June News
~ June 2015 ~


Sure, we had to hang up our skis and the black flies are already biting ....

But the days are longer, the weather sunnier and the outdoors is calling. There are mountains to climb, rivers to paddle, new bike routes to explore and skeet to shoot.

CVOA has plans that will take you from the urban bike paths of Quebec City to the coastal roads on southern Maine ... from the Dead River to the coves of Bristol ... from Acadia National Park to the 100 Mile Wilderness.

You can read all about it here in our bright and newsy new-look newsletter, the handiwork of CVOA Secretary Cindy Foster. 

So tune up your bike, dust off your hiking boots, hose down your kayak, air out that sleeping bag, and clean you gun. Adventures await!! We'll see you there ....

Nancy Perry
CVOA President

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Adventure Coordinator
Membership Meeting
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Biking in Quebec
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Calendar of Events
June 7
- Weekly Trap Shoots Begin
June 13
- Coastal Bike Ride & Picnic
June 20
- Membership Meeting
June 25 - 28
- Quebec Bike Trip
July 18
- Day on McFarlands Cove
July 31 - August 2
- Camping at Somes Sound
August 9
- Dead River Paddle & BBQ
September 18 - 20
- Little Lyford Pond
September 26
- Exploring the Bigelows
October 3 & 4
- Map & Compass/GPS Course
October 11
- Exploring the Bigelows
October 9 - 12
- Sugarloaf Homecoming
October 24
- Exploring the Bigelows
February 2016
- Whistler/Blackcomb
Events and Adventures
Coastal Bike Ride & Picnic
June 13 


LEADER NEEDED.  Gail is unable at this time to lead this beautiful ride around Biddeford Pool and Hills Beach. This is an easy CVOA event to lead. There is no sign up required, and no BBQ or other activities to plan. Just a beautiful bike ride.  Please contact Gail at treasurer.cvoa@gmail.com if you can  lead this event.

Saturday, June 13, at 10:30 - Meet at the upper parking lot of the Biddeford boat launch on Rte. 9, (Pool Rd.) to wind our way to the campus of UNE, then along the shore of Hills Beach Rd. 


From there we will make our way to Biddeford Pool where we will stop for a scenic picnic on the point at the land owned by the Nature Conservancy. After lunch we will make our way down to Fortune Rocks beach (optional) to watch the waves and check out some of the beautiful homes in the area.


This is a very easy 15-18 mile ride at a nice gentle pace. Pack your lunch and join us for a fun adventure. Contact Gail Miller for further information at treasurer.cvoa@gmail.com.


~ Gail Miller
CVOA Membership Meeting
June 20 at The Range!


CVOA will be holding its first official membership meeting June 20 with the new board of directors at our shooting range off Route 27, just north of the Sugarloaf Access Road.

The business end of the gathering gets underway at 4 pm, followed by a cookout around 6 pm. All CVOA members are welcome.

It will be a chance for us all to get together and brainstorm as we plunge into a new year ... and to have some fun getting to know each other a bit better.

We'll be grilling up burgers and tossing salads after the meeting so there will be plenty of time to socialize when we wrap up our business agenda.

If you want to join us you MUST let Nancy know by June 17 so she makes sure there is enough food for the BBQ. CVOA will supply the burgers, rolls and a salad. Pre-dinner munchies, side dishes and desserts are welcome ... or you can just contribute $5 to help defray costs.

The agenda for our business meeting includes:
* A vote to change our membership year to a calendar year, with the year starting January 1 instead of October 1. (Cindy Foster)
* A discussion of whether CVOA should take over the planning and organization of the annual Carrabassett Road Cleanup. (John McCatherin)
* A discussion of our 2016 Adventure Calendar. We still do not have an Adventure Coordinator. What now? (Nancy Perry)
* A discussion about adding a week-long summer trip to our calendar beginning in 2016 ... using a tour operator like we do on our ski trips to organize a summer adventure: biking the C&O canal or the Confederation Trail on Prince Edward Island; a national park tour with hiking opportunities; a cruise of Alaska are all examples. (Nancy Perry)
* A discussion of our ski trip "freebies." (Nancy Perry)
* An update on our construction projects at the range. (John McCatherin & Neal Trask)
* An update from our new treasurer. (Gail Miller)
* And a report from our secretary, who has been redesigning our email newsletter and keeping tabs on our membership numbers. (Cindy Foster)


AND DON'T FORGET TO RSVP ASAP!!!!  to cvoa.president@gmail.com.


~ Nancy Perry, President

Quebec Bike Trip

June 25 to 28

There is one room left; join the group!


Click here to find out more.


To reserve your spot on this trip, or if you have questions, email Bob Brickley at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com, or call him at 508.830.0299.

Day on McFarland's Cove

view from deck out to sea
Saturday, July 18


Cindy and Greg Foster would like to share their special coastal spot with CVOA. Their home is located on McFarland's Cove in South Bristol, with easy access to the water. This event is not just for paddlers, either!



