Meet the AHEC West Health Professional Caucuses! 
Dietetic Caucus
Nurse Practitioner Caucus

AHEC West caucuses are a vital component both in retaining local health professionals and in providing networking opportunities within specific disciplines. AHEC's Caucuses facilitate continuing education opportunities, having provided 56 courses in FY16 that trained a total of 2,439 health professionals; support student recruitment, training and clinical education; and participate with a wide variety of both professional and community service projects.
Each year, the Caucuses orchestrate annual awards, provided in recognition of excellence in a given profession; celebrate Health Profession months/weeks as determined by parent organizations; and provide promising Health Professions students scholarships in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Nursing.
In addition, they participate in a plethora of health-related community events, from Health Fairs to fundraising walks and runs. Events supported by the AHEC Caucuses and their members include the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, the Western Maryland Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic, and the National Nutrition Month Project.
Other programs supported include the Western Maryland Health System Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Needs project, the Western Maryland Food Bank, and the Allegany County Board of Education Focus on the Future project.
The Caucuses do a great deal in support of our Western Maryland community. Thanks to all of the professionals who make our Caucuses a success!

Allegany / Garrett Social Work Caucus
Washington County Social Work Caucus

To learn more please contact Joy Taylor , Program Coordinator at 301-777-9150 ext 141.
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