June 2020


What a year it's been! With so much suffering in the world, our own hearts, and our families, it's not a surprise that many people feel overwhelmed. There's also the state gradually reopening and cautiously adjusting to life that's been different for months.

God the Father is especially close to those who are suffering. He is a good Father who invites us to trust in His mercy - His mercy, which reaches to the depths of human misery and draws good out of even the greatest evils. We are called to be conduits of God's mercy and healing, particularly through works of mercy in our communities. Ask your pastor if there's anything you can do to help as public Masses resume. Finally donate that pile of stuff you went through this spring. Donate to a local food pantry or pregnancy center - or donate blood. This article shows 4 ways to respond to racism and this is an excellent book to educate your kids on matters of race and respect. And this month, in a particular way, find rest in the Sacred Heart of Jesus , whose feast we celebrate on June 19.

Father's Day this year is June 21. All fathers are called to reveal the love of God to their children. Dads, here is an article to help you live the Beatitudes as you raise your kids. And remember to say a prayer for those who have lost their father, have a difficult relationship with their dad, or are longing to become dads themselves.

Wishing you a blessed beginning of summer!

The Marriage & Family Ministry Staff
4 life lessons from St. Joseph
Like St. Joseph, we can commit to one thing and suddenly discover that one thing has become more than we anticipated. And like Saint Joseph, we may not see the end of the story this side of Heaven. We may never have tangible proof that our suffering was not in vain. His life, however, consoles us through these uncertainties. Through the example of St. Joseph, we find several ways in which to overcome the temptation to doubt and despair.
It's okay to grieve changes to your wedding plans
In the wake of the pandemic, many couples have had to surrender their ideal plans for their wedding day. When it comes to making changes, there is no right answer, and there certainly isn’t an easy one. Having to make decisions about how to move forward is a gut-wrenching process for couples during a time that was meant to be joyful. Know that it is okay (and even necessary) to grieve your ideal wedding day, so you move forward with more peace. 
5 tips for praying together
You know you're supposed to do it. You know it's important. You've been told by dozens of people, dozens of times, that praying together is necessary for a healthy relationship. The problem is... it feels awkward. It doesn’t come naturally.  Praying by yourself is hard enough , but when you try to pray with another person next to you, you suddenly feel self-conscious. No matter how much you love them, it can still be a challenge. But have no fear! Here are five tips that will make praying together easier. 
Podcast: The Play and Pray Challenge from the Messy Family Project
The Messy Family Project is starting the Play and Pray Challenge from June 12-21, a way for us to spread the kingdom of Jesus Christ into every home in a fun, interactive way. We have learned that if you are going to PRAY with your family, you need to PLAY with them! Schedule time for a date night, family outing, and prayer. We want to make this a fun and rewarding experience for families. Visit the MFP website for more info !
3 ways to adjust to a "new normal" in the pandemic transition
As restrictions across the country ease, it is tempting to run at full-speed toward the lure of “normalcy,” jettisoning the routines that have come to mark life this spring. Yet, we must take steps forward cautiously and charitably, recognizing there are gifts to be found in the tension of this “in-between” time that we will miss if we are hastily grasping for a return to life as we knew it. Following these three guidelines will help you make the most of this threshold time. 
Marriage Tip of the Month

Schedule some time this month to have a ‘heart-to-heart’ conversation with your spouse: share with each other something that has been on your heart in recent weeks that you have not yet expressed.