Date: Saturday, July 18

Location: 43 Point Priscilla Road, South Bristol

Time: From 9 to 4; come for all or just part of the day.


  • Paddle from the cove out into John's Bay, up the Johns River, or up through the Gut and to the Damariscotta River. Serious paddlers can plan to depart as a group at 10:00; let Cindy know if you would like to lead this group. Other paddlers can poke around the area, or paddle a short distance to Witch Island and hike the perimeter. There is a lot of paddling that requires neither ocean kayaks nor experience.
  • Beach it: there is a small beach close by.
  • Relax on the deck, read a book, enjoy the view.
  • Tour the historic Thompson Ice House, a mile up the road: www.thompsonicehouse.com
  • Hike or walk the camp roads in the area.

Food: Lunch will be at 1:30

  • We will pick up lobsters, cooked, (market price plus $1/pound for cooking) at the South Bristol Co-op, or you can bring something to put on the grill. We will order the lobsters at noon.
  • Bring a side dish and/or grazing food to share, and BYOB.
  • The Fosters will provide dessert - ever popular ice cream sundaes.

Please let Cindy know if you plan to join us so she can plan accordingly. Email her at cvoa.secretary@gmail.com or call 207-644-1334.

Summer Camping Weekend at Somes Sound

Click on the photo to find out more about the campground.

July 31 - August 2


CVOA is heading to a new destination for a camping weekend - Somes Sound View Campground on Mount Desert Island. This campground is on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for attracting nature-loving campers and enjoying everything Mount Desert Island and Bar Harbor have to offer. There are tent sites, cabins, camper RV & platform sites for quiet camping as well as kayak and canoe rentals. Also, there are boat mooring rentals and a heated swimming pool.


We have tent sites with electricity. The site price is normally $40 per night but the owner is a Sugarloafer and has offered us a discounted price of $32.40 per night, includes tax. There are still tent sites available. To reserve your site or to inquire on pricing of sites other than tent sites, call Debbie (the campground owner) at 244-3890. Tell her you are with the CVOA group and she will put you at a site close to the rest of our group. She will take your credit card payment at the time of the reservation. After making your reservation, please let Linda Trueworthy know you have a reservation and how many are in your group, cvoa.adventures@gmail.com.


~ Linda Trueworthy, Trip Leader

Wilderness Adventure: Little Lyford 

September 18 to 20

It's official: We're all booked for a civilized adventure in the 100 mile wilderness next September, when we will take over the Appalachian Mountain Club's Little Lyford camps Sept. 18-20.


Right now we have a pretty full house. But there are ALWAYS cancellations ... we have a few bunk beds still open ... so please let Nancy know and she'll put you on a waiting list. (cvoa.president@gmail.com)


~ Nancy Perry

2016 Whistler Trip is filling up.... 

February 25 - March 3, 2016

We have 60 of our 72 Whistler slots filled by CVOA members who have sent in their reservation form and money. Don't delay if you want to go on this fabulous trip!


Click here for complete trip info.

Map & Compass/GPS Class
October 3 & 4

Fall is the season to be in the woods in Maine. Be a Master Navigator. Who needs them?  Search parties, off-road hunters, boaters, potential guided hunters, wood harvesters, and many other uses.  It is a valuable skill to have and one looked up to by many outdoor adventurers.


CVOA is offering a navigation class that will take you as far as you want to go in the navigation field. Take what you want and leave the rest.  A great way to learn more about maps, compasses and hand-held GPS units.  Practical outdoor skills units will also be used.


Join us on Oct 3rd and 4th for a two day orienteering course.  To sign up, contact Dick Parker at CVOA.adventures@gmail.com.

For more details:  Click here to find out more.


Any Interest?
Adventure Coordinator?
CVOA needs you!

Our Adventure Coordinator position is open and needs a volunteer to fill the slot. Are you interested in helping out with this important position? Contact Linda Trueworthy at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com. She would be more than happy to talk to folks and explain what's involved, and is happy to work with folks to bring them up to speed.


The Adventure Coordinator does not bear the task of being a trip leader, but rather oversees and coordinates the adventures for the year.


Our trips and adventures are a big part of what CVOA is all about; it is critical that we fill this position.

CVOA is for golfers, too!
Golf, anyone?

Would you be interested in a CVOA golf outing in August or September?


Contact Jim Osterrieder at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com and he will let you know if an event is planned.

2015 Season to Kick Off this Month 
Tags, Lanyards, Trap Shoots


June will signal the start of the CVOA Range's major new project and the kickoff of another busy season.


First, members who have paid their 2015 dues will be receiving this year's range I.D. card. That card is supposed to be worn on the range at all times. It should be issued by the end of the first week of the month.


By the way, if you really want to dress up your I.D. card, Linda Trueworthy arranged for the production of CVOA lanyards. The blue fabric strap is emblazoned with white letters 'CVOA' all over it and is designed to hold the card. They are, of course, available to all CVOA members and can be purchased through Range Secretary John McCatherin and at the range for $3.


