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June/July 2015 - In This Issue:
Raviv Balfour and Dan Lewis kickin' it back at Foundation Night.

Greetings, VOS!

T he heat of the summer is upon us and I hope you all are doing fun things to stay cool. Just a quick note from me to fuel the stoke for VOS Big Sky 2016. This will be an amazing venue for the meeting with many new upgrades and terrain expansion since the last time VOS visited the area. Big Sky is the largest ski area in the United States, with 5,800 skiable acres, boasting the "Biggest Skiing in America." There are also exciting alternative activities to participate in: fantastic Nordic skiing available at Lone Mountain Ranch, fly fishing the Gallatin River or snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park, to name a few.

When planning your travel to the 2016 VOS conference, please reserve your travel and lodging package through Penny Smith of Rocky Mountain Tours, a division of Penny continuously provides excellent service to all of our members and acts as our conference planner for the VOS meeting. She serves as a vital link between the VOS and the resort securing our conference space. Penny is the exclusive travel agent for the 2016 meeting, and she can get pricing that is not available otherwise, which has been demonstrated by price comparisons at the last three years' meetings. You may not realize that it is crucial to our meeting to book travel and lodging through Penny Smith and Rocky Mountain Tours due to the direct reciprocating effect it has on the conference. When we contract conference and exhibitor space, the VOS must commit to a certain number of rooms sold to leverage conference room facilities, discounted food pricing, and event space. If the minimums are not met, the VOS must pick up the extra cost. When you book through the VOS travel agent, Rocky Mountain Tours, all rooms sold count towards our minimums; rooms obtained through other avenues do not. The links to booking through the VOS website ( should be easy and straightforward this year.


Our Jacques Jenny Lecturer is scheduled to be Douglas Beaman, MD. Dr. Beaman began his orthopaedic practice in Portland in 1995 at Emanuel Hospital, and specializes in lower extremity trauma and reconstructive surgery. He has authored multiple book chapters, presented research at national meetings, and published research in peer-reviewed orthopaedic journals. His main research and clinical focus centers on lower extremity deformity, ankle arthritis, and surgical performance. His research efforts have received grants for clinical outcome studies, and currently to study methods for enhancing surgical team performance. He is involved in the education of the OHSU orthopaedic residents at Emanuel Hospital and has a fellowship program in lower extremity trauma and reconstruction. His practice includes ankle and knee joint preservation surgery, ankle replacement arthoplasty, limb lengthening, correction of lower limb malalignment, lower extremity trauma care, and treatment of adult and pediatric foot and ankle conditions. Dr. Beaman will be an entertaining and informative speaker.


Dr. Steve Petersen Enjoy the rest of your summer and let's hope for a BIG snow year at BIG Sky.


Respectfully submitted,


Steven W. Petersen

VOS President 2015-2016



A poetic reminder to pay your annual membership dues from Katja Lin, Communication Chair! 


It's that time of year again

when graciously we ask you friend

to send your dues for membership

and so we do not crack the whip

please send it by September one

online or mail, both get it done

Should the amount be other than

Twenty five or one hundred and ten

Call to pay by credit card

or send a check, it isn't hard.

And if you can sign up a friend

They will thank you in the end!


To pay online, visit the VOS website at and go to the link to Pay Membership Dues. To pay by mail or phone, contact the VOS office at the address or phone number below.


VOS is up and running again after relocating. Please update correspondence accordingly.



Veterinary Orthopedic Society

P.O. Box 665

Parker CO 80134

Telephone: 720-335-6051  
(note that the telephone number differs from what was previously announced)


Our website and email address remain the same:





VOS 2016! 
Photo by Michel Tallichet, courtesy of Big Sky Resort / Montana.
Photo by Michel Tallichet, courtesy of Big Sky Resort / Montana.
View the 2014-15 trail map. Courtesy of Big Sky Resort / Montana.
Big Sky Montana logo
Mark your calendar for the 2016 VOS Conference in Big Sky, Montana.

2016 VOS Conference 
February 27-March 5, 2016 
Big Sky, Montana

Save the dates, and plan to join us in 2016! Registration will open in the fall. 

