June 2022 | E-Newsletter
Missouri Cures Education Foundation is a statewide non-profit alliance working to promote & protect medical advances to improve the health of Missourians and stimulate the economy in our state. Donations are tax-deductible & support education and outreach programs.
From the Director's Desk:
Every month our newsletter brings you articles about the groundbreaking medical research happening in Missouri and around the globe. We want to keep you up to date about the discoveries being made in regenerative medicine, bioengineering, gene editing, and more. But, with limited space and bandwidth, it is important that we share information about the issues that are most important to you, our supporters. That is why we are asking you to take this very brief, 2-minute survey to help us understand which research topics you want to see us focus on in the future. 

Thank you for your continued support of our work to promote and protect medical research. 

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Ellie Hayes
Executive Director
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WISER Woman:
Our June WISER Woman is Dr. Monica Muir. Dr. Muir is a Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care provider at Mercy, St. Louis, a co-founder of the 500 Women Scientists St. Louis Pod, and a board member for GiFT, an organization which provides support and resources for families of critically ill newborns. Additionally, Dr. Muir works on research to improve outcomes for early palliative care patients. You can learn more about the work that GiFT does here.
Meet the Researcher:
Meet Silviya Petrova Zustiak, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Co-Director, Institute of Drug and Biotherapeutic Innovation at SLU and Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology. Dr. Petrova Zustiak’s primary research interests are in hydrogel biomaterials and tissue engineering. Her research is highly multidisciplinary, merging the fields of engineering, materials science, and biology. Learn more about her incredible work here.
Missouri Cures Events:
Attention students, young professionals, and the young at heart! Young Friends of Missouri Cures would like to invite you to join us for an evening of networking, sharing, learning, and pizza. Registration is free, but space is limited so please RSVP today.  
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