June 2020
Happy June!
Whew! We're back open - with some limitations - but YES we are open. Happy Father's Day (June 21st) for all the dads out there. We celebrate you and hope you get to share your special day with Mother Nature and those who you love most. If you find yourself unable to think of a special gift, remember we do have online gift cards available for easy on line shopping. June also gets a nod to the Summer Solstice or the First Day of Summer at 4:43pm on Saturday, June 20th. Remember this is the day that has the most sunlight, so bask in its radiance as long as you can. That vitamin D is turning out to be extra special and very helpful in staving off viruses and bad moods.

Thank you all so very much for your support and patience with us as we adjust to government mandates to not only serve you but also do our best in protecting you and our employees. When tackling uncharted waters or uncontrollable situations, I've always tried to follow a 4 step process: (1) Breath, (2) Don't Panic, (3) Buy Time and (4) Stay Flexible. Seems like this scary Covid19 situation qualifies to follow these practices, so we are staying calm and being flexible. We hope you will join us in doing the same.

We know you all wanted to shop the Tucson Trunk Show, so we added over 300 products to a New Collection in our online store so that you can shop all the goodies we brought back in the comfort and safety of your own home. What a wonderful new change for us to embrace! We think we did a good job capturing the Trunk Show shopping experience online and since it has been so popular, we will do this for all of our Trunk Shows. From now on, we hope to have all of our Trunk Sale items available and displayed online for your convenience. For now, we have added an extra 15% discount with online orders by using the discount code TTSCCM15M20 in the discount field during checkout!

I seem to be losing months, so t o help me mentally relate to where we are in this year, I decided to list what events and activities Nature's Treasures could not participate in these past 3 months. After seeing all that we missed, I thought I'd share the list and let everyone know we sure have missed you and we plan on continuing to be here for you and in the community as much or more next year.
14th Annual Tucson Trunk Sale-March
Spiritual Life Productions Metaphysical Fair-March
Nature's Treasures Nature Expo-April
Nature's Treasures Annual Easter Egg Hunt-April
Austin Reggae Festival-April
Spiritual Life Productions Holistic Life Expo-April
Bamberger Ranch Fundraiser-May
Texas Mineral and Fossil Show-Conroe, Tx-May
Nature's Treasures 2nd Annual Tarot & Oracle Expo
Annual NT Company Meeting-May
INATS-International New Age Trade Show-June
Nature's Treasures Kids' Summer Camp-June
Nature's Treasures Reiki Expo - July
Body Mind & Spirit Expo - July
Making this list was therapeutic. It helped me put closure to all those events I kept missing, and it helped remind me just how important it is Nature's Treasures continues to be there for you however we can. So go ahead and make your own list of what you missed - your visits, your talks, your work, your getaways even your private times. Give it all closure, let it go and look at how important you are to so many people.

Please everyone, stay safe and healthy.

Karen and the Staff
Trunk Show Extended!
Visit the Nature's Treasures Auditorium
Daily 11a-5p
As many of you know, our Tucson Trunk Show featuring new products and inventory from all over the globe was cut short by COVID-19. We have continued to keep the Auditorium space open with these new featured items and hope you can stop in to find your treasures before they get worked in with the rest of our inventory! For busy weekends, we gave the Trunk Show its own entrance from the Front Lot!
In addition to getting first picks of some popular restocked items like decorative Citrine & Amethyst, pocket-sized Turquoise, and Tibetan Singing Bowls, you will find new forms of Shungite, Orgonite, and Wands among some brand new, rare and hard-to-find minerals like Pink Opal from the USA, Blue Hemimorphite, Purpurite, and Malachite!
Nature's Treasures Continues COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Nature's Treasures will continue to review recommendations made by local government and the Center for Disease Control to move forward in a socially responsible way to best support staff, customers, the community and the economy.

If you would like to be added to a COVID-19 Response Notification to stay updated on the Nature's Treasures plan-of-action, please update your e-mail subscriptions HERE .
Take Our Poll!
We know COVID-19 can be scary. Which of these protocols are necessary for you to feel secure?
1. Requiring masks to enter the building.
2. Encouraging social distancing, especially at entry and checkout.
3. Providing gloves upon entry.
4. Providing hand sanitizer upon entry and exit.
5. Posting reminders about sneezing/coughing etiquette & NOT touching your face.
All of these safety precautions make me feel secure.
Only protocols 1 & 2 are necessary for me to feel safe.
None of these safety precautions are necessary.
The Treasure Tome: A Trove of Knowledge
Moss Agate: The Stone of Growth
Moss agate  is a beautiful milky white to translucent stone with green  dendritic  patterns that has a likeness to moss or little trees. It is a stone of growth and considered to be the best stone for gardening and agriculture. The patterns you see within this stone resemble growing plants and it's a stone that will help you grow in many ways. Learn more about this fascinating stone below.

Read all about it HERE

$25 Gift Certificate! 

May Flowers

We were closed all of April, so we're giving this one to Mother Earth and our friends at
as a belated Earth Day present!