Steve Petersen



Kenneth Bruecker

Past President


Rich Evans 

President Elect


R. Mark Daye



Katja Lin 



Janet Van Dyke

Advertising / Publicity Sponsor Chair


Andy Bathe

Scientific Program


Reunan Guillou

Scientific Program, Assistant Chair


Jonathan Suber



Matt Stewart



Cheryl Tano

Exhibit Chair


John Chandler

Director, Education Foundation


Richard "Dick" Lau

Assistant Director, Education Foundation 


Maralyn R. Probst

Executive Secretary


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2016 43rd Annual Conference

February 27-March 5, 2016

Big Sky, Montana

2017 44th Annual Conference
March 11-18, 2017
Snowbird, Utah 
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Registration for sponsorship of the 2016 VOS Conference at Big Sky opened on July 1 for past sponsor companies wishing to sponsor in 2016. We have had a very robust response to this opening. The next tier of registration opened on July 23. This is for companies that have exhibited at VOS for at least 10 years and that want to sponsor in 2016. The final tier, for exhibitors only, will open on August 14.

For more information, contact VOS Sponsor Chair Dr. Janet Van Dyke at .
Everost, one of our new sponsors, with Mike Kowaleski.
To all the surgical residents in the precarious time where the residency is ending and a new prospect awaits:


A myriad of hopes and expectations built on countless sleepless nights and thankless tasks follow you through the transition from being a resident to being a surgeon. As often is the case with reality, it never turns out the way we thought it would. While that should be a life lesson in itself, it is all too often that we forget that we are not alone in this transition. Others have walked (or stumbled) the path before you and still others will follow behind you. Below is a swatch of advice from your mentors and colleagues to ponder over. Regardless, we congratulate you on all of your hard work and dedication and wish you all the best.


Build and maintain a network of peers. They will be an invaluable resource throughout your career.

- Mike Kowaleski


Board certification should be completion of your first professional challenge, not your last.

- Mike Conzemius


Be prepared to feel as though you are failing the exam. It is not like any exam you have taken before. If you don't have serious concerns about your performance during the exam you will be unusual. This knowledge can be surprisingly empowering. Use this knowledge to answer each question to the best of your ability, don't dwell on your answer, and don't second guess yourself. Finish the questions in order and move on. When you are done, don't go back and review your answers. This will help prevent yourself from undermining your own performance.

- Mark Daye


Surround yourself with people that you admire. Although I'm not a surgeon, I have noticed that young surgeons who become successful spend time with good, experienced surgeons.

- Rich Evans


My advice would be to make sure they find a place that has good mentorship in the first year. Not someone that gets a surgeon in and then bugs out all the time because they have someone to help. That first year is tough and challenging and can really get you some confidence if in the right environment. 

- Josh Rexing


When negotiating your contact, get it all in writing. If it's not written down, it was not agreed upon. Also, use your non-dominant hand for menial tasks like brushing your teeth.

- Katja Lin


Thank you to everyone who contributed wisdom and advice to the outgoing residents!  

Comedian Andy Pitz entertained the crowd at Foundation Night.
The 42nd Annual VOS Conference was a phenomenal meeting, and the venue in Sun Valley, Idaho was once again superb. This year marked a change in leadership for the VOS Education Foundation (VOSEF). A huge Thank You goes to Chris Horstman for his 4 years of service as VOSEF Director and Assistant Director. Dick Lau was elected as VOSEF Assistant Director. His experience will be paramount in helping the foundation move forward. The VOSEF has also re-established a Board. Chris Horstman (1-year appointment), Wanda Gordon-Evans (2-year appointment) and Brenda Salinardi (3-year appointment) will make up this very important part of the VOSEF.

The VOS Board of Directors and membership voted this year to transfer a large sum to the VOSEF from the general VOS account. This money will go a long way in helping endow current awards and help create new awards and educational programs. The VOSEF would like to thank the VOS Board of Directors and membership for their continued support, confirming that VOS truly has the mission of furthering the scientific investigation of veterinary orthopedics.


The VOSEF continued to sponsor the Past President's Breakfast, which remains the perfect way to meet and interact with the wonderful folks that have laid the path for VOS. The VOSEF looks forward to next year's breakfast.


