On March 12, 2019 all PAI sites participated in Disability Services Day at the Capitol. This was an opportunity for participants to share their stories, practice self-advocacy skills, and explore the State Capitol, many for the first time! This was the first year PAI has participated in this event as an organization and the participants who attended truly enjoyed the experience. Planning began with PAI staff supporting participants in deciding what they would like to share with their legislators, making signs for the rally, and talking about what to expect during the event. The day began with Newtrax bringing 20 excited participants, 4 dedicated volunteers, 2 members of the PAI Board of Directors, and 17 PAI staff to the Capitol. Many attendees joined the rally in the Rotunda, holding signs they made to share their important messages. One group visited their service area representative in their office to advocate for issues they care about. An Oakdale participant especially loved seeing the beautiful Capitol building and had a great experience with a staff member they have a close bond with. Many Commerce site participants enjoyed the energy of the rally! One staff member from the Linden site shared, "Participants enjoyed being able to attend and share their feelings on how and why PAI is so important to them on a personal level." PAI looks forward to joining many future advocacy events!