JUNE 2018
Fellowship Square, a faith-based, nonprofit organization, advocates for and
provides safe, secure, and affordable homes and an array of supportive services
for a diverse population of low-income older adults.
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Message from our President
Eddie Byrne Headshot
Eddie Byrne,
Board President
As warm weather sets in, many of us are looking forward to enjoying time outdoors and taking relaxing vacations. But there is always important work, and summer is no exception. Last month, at the 2018 Annual Meeting, Fellowship Square reviewed all the activities of the past year that have helped us to strengthen our future, so we may continue to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of older adults and people with disabilities in our independent living facilities.
In late 2017, Fellowship Square adopted a three-year strategic plan that grew out of a workshop that the Board of Directors held last fall. The four goals of the strategic plan guide all of the activities of the board and its working committees to ensure their volunteer time is used effectively toward achieving our mission. We have also initiated a new working relationship with the individual Boards of Directors for each of our four Fellowship Houses. Our goal is to strengthen and support the operations of the House Boards and link them more directly to the Corporate Board.
Regarding our physical assets, we continue to pursue the redevelopment of Lake Anne Fellowship House so we can provide affordable housing to seniors and those with physical challenges for another 50 years at Lake Anne Village. This year, we will refinance and recapitalize Hunters Woods Fellowship House to modernize and extend the life of this affordable housing.  
We are excited about the future and our enhanced ability to achieve our mission. We are fortunate to have the time, talent and service of the many volunteers and donors who work on our various boards, contribute their time and energy to support the needs of our residents and commit their treasures in meaningful ways. We thank you, and hope you enjoy reading about all the important work happening throughout our communities. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!
SeniorPovertySenior Poverty: A Looming Crisis 
Senior poverty infographic
Every day 10,000 adults turn 65 in the United States. The number of seniors in Fairfax County alone is expected to grow from 136,000 in 2015 to 192,000 in 2030.
Financial insecurity is a growing threat for older adults. Medicare does not cover health care costs in full; high health care costs are the most significant driver of income insecurity among older adults.
Many seniors, including the majority of Fellowship Square (FS) adults, rely on Social Security or Supplemental Security Income as their primary source of funds, averaging about $640/month. The median cost of renting in Fairfax County, VA is $1,779 monthly, in Prince William County, VA it is $1,581 and in Prince Georges County, MD it is $1,337.

The Need for Affordable Senior Housing

For many seniors, affordable housing is impossible to find. Almost every subsidized housing facility has long waiting lists. Federal programs that subsidized the building of many FS properties are no longer available and new affordable housing for seniors is under constant threat of repeal by lawmakers.
Advocates for seniors are concerned about a looming wave of homelessness for our population of older adults. In fact, homelessness among seniors is projected to increase 33% by 2020 and 100% by 2050.
Fellowship Houses provide home to approximately 800 older adults with limited means and some people with disabilities, but it is not nearly enough to meet the growing demand. There are many ways you can help. Learn more by visiting our website.  
Here's to the wonderful people - residents, volunteers, and supporters - who make up our Fellowship Square community.
Ric Fisher
Ric Fisher 

"Good people helped to provide affordable, independent living opportunities for my parents... my service to FS is in gratitude to those good people."


Ric Fisher's service on the Board of Fellowship Square focused on community service, resource development, fundraising, and the development of a new strategic plan for the organization. After six years on the Board and two years as Chair of the Governance Committee, he is retiring from the service he saw as "giving back" to a caring community. In addition to his service for Fellowship Square, he served on the board for the Lamb Center and NOVACO, and has served in leadership positions for the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church for almost 40 years. He is retired after a career with the Patent and Trademark Office, where he was director of the Materials and Chemical Engineering Technology Center (SES). He has been married to his wife, Barbara, for 47 years and they have two daughters and five grandchildren.