The ski race was well attended again this year. Congratulations to all the winners! Maggie Acker flew down the course on her "home court" in just over 17 seconds to grab the Overall Fastest Time. However, the young Josie Petersen, VOS President Steve Petersen's daughter, wasn't far behind as the Children's First Place Winner with a time of 19.38 seconds. The Women's Age Group First Place Winners were Katja Jopp and Sarah Goldsmith, and the Men's Age Group First Place Winners were Kelly Strom, Andrew Miles, and VOSEF Assistant Director Dick Lau. Laurent Guiot and Scott Humphrey respectively earned the Snowboard and Telemark honors. The race earned the VOSEF almost $900.


Foundation Night was an enormous success this year thanks to all of the generous donations, fantastic posters and the hilarious Andy Pitz. This year we integrated the posters into the exhibit hall, which increased exposure and seemed to be a great improvement. The Poster Session was also very well attended and the food was fantastic. In lieu of the Casino Night, we had a Silent Auction this year. This was a giant success for the VOSEF by raising about five-fold the donations. Thank you to all of the prize donors and bidders. Andy Pitz, a comedian previously featured on David Letterman and Craig Ferguson, entertained us for an hour with his hilarity.


The VOSEF is happy to report that we only have one endowment of the Mark S. Bloomberg Resident Research Award left. The current endowed awards have been made possible by donations from AOVet-NA, Merial, New Generation Devices, Orthomed, Securos, and the Past Presidents. Thank you again to all of these donors! The Hohn Johnson Research Award and Wade O. Brinker Resident Research Award continue to be possible with all of the generous donations. We are currently working on endowment of these awards as well. If you know someone interested in sponsorship, please contact us.


Between individual donations, the Silent Auction, and the Ski Race, the VOSEF raised just over $13,000 this year! Thank you to everyone involved and we look forward to seeing you all in Big Sky, Montana. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Dick Lau, me, or any of the VOSEF Board members.


John Chandler

VOSEF Director


The Foundation Night buffet is always a hit.
VOS Call for Abstracts VOS invites practitioners, academicians, and researchers interested in large animal, small animal, and exotic species to submit abstracts of novel studies in practical and scientific topics related to veterinary orthopedics and traumatology. Preference will be given to abstracts that have clinical relevance.

Papers addressing results of controlled retrospective and prospective clinical studies are strongly encouraged. Clinician investigators should also consider submitting innovative surgical techniques, or case reports describing unusual or difficult cases as these will be reviewed separate from the scientific abstracts; as will submissions for the Complications and Corrections session.


Read the complete VOS Call for Abstracts.

The Veterinary Orthopedic Society's State of the Industry talks provide an opportunity for our valued sponsors to share with the membership interesting scientific research, clinical data or information about new treatments, developments, and/or techniques. These should be presentations with scientific merit rather than commercials.

Presentations will be 10 minutes long plus 5 minutes for questions. The time limit will be adhered to strictly. PowerPoint files (or PDFs of these files) must be submitted to the Sponsor Chair ( 14 days in advance for review by the Chair and the Session Moderator. This ensures suitability and enables time for any necessary revisions. Late submissions may result in loss of the preferred time slot for presentation.
The poster session at Foundation Night is always a chance to share new ideas.
Today Show videoA recent video segment on The Today Show featured Goody, an abused pit bull who was able to walk naturally again after receiving two prosthetics made by OrthoPets, located in Denver.

The segment, entitled "A little miracle occurs: Human technology provides prosthetic limbs for pets," shows the process involved in making Goody's prothestics, from creating molds to assembling the finished prosthetic.

VOS member Dr. Felix Duerr serves as OrthoPets orthopedic and sports medicine consultant.

Visit The Today Show website to read the full article and watch the video.
Board-Certified Surgeon - Coral Springs Animal Hospital Coral Springs Animal Hospital is seeking a Board Certified Surgeon. Coral Springs Animal Hospital, established in 1977, is a general, specialty, and emergency/critical care hospital open 24/7/365 located near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The hospital moved into a brand new 38,000 square foot building in November 2008.

Coral Springs Animal Hospital was featured as "Hospital of the Year" in the March 2012 issue of Veterinary Economics. In 2015, it was named the AAHA Referral Practice of the Year as well as the PetPlan Practice of the Year.

To learn more, please see the complete job posting

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