" By loving yourself first, love can be understood and you can be known.
This takes having the right support system in place for yourself and
promoting stability in your life

 – Kim Searl


Stability - the state of not deteriorating in health firmly established

Support - give assistance to enable to function or act, the ability to bear weight and to                       hold up          

To Be Known - be aware of through observation, inquiry or information that you have                                   developed a relationship through spending time with another

Be Understood - perceive the intended meaning of .....

Sunday Journal Questions

1. What are your five short term goals?

2. What are your five long term goals?

3. No body knows that I......

4. The biggest lie I've ever told is.....

Bathing in the energy of the soft moonlight, 
I open myself to my receptive feminine qualities.

Touch the tips of the ring fingers to the tips of the thumbs of the same hand and extend the other fingers. Place the left hand just below the navel, with the palm facing upward. Place the right hand slightly above the left, plan down, so that the joined fingertips of the right hand are directly above the joined fingertips of the left hand, but not touching them. Relax the shoulders back and down, with the elbows slightly away from the body and the spine naturally aligned. Benefits may be awakening our lunar, famine, qualities, including softness, fluidity pleasure and sensitivity; reducing stress and blood pressure; Supporting the health of the reproductive and urinary systems; helping to relieve inflammation.

June challenge
1/2 Bosu 3 chest push ups and 3 triceps push ups 

Take Your Destiny by Alexia Chellun

Light Green - is balance, the ability to see through from all angles and the ability to move forward. Green is a bridge, it is the inter connectedness of being able to give and receive love freely. Nature, harmony, balance and healing are all green aspects. It is about breath, circulation, being in the flow "LI". If you dislike green it is showing that you have imbalance in areas of self-doubt, self-acceptance, self-love. Your body, mind and spirit are out of harmony.

Citrine provides emotional clarity to find your way through difficulties. It also helps you ground spiritual insights in the real world and expand your emotional life.

- essential oil is derived from the fresh rhizome of the ginger plant, the subterranean stalk of a plant that shoots out of the root system. Primary Benefits may be to help support healthy digestion, reduce bloating, gas and occasional indigestion, reduce occasional nausea. 
To purchase oil

Royal Wedding - Blend of Chinese Mutan White Tea buds with almond, coconut and vanilla and an Abuja dance of pink rosebuds and petals. A regal tea to celebrate many glorious occasions. It is called Royal because the blend was originally commissioned by the Historic Royal Palaces in 2011. To purchase tea.

Mindful Plot - watch a movie, observe how you become engrossed and invested in the story - note your emotions and how they change throughout the movie.

3 - Part Pranayama
- Some benefits of this breath are; it calms the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety, promotes full and complete breathing, increases oxygen supply to the blood, helps keep the lungs healthy, releases muscular tension and prepares for deeper meditation.

Laying on your back in a comfortable position, place your hands upon your belly just below the breastbone with middle fingers touching. Now breathe into your hands and notice on the in breath how the fingers pull apart and on the out breath how they pull together. Breathe three dimensional and feel the breath surround the kidneys. Place the hands at the side of the ribs and give a little resistance now breathe into your hands. Breathe three dimensional and feel the breath surround the heart. Now place your finger tips just below your collar bones and feel how the collar bones roll up on the inhale and roll down during the exhale. Once you have a felt sense of these areas rest your arms at your side feel and observe the breath flowing through these areas three dimensionally. 
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