JUNE 2022
We are looking forward to spending a fun summer with your child, learning, growing, and learning about America…with our study being the “All American Summer”.
The Creative Curriculum will continue to be our foundation. This year, our teachers are expressing their strengths and creativity by choosing their own summer themes with an emphasis on themes that are tangible, relatable experiences that children can make connections to. Themes will continue to be reflected in interest areas, books, sensory activities, science experiments, etc. throughout the classrooms. All of our themes will be based around America …with an emphasis on gardening at the beginning and end of summer as our gardens grow.
All of the preschoolers who will be graduating from EFC this year are welcome to attend with their family on Wednesday, June 1, from 6:00-7:30 pm. We will be hosting the event “open house” style out on the front patio so come when it works best for you. We will have an opportunity for pictures with your child’s teachers.
Kim will continue to do a story hour session with us each month. She will be here on Thursday, June 2, to tell stories about sports…”Let’s Play Ball” is her topic!
Music classes are held every other Tuesday beginning on June 7. This class will be 30 minutes in length for each group and will be held for toddlers and preschoolers.
Mini Meets sports will be hosting soccer on Wednesday mornings, starting the week of June 13. Separate registration materials will be sent out in early June. This class will have a separate fee and will be held for all preschoolers attending this summer.
In honor of Father’s Day, all dads, grandpas, special caregivers, or whoever picks up on Thursday, June 16 is welcome to get a cool treat from the ice cream truck that will be here from 4:00-5:30 pm. Please feel free to hang out and enjoy your treat on the patio or lawn area weather permitting. Have a Happy Father’s Day weekend!
We will be hosting summer Spanish on Thursdays for preschoolers beginning Thursday, June 16. Our Spanish teacher for the summer will be Kaelyn Swartout—one of our Dolphin teachers. The Dolphin and Monkey groups will have Spanish once a week with different units studied.
We will be hosting a bouncy house here on Tuesday, June 28 for all ages…each class will take turns having fun in the bouncy house. 
Just a friendly reminder that Especially for Children will be closed on Monday, July 4, for Independence Day.
--Although flip flops are fun to wear, they are not very safe and will not be allowed at the center. We ask that your child wears tennis shoes or sandals with covered toes and a firm strap around the heel.
--Please make sure to keep a bottle of non-aerosol sunscreen, labeled with your child’s name, at school. We apply sunscreen before going outside both in the mornings and afternoons. Feel free to bring in sunhats or caps for your child to wear outside!!
Please notify the office of any schedule changes or vacations this summer. You can stop by the office or email us at efc10@especiallyforchildren.com. If you are staying home for random days—you can also mark the attendance log in the entryway with “X” on days not attending. To keep our staffing accurate, we would also love to be notified with any drop—off/pick-up times that may change for the summer months as well. Thank you for your help.
By Alli Zomer
One of the most frequently heard words in our house is “why.” I can hear it echoing in my head even as I write this. And it doesn’t stop with just one…the “whys” usually come in a waterfall, one after another. I strive to answer my children truthfully and directly, in an age-appropriate way. So, when they ask, “why can’t a brother and a sister get married?” I turn on the logical side of my brain and try to explain biodiversity in the gene pool. I compare families to herds of animals. I want to leave them with a clear and final solution. I want to stop the waterfall of “why.”

But then last week, a book came in the mail from a mystery sender. (We ultimately realized the sender was Grandpa, who hasn’t yet mastered the Amazon gift receipt). The book argues that young children are natural philosophers, and that if adults could embrace the “why,” we could “all become better thinkers, and recapture some of the wonder that kids have at the world.” The author offers stories of his own two sons and the complex and deep questions they began asking from a young age.

Some questions are direct and have a clear answer. Those are the ones I like. But so many questions have answers that are more complicated, less certain, or perhaps don’t have an answer at all. Those are the ones that can help minds (young and old!) stretch and expand. In order to explore those questions, I realized I have an opportunity adjust my response to my own kids. Instead of providing an answer, what if I asked them “why”? What if I dug deeper into the question? What if together we explored the question to its core?

By doing this, the author argues that kids will ultimately examine deep and thought-provoking issues – like, do you have the right to stop your brother from taking your stuffed animal, or does the number 6 really exist? As adults we are often so caught up in day-to-day living, that we don’t take time to explore these questions. We focus on the practical rather than the philosophical. At least I know I do. But what would happen if I took a little more time for the “why”? I think I would learn a lot, think more deeply, and help my children learn to do the same.

Disclaimer: The book I am reading is called Nasty, Brutish, and Short: Adventures in Philosophy with My Kids by Scott Hershovitz. I am still reading it, so I can’t give a full review or endorsement since there may be surprises ahead! And the book contains some colorful language and possibly controversial topics/views, so let the reader beware.

6/3-6/5 Edina Art Fair, 50th&France, Edina
6/5 Open Streets Lyndale, Minneapolis
Now-6/5 Farm Babies, MN Zoo
Now-6/18 Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Musical, Children’s Theatre, Mpls  
6/15 Movies on the Hill: Encanto, Hyland Hills, Bloomington
6/18 Grand Day Parade, Saint Louis Park
6/18 Midsommar Celebration, American Swedish Institute
6/18-6/19 Stone Arch Bridge Festival, Minneapolis
6/24-8/7 Disney's The Little Mermaid, Jr., Stages Theatre, Hopkins
6/25-6/26 Chalk Walk Festival, New Brighton

All Summer - Music and Movies in the Park - Various Minneapolis Parks  

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