The first week of June, June 7 to be exact, is the start of our weekly Sunday morning trap shoots. Running from nine to noon, they will continue on well into the fall, at least until the scatter gunners decide it's too cold. Last year it was late November.


That first day of trap shooting is also when our summer supply of clays will be arriving. We're expecting delivery of three pallets of clays that morning so we'll be looking for volunteers to help unload and store the boxes.


~ John McCatherin

New Range Building Project 
Already under way


A new building is in the works.

Of course, the biggest news of the month is that we'll be getting into full swing in the construction of our new building project - a combined toilet and storage facility.

The $27,000 project is being financed in part by an $18,419 Maine Range Access Improvement Grant from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. The match will be provided by CVOA in a combination of cash and in-kind contributions.

The project will include a well and septic system and a 14 x 12 foot wood frame building on a concrete pad. It will be handicapped-accessible and will include lighting, a toilet, hot and cold water lavatory and service sink in the unisex bathroom area.

The storage component will replace the rented storage facility that now houses CVOA's event supplies and materials, its gas grill, pop-up tent canopy and other facilities. One part of the storage area will be devoted to secure storage for range-owned firearms.

We plan to plow the range entrance to the storage building for year-round access of supplies.

The steering committee for the building project is Range Chairman Neal Trask, Secretary John McCatherin, Peter Weston and Harvey Packard. Trask and Weston are engineers and Packard is a builder.

Weston has already designed detailed drawings and bid specifications for the well, the concrete slab, electrical and the excavation for the septic system, slab and pipe and electrical trenches. The requests for bids will be going out immediately.

Several CVOA members have indicated an interest in bidding on some phases of the project.

Weston has also donated sufficient lumber from his own property for the building construction, which will be done by CVOA volunteers. Dan Gagne, a member and Biddeford area plumber, has volunteered to do the plumbing and member Bill Ward has offered to donate the toilet.

Construction actually got underway with a range volunteer chain saw and brush-hauling crew clearing the areas that will require excavation for the septic system and electrical and pipe trenches. That happened May 30.


~ John McCatherin

Event Reports
CV Clean-up Day
Another successful litter patrol

Over 50 members of the Carrabassett Valley community, well represented by CVOA members, turned out the morning of May 16 for the annual pre-marathon clean-up of Rt. 27 and other areas of Carrabassett Valley. Ranging in age from two- and three-year-olds to 80 or older, people donated time and effort to help keep their town clean and beautiful. And congratulations to those mothers and fathers who brought along the youngsters to help them understand the concept of public service.


Altogether, they picked up the equivalent of about 10 pickup trucks full of trash.


As usual, a special thanks to Town Clerk Wendy Russell who was waiting with a bountiful barbecue for the volunteers as they finished their trash gathering.


CVOA Member John McCatherin who coordinated the event issued "a sincere thank you" to CVOA, Carrabassett Valley Academy and others who helped with the event.


"I can't, however, leave this message without venting about those thoughtless travelers who make this annual event necessary," he added. "Hey you, don't throw that bottle out the window, and hold on to that cigarette pack and chip bag until you get to a garbage can. Think about all the wonderful people who will have to come clean up behind you. I do, and, again, I can't thank them enough," McCatherin said.


~ John McCatherin

Cascade Stream Hike & BBQ
Trip leaders Joe and Gail at one of many waterfalls on the hike.
Water was roaring in the gorge

A group of CVOA members gathered together on Sunday May 17 to travel to Rangeley to hike the Cascade Stream Gorge trail. It had rained the night before so the water in the gorge was roaring. Many of the hikers had never seen the gorge before and were amazed at the beautiful waterfalls, and rock formations. The weather was perfect and there were no bugs.


The trailhead is located on Town Hall Road, off Route 4 (opposite South Shore Drive). The trail, a half mile long, follows the stream through a steep, 2000 ft rocky gorge, dotted with multiple waterfalls and deep pools.  It is a beautiful walk through the piney woods and the views into the gorge are outstanding. The rock formations are amazing and the moss and vegetation were just so beautiful after such a long cold winter. Some of us even got to watch a fly fisherman fishing in one of the pools.


After enjoying such a great walk along the gorge we made our way to the South Branch of the dead river to view the gorge there. Then we traveled to the Joe & Gail's camp in the Wing Community in Eustis on the shore of Flagstaff Lake. Joe cooked up some juicy hamburgers and we all dug in for a hearty CVOA potluck BBQ. There isn't a much better way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Lounging on the deck with good friends and good food. 


~ Gail Miller

Member Discounts
Click the logo to go to MH&T.

Maine Huts and Trails offers a $10 discount on the cost of an annual Maine Huts & Trails membership to all CVOA members. Use the code "CVOA" online, or contact MH&T.

Photo of the Month
Rick Young took this dynamic photo on the Cascade Falls Hike, May 17.

Do you have a photo suitable for "Photo of the Month" in our next newsletter? It should be somehow relative to CVOA, and taken by a CVOA member. Send your photo to: Cindy Foster, Newsletter Editor - cvoa.secretary@gmail.com.

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