Be sure to enter the drawing 
next time you're in the store! 
June Birthstone
June is known to have several birthstones. Along with  Pearl  &  Alexandrite , Moonstone is a popular choice for those born in June. Moonstones have a timeless beauty and is forever connected to the Moon. Whether you are born in June or just a fan of this enchanting stone, learn more about the different types of  Moonstones , its history, and metaphysical healing properties here.
To learn the fascinating history of
Moonstone, click HERE.
Meet Our Staff
Alex R.
Although born in Colorado Springs, Alex grew up in neighboring Georgetown, but has always spent most of his time in Austin-proper. As a business management major at ACC, Alex recognizes there is so much to learn about the world. He first started on his spiritual path through music, numbers and numerology. Alex says "I love everything about Natures Treasures, and the conversations with the customers more than anything else". When he is not working in the Depot or at the Front Counter, he mainly spends his time on music production and DJing! He strives to find the perfect balance between performing and producing so he can make high quality and organic sounding techno. Alex has a strong belief that music and good vibrations can truly heal our souls!
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Amethyst & Herkimer Pendulum - Sterling Silver
Labradorite Crystal Sphere 95mm
RareEssence Defense Roll-On Oil
Hamsa Himalayan Salt Lamp and Essential Oil Diffuser
Collector's Crystal Mineral Set - Single Polished Face
Amethyst Geode Pendant - Sterling Silver
New in the Showroom
Amethyst Restocked

Chrysocolla Restocked
New at the Front Counter
Angel Aura Points - ($2/g) &
Black Tourmaline Gridding Rods - ($5/g)
Potion & Oil Bottle Necklaces - $24 ea
New in the Depot
African Sunstone - $0.25/g
New Landscaping Boulders
Fuchsite, Rose Quartz, Mookaite

In The Community Events Center

Stay tuned in to our Calendar and Upcoming Events Pages for the latest updates on events being held in our Community Events Center.

Classes | Lectures | Workshops & More
Nature's Treasures has a 2,200 sq ft Auditorium 
and 1,200 sq ft Studio Space available for your event. 

Check our  calendar  for availability.
To schedule events, e-mail [email protected]
June REMOTE Practitioners
In order serve you during this time of isolation,
these practitioners offer REMOTE SERVICES!
Elaine Ireland - Tarot Master, Psychic Specialist
Available: By Appointment & Divine Timing
Call: 512-922-4723

Sheryl Martin - Psychic Medium, Dream Interpretation, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Empath, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Holistic Theology
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 559-779-5510

Tara Ventura - Numerology Reading, Tarot Reading, Clairvoyant Psychic, Intuitive Counseling, Chakra Energy Healing
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 512-203-6320

Madame Zee - Professional Tarot Counselor & Intuitive Goddess Healer
Available: By Online Appointment

Laura Tree -Reiki Master Teacher, Mantra Therapy, Crystal Consultant, Atlantean Healing, Diamond Violet Flame Transmutation, Divinely Inspired Readings
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 512-998-6089

Sheela Goodrich - Intuitive Advanced Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Metaphysical & Spiritual Mentoring, Life & Relationship Coaching
Available: By Appointment Only
Call: 512-577-4055

JaMecha Dodd - Reiki Practitioner, Oracle Deck Reader, Life & Sacral Transformation Coach
Available: By Online Appointment; Mon-Wed, 12-6p
Kramer Wetzel - Astrology Chart & Tarot Reading,, Good Humor
Available: Most Afternoons, E-mail for Appt

Rebecca Andrews - Remote Healing, Herbal Consultations, Acupressure
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 512-351-1032

Walter Ernst - Internationally known Psychic, Medium, Channeler, and Spiritual Teacher
Available: 10a-8p
Call: 406-334-0646

Freedom Jennings - Aura Soma, Reiki Healing & Tarot Readings
Available: Su-W & F, 10a-7p
Call: 512-923-9228

Mia Michel - Intuitive and Healer, Akashic Records Consultations, Past Lives and Soul Readings
Available: Flexible Hours, Divine Timing
Call: 210-560-1189

Alice Rodriguez - Psychic Medium & Curandera
Available: M-F, 10:30a-6:30p; Sa, 11a-2:30p
Call: 512-577-7310

Anne Berlin - Psychic Medium
Available: By Appointment; Su, Th, 1-3p
Call: 512-695-5851

Deborah Dahlman - Spiritual Energy Healer, Channeler, Mentor, Teacher
Available: By Appointment Only
Call: 512-454-0529
In the Community
The Healing Arts Festival & Market
Join us at our booth and commune with many wonderful practitioners at the reopening of The Healing Arts Festival & Market in San Antonio!

For more information, following the event on Facebook HERE !
Grackle Green Pocket Park
Nature's Treasures values the healing power of Mother Earth. Be sure to check out this new East Side pocket park in the Cherrywood Neighborhood, and keep an eye out for some chrysocolla boulders from our Rock Yard!

See more on Instagram! @gracklegreenatx
Looking Ahead to July!

The Austin Reformed Congregation of the Goddess celebrates the Full Moon .

Saturday, July 4th
Free Admission

Full Moon Ritual & Fellowship

For more information,
please contact the Austin RCG HERE .

Due to state mandates and CDC
recommendations, space may be limited.

Join Leslie Werling for her

Friday, July 10th
$20 Entry Fee

Commune with your angels!

For registration information,
please contact Leslie HERE .

Due to state mandates and CDC recommendations, space may be limited.

Join Austin's Crystal Whisperer for

Friday, July 17th
Choice of Two Sessions
3:00pm or 7:00pm
via Zoom!
$45 Registration Fee

Crystal Land is an interactive workshop for all ages 5 and up! Fun and educational for the whole family, this virtual workshop teaches the basic principles of crystals, what they are and how they work! Learn how to care for and integrate crystals into your life!

Workshop includes a Crystal Reading with Austin's Crystal Whisperer ($20 value). Kits for the various activities will be available for purchase with Austin's Crystal Whisperer until 07/15/2020 and can be picked up at the Nature's Treasures Front Counter.

For registration, kits & more information,
please e-mail [email protected] .
Join Spiritual Life Productions

Saturday, July 18th
Free Admission

Practitioners, Vendors and Healers

For more information,
please visit HERE .

Due to state mandates and CDC recommendations, space may be limited.

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