Monthly news about Claudia Hafner Watercolor
The month of May has blinked away. It is Summer and I am preparing to start my volunteering on the beach one night a week to protect the sea turtle hatchlings. This is my life outside art.

After the outdoor festivals end, and in truth my selling season, I find myself a bit in the doldrums. I have noticed this fact year over year and I decided to take the bull by the horns and try to change that effect.

I have mentioned before that I love meeting new and prospective customers and taking an active interest in getting my work seen where I can interact with the people. In this age of the internet and social media, I decided to make a great effort to get before new audiences in several of the social media platforms, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. As a result, I have also made sure my website is current with new work, as well as older work for which prints and merchandise can be purchased.

So far, the doldrums have passed and I look forward to interacting on the internet.

If you haven't been to my website in awhile, please visit it now. Poke around, hopefully have fun, and give feedback if you like. Of course purchases are always welcome!

Additionally, if you are on social media, please follow me there: Pinterest , Instagram , Facebook . I also have special Sea Turtle pages: Instagram , Facebook .
New Artwork
Rhino 2 | Framed 17x21"
Rooster Fancytail | Framed 11x9"
Sea Turtle No. 23 | 6x6" block
Sea Turtle No. 27 | 6x6" block
Bailey Hall at Broward College
If you haven't seen these large format prints yet, this is the place to see them. But hurry, it comes down June 6 .
West Broward Library
IXII Voices exhibit through June 29 . XII Voices is a group of local artists, invitational only, who meet once a month to critique our work and share on a professional level.
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