National Association of Congregational Christian Churches:
The Messenger- June 10, 2017
We Are a Covenant People
Michael Chittum, Executive Director

I visited the Horton Congregational Church in Horton, Michigan on Sunday, May 28, 2017. I was warmly welcomed by Pastor Chris Murphy and the folks of the congregation.

I noticed something there that I had not seen done in quite the same way in any other church I had visited. In the pew racks was a laminated piece that had the duly adopted Statement of Faith for the congregation on one side and the Covenant of the congregation on the other side. Then, during the service, all in attendance were invited to stand and to read the Covenant as part of the worship service.

I was struck by that entire process. First, I appreciated that the Covenant and the Statement of Faith were both prominently displayed in the congregation. No one could miss those important statements that help shape and define the congregation. Second, I appreciated the fact that the Covenant was an integral part of Sunday morning worship. It was not merely something that was inserted into the life of the congregation on a "special occasion."

Within the broader family of NACCC congregations with all of our individuality, perhaps all of our member churches could resolve to make greater emphasis for its own covenant with its own members. Study the words of the Covenant, surely, but also study the ramifications of the Covenant for how we do church together.

I hope to see many of you in Piedmont.

Ozaukee Congregational Church and North Shore Congregational Church, both from Wisconsin, will be sending 38 people to Richwood, WV to work with Hosanna Industries doing flood relief work. Last year they served in Pennsylvania. They will be gone June 17 - 24, 2017.

John Richard Memorial Fund Supports Two Fine Arts Programs

The John Richard Memorial Fund for Fine and Performing Arts was established by his family as a loving and living memorial to him. His love for music and theater performance was a large part of his talented but short life. The fund has provided financial support for a number of programs since 2006. This year, two churches received the John Richard Memorial Fund award. Congratulations to First Congregational Church of Frankfort, MI and Thomas Edison Congregational Church in Fort Meyers, FL.

First Congregational Church of Frankfort will host a Barbershop worship service on June 11th. The event is one of many the church planned for their 150th anniversary. Thomas Edison Congregational Church will host the Southwest Florida Symphony Youth String Quartet on December 3, 2017. They will be celebrating the beginning of the Advent season. If you are located close to either of these churches, we encourage you to attend their programs.


2017 Annual Meeting and Conference

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The NACCC has a number of Task Teams that support our programs and services. Email Moderator Laura Hamby for information on how to get involved:
Congratulations to the following recipients who received the Providence Fund Award or the John Richard Memorial Fund Award.

Providence Fund Winners:

United Congregational Church
Norwich, CT
George Blair III

Sebago Lake Congregational Church
Standish, ME
Michael Glidden

Richard Fund Winners

First Congregational Church of Frankfort, MI
"Barbershop Worship Service"

Thomas Edison Congregational Church, 
Fort Myers, FL
"Music Event to Launch Advent"
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