre, which have informed her drive to navigate and bridge the fields of fine art and design.
Through experimentation with pattern-making and surface design my work creates an innovative and considered pairing of texture, pattern, and construction. My practice is informed by studies of fiber properties, conventional skill-based processes, and costume history, while my background in fine arts influences my non-traditional problem-solving and my playful approach to making.  In my practice, I aim to respect the time and energy invested in the production of the materials I use, regardless of whether a textile is hand woven or industrially manufactured. Concentration on meticulous details from conception to final product are inherent to my process. My focus on craft visually communicates my respect for the delicate structures of fiber and encourage viewers to value workmanship that is often absent from consumer culture.
Illuminating Craft

Chase Ford

May 5 - July 1, 2017
Opie Gallery


Craft, at its core, is the ability to shape the world around oneself by bending material and process  to ones's will. In the same way artisans craft physical objects, we as human beings craft our  identities and relationships with one another in an effort to make connections and to find  meaning. Inspired by Minimalist art of the 60's and 70's, my work explores traditional craft  skills such as weaving and felting in conjunction with modern technology and industrial methods  of production. I am interested in the intersections between ancient and modern notions of craft  and art and what it means to be an independent object maker in contemporary times.


Chase Ford is an interdisciplinary artist based in Kansas City, Missouri. Interested in both hand  and industrial processes, he works with a wide range of materials including fiber, LED lights,  steel, and ceramics to create work that addresses concepts of identity, community, and the  intricacies of the relationships we have with ourselves, our environment, and others.