June 2019
Cushion Event
New Outdoor Lamps
Summer Safety Tips for Your Pets
Chautauqua Festival: History Comes Alive
Healthy Summertime Grilling
Cushion Event
Quality outdoor furniture is built to last through decades of use. And, while the cushions are constructed of premium raw materials, they are never going to be as long-lasting as the furniture frames. Knowing that you can get replacement cushions for your outdoor furniture makes for less stress down the road and knowing that you have experts you can rely on to help you get the correct cushions for your furniture, makes your job easy!

With the start of a new season of outdoor living, it's time to take a good look at your cushions. If they are looking a bit worn, or dated, our Cushion Event is a great time to replace them.

Buy 4 sets of seat and back cushions and get 2 * throw pillows at 50% off regular price.

Buy 4 seat pads and get 1 *throw pillow at 50% off regular price.

Dates: June 1-10

* Elaine Smith Pillows are not included in promotion

New Outdoor Lamps
We have two new outdoor lamps arriving!
Both are finished with a soft grey color that will blend into nearly any color scheme. De Force features a rectangular shade sitting atop a sculpture resembling a link in a chain. At 28" high, De Force is the perfect table lamp for reading.

The second lamp, Jutland, is a sphere accented with a copper detail. Jutland features a long cylindrical shade and is the perfect accent lamp for a console table. At 18" high x 11" diameter, Jutland is economical on space and ideal for small tables.

A word of caution on using lamps outside : Lamps which are manufactured as "outdoor" lamps are constructed of materials which will endure both sun and moisture. More importantly, however, is the safety feature that is included. The cords and electrical connection on outdoor lamps are grounded which means that when the lamp is wet, your hand is wet, or the floor is wet, and the lamp is turned on, you will be safe from electrical conduction. No shocks and no fires. Remember, if you wouldn't turn an electrical device on from inside your bath tub, you should not allow that device to be exposed to any kind of moisture.
How to Quickly Chill Wine in a Pinch
No matter how much we plan, sometimes we need something in a hurry . But, for some things, there is no quick solution. Like chilled wine. Some people will add ice to chilled wine but adding ice to warm wine is just nasty and dilutes the wine too quickly (is diluted wine ever really a good thing?).

Today, there are all kinds of faux ice cubes which can be frozen but will not melt in your beverage. If you have them, these can help, but getting satisfaction from warm wine of any kind is, in my opinion, impossible.

Besides chilling the bottle or adding ice cubes, what can you do add chill? One way is to take a handful of ice cubes and place them in the glass. Swirl them around until the glass gets frosty looking. Remove the cubes, add the wine, and enjoy.

Another way, recommended by the staff at Wine Enthusiast includes a bucket, water, and salt. Click to find out how these experts chill their wine rapidly and the methods they do not recommend and why.
10 Summertime Pet Safety Tips
So many of us have pets which we love as much as the human members of our families (perhaps more). With hot weather here to stay for several months, it is important to remember that our pets are not as tolerant of the heat as we are. Many activities in which we include our pets during other seasons may need to be engaged in differently during the heat of the summer.
Take a moment to refresh your awareness of these hot-weather tips to keep your beloved pets comfortable and safe this summer.
Chautauqua Festival
Iconic figures in American history have left indelible marks on our life in the US today. Some are political, having given us ideas and laws which we continue to use in our justice system. Others are cultural and have provided us with recognizable trends or quotes known by most Americans. Do you ever imagine what these people were like? What inspired them, shaped them, motivated them, and caused them to be remembered decades past their deaths?

Chautauqua History Comes Alive is an event located in the upstate of South Carolina and nearby locations in North Carolina in which visitors can interact with actors portraying historically famous Americans. Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Jackie Kennedy, and Malcom X are included in this year's cast of interesting personalities who have each left their mark on America.

Whether you like to sit and listen, or have questions or comments that you would like to address with any of these actor-represented noteworthy Americans, the event is bound to spark some lively debate and perhaps spur inquisitiveness into learning more.
Healthy Summertime Grilling
Grills are firing up everywhere as cooking, dining, and entertaining moves outside, en plein air, as they say in la belle France.

Most of us grill all year, but warm weather does seem to keep outdoor cooks busier than usual. And, the beginning of the outdoor living season is a good time to brush up on grilling safety tips.

Knowing how to use the grill safely and how to keep food safe for consumption will definitely help keep your summer the best ever.
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