JUNE 2018

Our theme for the summer is Minnesota for Mini-sotans . Children will learn about what makes Minnesota unique through hands-on experiences and activities. Our gardens will continue to play a large role in our summer curriculum as well; we will plant, grow, harvest, and taste healthy fruits and vegetables.  
The Wonder Weavers Storytellers will be here on Thursday, June 21 , to share their stories. As always, you’re welcome to join your child in the gym for the story times!
Please send your child to school in sturdy shoes like tennis shoes or closed-toe sandals. We are requesting that the children do not wear flip-flops while at EFC. We know they are cute, but we want everyone to stay safe while at school. 
We will be holding parent/teacher conferences the week of June 11. Please watch the classroom doors for sign-up sheets. The conferences will be 20 minutes in length and we do our best to keep to our schedule. We hold conferences twice a year to keep you informed on your child’s progress as well as to discuss any questions that you may have. Please be aware that children should not attend these conferences. This is a time for teachers and parents to meet. We look forward to seeing you.
EFC will be closed on Wednesday, July 4, for the Independence Day holiday.
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Dice your fruit into small pieces. Layer the bottom of a silicone mold tray with the fruit, then fill with yogurt.
Pop your tray in the freezer. After about half an hour, just when the yogurt is just starting to freeze, place your popsicle sticks upright and place back in the freezer until completely frozen. 
The yogurt pops slide out easily from the silicone molds when you're ready to eat them.

From time to time, we like to share some of the things we are working on as an organization. At our recent Professional Development Day, we unveiled a new resource for teaching staff to use as they plan lessons, seek out additional training, and, for new teaching staff, become familiar with Especially for Children.

We are particularly excited about the EFC Lessons Library, where EFC teaching staff members from all of our locations can share theme and activity ideas with one another. We see this as a place for EFC teaching staff to show off their creativity and inspire one another with fun, fresh, tested ideas that can be implemented in various classrooms.  
Our six-year-old grandchild lives with us, and we have been revisiting parenting techniques to try to minimize a few of his less desirable behaviors. With the advice of a parenting specialist, we were challenged to select five core values that we want our family to embrace. During this summer we will take each value, one at a time, and find concrete examples of how that value plays out in our daily routines. For instance, if our value is responsibility, we will select concrete examples of how we can be responsible at various times of the day. And when one of us is being responsible, we will label the action and recognize that he/she is being responsible at that moment.

In the morning we each have our routines or responsibilities that help us get ready for the day. Someone makes breakfast, another person sets the table, we clear our dishes, we brush our teeth, we make our beds, and we gather the things we will need for the day. Now instead of just doing all of these things, we will make a list of each of our responsibilities and have a concrete picture of what the word responsibility means for our family in the mornings. We will do similar lists for how our responsibilities change throughout the day, all the way to bedtime.

The concept underlying this exercise of selecting core values and then identifying what they mean in your family is that the child learns the definition of the value and that it is a value that is important to you. You then demonstrate how you can be a family that works together and cooperates to live the value. In the course of this interactive work, children understand that rules are necessary in order to stay safe and to live together happily. And they experience the joy of being a part of a family unit – a team.

The family values we have chosen to define and live out this summer are responsibility, honesty, kindness, acceptance and self-control. We plan to spend two weeks concentrating on each value. Hopefully we will be able to keep on track with each of the previously learned values so that by the end of the summer all five values will be clearly lived out in our daily lives.

This may seem a bit structured for your family at the moment, especially for younger children. But it’s not too early to think about some core values that you will want to clearly communicate to your children within the next few years. As your children grow, you may add more values to the list.

Our hope is that the thoughtful and intentional expression of values in our household will lead to increased cohesiveness and fewer moments of frustration. Wish us luck!

Now-6/10 Dr. Seuss's The Lorax , Children’s Theatre Company
Now-9/3   Kangaroo Crossing , MN Zoo, Apple Valley
Now-9/3 Towers of Tomorrow with Legos , Science Museum of MN, St. Paul
Now-9/9 Dinosaur Train , MN Children’s Museum, St. Paul
6/1-6/3  Edina Art Fair , Edina
6/10 Open Streets Lyndale , Mpls
6/15-6/17 Stone Arch Bridge Festival , Mpls
6/29-8/5 DreamWorks Madagascar - A Musical Adventure , Stages Theatre, Hopkins

All Summer -  Music and Movies in the Park  - Various Minneapolis Parks  
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