Thank you, Ric, for your contributions and dedication to our mission!
Mrs. Virginia Calloway
Mrs Calloway
Mrs. Calloway at Lake Anne turned 105 this month. The Lake Anne community celebrated her special milestone on June 5th. 
It's time to celebrate Mrs. Virginia Calloway's 105th birthday! It's a special and rare occasion when a person spends 105 years on this earth, and it's certainly deserving of a very special celebration.
Some 90 residents attended the birthday festivities with love, respect and admiration for Mrs. Calloway. Pastor Dustin B. Sullivan of Heritage Fellowship Church was present, as were Mrs. Durodola, a former resident, and family members. Marilyn Voigt, Lake Anne Fellowship House board member, came out to celebrate as well. Many residents bought gifts and cards; Chinese resident Huilin Tong was the first to present a gift - ordered specially from China, a representation of a traditional Chinese peach implying long life, health and happiness. Other residents and friends came forward to talk to Virginia, kissing her hands and taking pictures with her. The guest of honor wished everybody happiness and health, and she was filled with such joy that she couldn't help herself from singing.
Ms. Calloway's birthday celebration was a cherished moment in the life of Lake Anne Fellowship House.
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annualmeetingAnnual Meeting Update
Annual Meeting attendees
Attendees listen to presentations at the Annual Meeting.
Annual Meeting Speaker
Supervisor Cathy Hudgins 
On Saturday, May 19, the leadership, key stakeholders and many dedicated volunteers of Fellowship Square joined together at Hunters Woods Fellowship House for the 2018 Annual Meeting where Supervisor Cathy Hudgins addressed the attendees. Reverend Fred Klein offered the morning prayer after brief welcoming remarks from FS President Eddie Byrne. Each Fellowship House reported news, Supervisor Cathy Hudgins addressed the attendees, and Executive Director Christy Zeitz provided a comprehensive report. Highlights of key accomplishments were shared, including the results of successful fundraising efforts, achievement of full compliance with HUD regulations and implementation of the FS three-year strategic plan.  
Mention was also made of the successful aging-in-place strategies instituted by FS, and the growth of programs and services across all houses that continue to address the needs of our resident populations. New board members were voted in and welcomed, including Michael Scheurer, Chuck Wortman, and Robert Greenwood. Retiring board members were recognized and thanked, including Ric Fisher, Allen Wild, Vern Krueger, Adrian Pelzner, and Rev. Joyce Gray Thomas.  
A final request was made for all present to continue to support FS with a call to volunteer, serve, give!
VHDA logo

Special thanks to VHDA for its generous support of the Annual Meeting.
At Fellowship Square, we provide affordable housing to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of our residents. Here's a peek at just a few of the programs and events enjoyed by those who call Fellowship House their home.
Social Event Highlights
Sing for Joy
The halls of Largo Landing are full of beautiful music as residents embarked on practices for their new choir. The choir performed for the first time at a special Mother's Day social, and has plans to perform at special events throughout the summer.       
Engage at Every Age
seniors dancing
At Hunters Woods, a May dance party had residents enjoying toe-tapping tunes. In late June, residents will enjoy a fun and informative "cruise day" event, as Fairfax Rehabilitation staff will give residents tips on staying comfortable and safe while enjoying time outdoors.       
Live Smart
Brain Health Seminar
In early May, friends from AARP visited Lake Ridge to speak with residents about brain health as part of a series of innovative health and wellness events. The presenters provided tips on memory improvement, stress management, and fun suggestions on staying sharp at any age.

In Appreciation
Maintenance Appreciation
Spring kicked off with a Resident's Appreciation Day, the first of its kind at Lake Anne! Hosted by the Maintenance Department, residents were treated to pastries and fresh fruit and enjoyed a morning of fellowship as they discussed solutions to maintenance issues.
Resident Program Highlights
Health presentation

Spice up Your Life
At the end of May, representatives from Giant Foods visited Hunters Woods to present a special nutritional seminar, focused on healthy eating and preparing meals with rich flavors.

