Another drug bites the dust: how to stay hopeful when frustration is all around

Dr. Srdan Verstovsek spoke with Patient Power during ASCO early this month. During his interview he gave a summary of the state of JAK inhibitor trials and drug trials in MPN generally. 

The MPN community is approaching 10 years from approval of Jakafi, with no new drug breakthroughs since. After the reports made in November 2016 regarding the Momelotinib trial, we were skeptical that Gilead would take Momelotinib to the finish line, and during ASCO we heard definitively that is so. Given that there are by our count at least 20 different compounds or combinations being tested in PV, ET or MF, we are left wondering not only why, but what can we as a patient advocacy organization focused on research do about it? 

We bring our perspective about the need for more drug options beyond the usual suspects to each meeting with drug developers and academic scientists. We have also shared this POV with the FDA multiple times, and will also be speaking to them about this September 2017 as part of their series of rare cancer meetings. The goal is to not only share the thoughts and struggles of the patient community, but to also learn about what ways we can be more effective in seeing more safe and effective therapies brought to patients, sooner. 

We'd love to hear from you: what message do you want the FDA and drug makers to hear about your need for more drug options? What role do you think the Foundation should play? Send us an email at with your thoughts and we'll include your answers (without your name) in a follow up post. 


Michelle Woehrle
Executive Director, MPN Research Foundaiton
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