125 LIVE Center for Active Adults
125 Elton Hills Drive NW, Rochester, MN 55901
507-287-1404 | F riday, June 28, 2019
Hello Members and Friends,
You may have noticed our newest security feature at the lower level member entrance and in the link, door buzzers. This was installed to ensure the safety of our members and to make certain guests are using the upper level entrance for access to the building.

Upon entry follow these steps or simply use the main or fitness entries:

  • Press button with the red light
  • Wait a moment for membership services to greet you
  • Show the camera your card (this does not scan your card)
  • Scan your card at desk
  • Sign the guest log
  • Please use upper level entrance next time

The buzzers are easy to use, so the learning curve should be a short one. Patience and positivity are much appreciated as we all get used to the new system.

Sylwia Bujak Oliver
Executive Director

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