June 2015


Healthcare Featured Product: Gibraltar by Stance

Product Spotlight
Stance Healthcare: Oasis Glider
Stance Healthcare's Oasis Glider  allows patients to obtain therapeutic well-being from motion. Rocking chairs have been noted for soothing infants and the same effect can be seen for adults. Studies have shown that rocking in a chair or glider releases endorphins which results in elevated mood. Depression, anxiety, dementia, ADD and other ailments can be eased with this repetitive gentle movement. It can also be used for pain management as the patient's focus is taken off suffering and replaced with a sense of calmness. Stance designed their Oasis Glider with the intention of reducing stress and anxiety in the healthcare setting. Not only does it benefit patients, but families and hospital staff as well. The Oasis Glider promotes a tranquil environment for patients recovery. 


For a Good Cause
Passionate people make for passionate employees!
We love that our employees are passionate about giving back to the community. Here is a sneak peak of what is most important to our team members... 



Team Member:  
Jerry Glaser, Account Executive


About the Cause: 

Ski4E is a Buffalo based charity that strives to assist children suffering from various forms of liver disease. The foundation provides pediatric advocacy for insurance rights and supports scientific research directed toward improving the lives of children whom have been affected. Most importantly Ski4E raises funds to provide monetary assistance to children undergoing liver transplants. The financial burden of a transplant can be eased with insurance coverage for medical costs, but non-medical costs such as transportation, out of state lodging, and lost wages for parents can add up to become devastating. Ski4E offers support for children, parents, and families whose lives have been disrupted due to the unfortunate development of illness.  

Getting Involved:

"My grandson, Ethan, was born with a rare liver disease known as Billiary Atrisia.  At the age of two months, and just 2 days before the tragedy of 9/11, he had a major operation called a kasai, at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York.  If successful the operation offers a temporary, short term "fix" to his condition.  Ethan's kasai lasted 2 years, much of the time spent in the hospital having tests, biopsies, or tying off internal bleeds in his stomach.  At the age of 2, his condition deteriorated to a point where he needed a liver transplant.  Because the liver is the only organ in the body that regenerates, an organ can be supplied via a live donor.  My son, Chad, became that donor and on 6/6/02 Ethan received his "gift of life" from his father.


Ethan is now going on 14 and graduates from middle school in June.  He's an honor roll student, a black belt in karate, a "mean" skier, and has taken up lacrosse.  His life now, not without some hiccups, is rich and full.


Because organ donation became so important to our family, my son started a charitable organization, "Ski-4-E", named in honor of Ethan.  Through the years we have had fundraising events helping to finance pediatric liver  transplants in the Western New York area while also raising thousands of dollars for research.  Parents can use the funds to help pay medical bills, additional income if one or both parents have to take a leave of absence from their job, or for hotel and airfare accommodations because the child will certainly have their operation at an out of town hospital.  Hopefully Ski-4-E will in some small way help to get these families through the initial hospital period.  My son, Chad, has also become an advocate to hundreds of families throughout the country who need advice, guidance, and navigation during this difficult period.


It takes a life crisis like the one my family and I went through to realize what's really important. That's obviously why "Ski-4-E" is so important to me."

Upcycle Tip 
Our Design Team Says:

"Teacups are adorable and great collection pieces, but you can only litter your shelves with so many before it becomes overcrowded. So what do you do with your fantastic vintage drink-ware?

1.Bird feeders! Glue your teacup to the saucer so that the handle is facing outward. Weave twine into a chain to make it sturdier and loop it through the cup handle. Simply hang from a tree and you have a super chic bird feeder! You can also put a piece of duct tape inside a tea pot over the hole to the spout and hang it on its side in addition to the cups.

2.  Herb planter!  Give your herb garden a vintage upgrade with some mismatched teacups and saucers. All you need are soil and herbs!

3. Candles!  These are my favorite. Candles are super easy to make, totally customizable, and will become the topic of conversation among your friends and family. All you need is wax, wicks, fragrance oils, a thermometer, and two saucepans for double boiling. Melt the wax (I use soy) in the double boiler, add color chip (optional), remove from heat at 185 F, add fragrance, wait till wax cools to 125 F and pour into your teacups! I also like to make candles in vintage glass punch glasses, my friends love them.

Get more great tips here!

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