Food & Nutrition Newsletter 
June 2018
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Farmer's Market
Shop Local but stay Safe
I am a big fan of Farmers Markets and hope you are too. Shop local but stay safe. Remember food safety when picking up your local produce & meat.

  • Sample safely - no double dipping
  • Bring ice packs
  • Remember to wash fruits & vegetables

Local Farmers Markets
Shop Local - find your Market
Search for the Farmers Market closest to you or the one that is offering the most convenient time for you.

Remember to bring your own clean bags and ice packs to keep food cold.

Fresh Strawberries - they are almost here
Don't miss out on these fresh & local treats

Pick your own - find one close to you
Add them to:
  • Salads -
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Shakes - strawberry/banana or any combo
  • Eat them whole

Local News - NECCO Candies
FDA issues warning letter
Revere, MA - The FDA has issued a warning letter to the iconic NECCO ( New England Confectionery Company Inc.) factory for filth and rodent infestation.

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