" Surrounding yourself with friends whose presence calls forth your best is the warmth that is the vital element to growing your soul. To accomplish this it is important to have authenticity in connecting with others. It is not the wealth in your pocketbook that matters but your integrity. "
 – Kim Searl


Authenticity-quality of being genuine, based on facts, accurate or reliable

Integrity-the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness

Presence-the state or fact of existing, occurring, being present in a place or thing

Warmth-having, showing, or expressive of enthusiasm, affection, or kindness

Sunday Journal Questions
1. Is there anything you feel guilty about? Anything you need to be forgiven for?

2. What's the worst thing you've ever done?

3. What's your secret desire?

4. What's the most outrageous thing you've ever done?

Attuned to my inner jewel of radiant energy, self-esteem awakens naturally.

Touch the tips of thumbs to the tips of the index fingers of each hand. Bring the thumbs and index fingers of each hand together. Join the pads of the middle fingers together, for making a diamond shape. Curl the little and ring fingers naturally inward toward the palms. Holding the gesture at the solar plexus with the middle fingers facing forward. Relax the shoulders back and down, with the elbows held slightly away from the body and the spine naturally aligned.

July Challenge

Gluteals Prone 1/2 Bosu and Ballast Ball. Place forearms on 1/2 bosu ball and belly on ball. Open and close your legs for three sets of ten. For each set lift your thighs higher of the ball.



Meant To Be by Rebelution

Rose Peach Coral-the first element of evolvement to an illumine consciousness that is being able to love ourselves. This the "true wisdom of love." If you dislike this color it is showing you that you have unresolved relationships and the inability to accept and give joy because of it. When you make peace with this color it delivers one into an understanding of ALL-ONENESS versus ALONE-NESS. It is in this state of comfort and security, we can safely be spontaneous and therefore in the present moment.

Moonstone teaches one to make progress only by striving for the highest ideals. It forces one to stop daydreaming and to face reality.


Petitgrain- oils is serviced from the bitter orange tree, which  has a long history of being used for cleaning purposes and internally to support a healthy immune system and nervous system function. Primary Benefits may be to help support healthy cardiovascular function, provide antioxidant support, support healthy immune function and to help promote a restful sleepTo purchase oil

Goji Berry Fruit- This blend originated in Vienna, Austria This blend brews up a wonderful red color and has vibrant flavors. Caffeine Free and refreshingly delicious!
To purchase tea.


Karma Cause and Effect Contemplate cause and effect for everything you do

Viloma Pranayama- this means interrupted breath. There are various forms this month we will focus on interrupted inhalation. Some benefits of this breath may be to improve control of your breath and movement of air within your body, helps you cool down after an active movement session, helps to relieve anxiety, helps relieve tension from PMS.  Laying in a comfortable position place your hands at your navel area. Now inhale into the low part of the lungs for four counts, exhale out for two counts and keep the space in the low ribs, now inhale into the mid lung area for four counts, exhale out for two counts and keep the space in the chest, now finish the inhale for four counts filling up the top of the lungs, and exhale out slowly for 8 counts in one smooth long exhale. Feel out the breath initiates under your fingers.
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