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June, 2018

Summer vacations, weddings, graduations and celebrations make this the perfect time for a Botox treatment - and you will save big this month with our $10 a unit special (regularly $12).

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June Specials

$10 a unit Botox (regularly $12)

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Our Wilsonville office is offering FREE skin screenings during the entire month of July. A skin cancer screening is a visual inspection of your skin by a medical professional. Skin exams are important because Skin cancer is the   most common cancer   in the United States; in fact,  1 in 5 Americans   will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. People of all colors and races can get skin cancer. There are many different types of skin cancer, including   actinic keratoses (AK) basal cell carcinoma (BCC) squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) , and  melanoma . BCC and SCC are the most common forms of skin cancer, but melanoma is the most deadly. With early detection and proper treatment,  the cure rate for BCC and SCC is about 95 percent . When melanoma is detected before it spreads, it also has a high cure rate. Regular self-skin exams and a yearly examination by a dermatologist help people find early skin cancers. The exams take approximately 10 minutes including paperwork. Appointments required - call 503 427-0269 to schedule.

Hyperhidrosis Tips to Keep you Cool & Dry
Blog byJulie Miller, R.N.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) happens when a person sweats more than is necessary. Sweating does have a function that is necessary to cool the body so we don’t over heat.  However, with hyperhidrosis people sweat for no apparent reason. 

A person may sweat from one or two areas (most common areas are palms, feet, underarms or head).  The excessive sweating interferes with everyday activities:  slippery hands, soaking clothing, beads of sweat dripping from the forehead. It can also turn the skin white, and moist skin often makes it more susceptible to infections.  

Focal hyperhidrosis affects one or a few parts of the body as listed above.  Both sides of the body are usually involved, sweating may begin soon after waking, episodes happen on a regular basis, and it often begins as a child or adolescent.  
Secondary hyperhidrosis means that is usually an underlying medical cause, the entire body may sweat and it can occur in sleep. Either type cause anxiety and embarrassment.

Dermatologists estimate that 3% of the population have this diagnosis:  most have either a family member that also has the condition, a medical condition, or they are taking a medicine or food supplement that is causing it.  This condition negatively effects their lives.  Sadly, data shows that 49% of sufferers have not discussed their condition with a health care provider and don’t even know there are treatment options. The actual cause is not truly known.  Somehow the nerves that tell the body to sweat overreact.

I don’t believe my sons have hyperhidrosis but they do sweat heavily at times and I learned some tips when reviewing the treatment options:

Antiperspirants vs deodorant s – antiperspirants are drawn into the sweat gland and try to turn it off. Deodorants are only for odor. There are over the counter and RX strength products but sometimes they can be irritating.  (There is no research to back up the claims that they cause breast cancer or Alzheimer’s).
Iontophoresis – immersing your hands or feet in to a shallow pan of tap water with a low voltage current, which temporarily shuts down the sweat glands.
Botulinum Toxin injections – the injections temporarily block a chemical in the body that stimulates the sweat glands, lasting 6-12 months or longer. (May be covered by insurance).
Beta blocker – temporarily prevents sweating but needs to be used with caution because you need to cool your body.
Symapthectomy - s urgical removal of sweat glands - cutting or destroying certain nerves.
Miradry – procedure where the sweat glands in the axilla are cooled to destroy them.

I had no idea there were so many other treatment options and devices out there from Miclimate , which cools the body, from bedding, specially designed T-shirts, topicals, etc. If you are a sufferer or you know someone that is, make sure they know there are options or send them our way.
Stay cool!!

Shop for excessive sweating products: )
Product Spotlight

People are always asking me, “What can I do about my neck?” Another mature skinned person in our office and I started using the Micro Firm Neck and Decolette Rejuvenating Complex by Neocutis and we both think it has been helpful. A patient that has also been using it came in the other day and I asked her what she thought. She was buying another one, which is a good sign, and she also felt is was working so It might be worth a try.

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