Dear Elite Members,

As promised we are providing you with a way to put your membership on hold for the month of June for no fee if you are in a high-risk group, are unable to pay because you have lost your job due to Covid-19, or are uncomfortable returning to the club.

We ask you to think hard about how your choice impacts our business and your ability to enjoy our business over the long-run: the more members stay involved, the quicker we can get the clubs back to normal, meaning more group fitness class offerings, returning to normal hours, and getting your favorite Elite employees fully employed. If you want small businesses like ours to survive, we need your participation and help! Please consider continuing to pay your dues just to help us survive even if you think you may not want to use the club right now.   

With that being said, we want to assure you of the safety of our facilities. If you have not done so already, please review our reopening plan webpage which details our extensive sanitization and disinfection protocols, which go far above and beyond that which has been mandated by our local government and public health guidelines.

Many of our members have already returned to the clubs and can attest to the lengths we've gone through to ensure your comfortable and safe return along with how great it feels to be back...
Please don't forget that exercise is healthy, it builds your immune system, prevents disease, and improves your mental health. Not to mention all of the good times you've had at Elite with your friends and family...
The future of the clubs and the community of fellow members and team members that you have grown to know and love is in your hands, so please consider not putting your membership on hold or canceling. And for those of you who are excited to get back to normal with your membership and keep utilizing the club, please ask your friends to not put their memberships on hold or cancel; also please encourage your friends who are not members to join! The more people we have patronizing our clubs, the more we can keep bringing you the programing you know and love and improving our buildings for your benefit. 

If you would still like to opt to put your membership on hold for the month of June, you can do so by completing this form . Please note, if you have multiple people on your account, if any member of your household uses the club during the month, we will activate your membership in full for the month.

We appreciate your consideration for the long-term viability of our business.


Your Elite Sports Clubs Team