African American History Museum
History Buffs

On April, 12th residents from Largo Landing set out on an informative and engaging field trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
For most, it was the first time they had visited the museum. The outing was so popular and enjoyable, more excursions like this are now being planned. Stay tuned!    
Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Andrew Lih 
Strings of Love
String of Love
This spring, Lake Anne commemorated Mother's Day in a unique way.  Residents were provided paper, paper clips and hearts and were encouraged to write messages in their language of choice. The messages ranged from memories of becoming a mother to notes to their own mothers. Messages were displayed across the lounge for all to see.
Wheels to Wellness
Back by popular demand, this transportation program is gearing up again at Lake Ridge. Kathleen Harding, Lake Ridge Services Coordinator, is busy with the initial scheduling process. The program helps residents take advantage of cab rides at substantially reduced rates so they can get to doctors visits and other appointments quickly and conveniently.
propertyhighlightsProperty Highlights
Meeting presentation

Lake Anne:
Redevelopment Update

Fellowship Square is finalizing the plan to redevelop the Lake Anne Fellowship House in Reston. The plan calls for the replacement of all 240 apartment units as well as a new social hall, crafts room, fitness and wellness center, game room, two plazas and community gardens, all to create a state-of-the-art facility that will be an important asset to the Reston community. There will be no resident relocation during construction; residents will remain in the current Lake Anne House and will move into the new building once it is complete. The project is estimated to cost $70 million and will be completed by 2022.  


Laundry room
Lake Ridge
The team at Lake Ridge spent a busy spring preparing for the arrival of a new commercial washer and dryer. The laundry facility was painted, and flooring replaced in preparation for the new equipment. Upgrades to mechanical equipment, including the fire pump, jockey pump, and controller, are also on the agenda and nearing completion. 

Hunters Woods
The Asset Management Committee is working through financing scenarios to recapitalize the Hunters Woods Fellowship House. Staff members have assisted with the dissemination of a survey to gather input as to which improvements residents would like to see in the building. A property capital needs assessment was completed to identify structural and systems upgrades. FS will engage an architect and full project team to complete a specific scope of work. The project will be completed within two years.

Largo Landing
New canopy Largo Landing
Just in time for spring, a new canopy was installed, giving Largo Landing a more welcoming fa├žade. Plans are underway to expand the parking lot to allow for at least a dozen more spaces for residents and guests, to be completed by year's end.
OlderAmericansFellowship Square Commemorates Older Americans Month 
Every May, the Administration on Aging leads our nation's observance of Older Americans Month. It's a time for all to celebrate the ways older adults enrich our communities. It's also a time for us to encourage our senior friends in activities that support physical, emotional and mental well-being. At FS, we commemorated this month with a variety of activities.
OAM logo 
At Lake Ridge, a picnic was held on May 11th for all the residents to attend, and Hunters Woods celebrated with its "Engage at Every Age" dance party. At Largo Landing, the service coordinator connected with the Department of Aging to send ten residents to a special luncheon on May 30th, held at the Camelot by Martins in Upper Marlboro. The event included informative and engaging presentations on health and wellness, technology and social media, online fraud and scams, and fitness demonstrations. Attendees were encouraged to join in and exercise on the spot.
Welcome to our New Interns for Summer 2018!
Isabel Edgerton
Isabel is a Reston native. She is currently a second year student at Temple University in the Honors Program where she is a History and Philosophy double major with a minor in French. Previously, she has worked for Tree House Books, a Philadelphia nonprofit committed to expanding literacy.
Madeline Miles 
Madeline joins us as she takes a summer break from her studies at Roanoke College where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. She is active in the College Resource Development Office and is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honor Society.
Daniel Sipes
Daniel is a student at George Mason University and plans to graduate in December with a bachelor's degree in Communication. He hosts a weekly radio show on WGMU titled, "Rock Classics with Daniel." He looks forward to applying his communications skills in the real world at Fellowship Square.

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