Dear Elite Members,

Your Elite Statement will be emailed tomorrow, June 4th. You will see a charge for your June dues on this statement.  Please be assured that we are in receipt of your desire to opt out of your June dues and the credit for the June dues will appear on your statement by Friday, June 12th. Your payment method on file will not be charged for dues on June 15th.  However, we may charge your payment credit card or checking account on file if there are outstanding items from March or May that need to be paid. All credits for unused services & programs during the closure have either already been issued or are in the process of being issued.

Please login to your member account to view your statement credits. If you do not see the June dues credit appear by Friday, June 12th, please reach out to the business office at or 262-786-3920 and they will assist you.

If you have changed your mind about opting out of June and would like to continue with your membership payments, you can also email us at .


The Elite Sports Clubs Team
How to View Your Statement in the Member Portal
Log into Your Account Through the Member Portal:
If you have not used this feature of our software system yet you’ll want to first go to our website and click “Member Login” in the menu options. Then go to the “First Time Here” section and click “Access My Account”.

You can search for your account by entering your contact information. Hint: the email address your statement gets sent to is likely the best way to find your specific account, but you can also search just using your name if you do not know the email address or it does not recognize the email address. Each person on the account will have their own unique login credentials.

An email will be sent to you with instructions to access your member account — make sure you check your Spam folder, it will come from You can then set up logins for each individual on your account to make their own reservations.
Navigate to Your Statement:
Select the "View My Statement" link in the menu on the left-hand side of the page.
Statement View:
  1. Primary account members can choose to view the statement as a combined statement for all linked users or as individual member statements.
  2. The status of a charge will appear as Paid, Not Paid, Reversed, or Refunded.
  3. Members can filter by month, payment status, and transaction type.
  4. Members can generate a PDF of their own statements.