Dear members and friends,

What a disconcerting three years we have experienced! In June of 2019, I had the great privilege to be elected president of Acadia Senior College (ASC) at the Annual General Meeting. I remember a terrific Indian dish made by Sheila Kirby and I recall fondly sharing the potluck dinner with Ellen and Bill Dohmen. Nat Fenton, in his usual silly but serious demeanor, was wearing an outlandish hat crafted by Sydney Rockefeller. He handed me the ASC bell as a token of the presidency.

I have only had the opportunity to ring that bell once – at the delayed but magnificent celebration of ASC’s 20th year at Camp Beech Cliff in September of 2021. We have foregone our yearly Neighborhood House potlucks and much more. But we have all learned to Zoom and we have enjoyed a wonderfully varied and informative series of courses and events.

Instead of a talk at our annual meeting, I offer here a brief but significant list of tributes.

  • Thank you to Abigail Conrad, Nat Fenton, and Dan Poteet who are leaving the Board. Gail has ably chaired and improved the Nominations Committee; Nat is a former president and general resource on ASC and legal issues, and Dan is also a former president who chaired the Racial Justice Initiative. Dan and Nancy have moved to Portland and we will miss them. If we continue with Zoom, I hope that they will stay involved in ASC events. Gail is moving to Denver soon, and we will miss her very much. Because of his vast store of ASC knowledge, Nat will continue to contribute.
  • Hopefully, each of you will vote for the slate of new board members: Keith Davis, Patsy Fogarty, Cynthia Livingston, and Kathleen Slack.
  • I want to give a shout-out to 3 remarkable individuals who have taught the most courses for ASC: Ben Blaney (26), Bob Gallon (24), and Bill Clark (23). We owe them our astonishment and gratitude.
  • The work of ASC is accomplished by many of you in committees. I did not fully appreciate the amount of important work these committees do for all of us until becoming President. Thank you to the Committee Chairs and all of the Volunteers!
  • I reserve the highest praise and my greatest thanks to Janice Kenyon whose common sense, technical skill, and dedication to ASC make this organization successful.
  • Lastly, I urge you to vote for and welcome Mike Hastings as our new president. Mike has been the Vice President and chairs the Technology Committee. He also was instrumental in organizing our recent paired event on aquaculture and moderated each of them with skill and grace.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your president over the past 3 years.

All the best,
Linda Dunn