America is aging. Everyone gets that. And aging is challenging. Everyone gets that, too. Our bodies and minds wear out. Most of us will require some level of long-term care. But few have made a plan. Without a plan parents look to kids for help. Or, think they will qualify for government assistance through Medicaid. Ask yourself if either option is really a plan.
Medicaid is the fastest growing line item on most state budgets. As our population grows so will Medicaid expense. And so we see states designing their own strategies to shore up Medicaid budgets. Washington state has passed legislation to do just this.
We think it is poorly designed, discriminatory and does not allow sufficient time for residents to understand the issues, figure out appropriate coverage, apply and get through the underwriting process by the November 1, 2021 deadline. 
The lack of time to adequately plan has led to a firestorm that in turn has led to insurers suspending sales in this state. It’s a mess. We’re waiting for the class action suit!
Seen the news in Washington state? Employees must secure long-term care insurance or be taxed by the state.
Exercise is clearly good for your body as you age, don't forget to take the time to train you brain too!
Long-term care insurance is based on your health, so what happens if you are uninsurable? Here are your options.
The need for long-term care beds is expected to steadily increase through 2029, will one be available if you need it?
Did You Know?

Most of us think of long-term care as an end of life issue for the elderly. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services projects by age 65 and older 70% of us will experience a long-term care event in our remaining years. Today, 43% of the 12 million Americans receiving long-term care in the U.S. are between the ages of 18 and 64. The primary reason for their care is motor vehicle accidents followed by spinal injuries. The need for long-term care could arise at any time.
Nicole Gurley, CLTC
Gurley Long-Term Care Insurance