The days are still getting longer and the weather is feeling more like summer every day. Pretty soon the kids will be out of school and many folks will be taking time to enjoy the season.

Members of the Insights Canada team are adjusting to new roles and responsibilities as we come together into one business unit and find ways to support each other and our customers right across the country. We're in the process of fine-tuning some of the ways we serve our customers and clients with an eye to creating stronger relationships and greater efficiencies. We've got some two-day professional development sessions planned for later this month that will result in some temporary office closures - details below.

We're also putting the finishing touches on upcoming Insights Discovery Accreditations sessions, Practitioner Renewals and other learning events, so watch this space for more details.

In the meantime, we invite you to take five and catch up on the latest news and information from Insights Learning and Development Canada.
Temporary Office Closures
The Insights offices in Calgary and Vancouver will be closed June 19 and 20 while team members attend a two-day professional development workshop. The Toronto and Atlantic offices will be closed June 24 and 25 for their learning experience. We’ll be checking our emails during the sessions but if you have an urgent matter and need to contact us by phone, reach out to our other o ffices. 
For June 19 and 20, our Toronto office will be available at 1-905-738-8444.  For June 24 and 25, phone support is available at 1-604-522-4229.
Don't take a chance on change management
Change is no longer an event that happens to people, teams or organizations – it’s a constant state of being. Neither is it a process than can be managed, rather it’s something that is happening to most of us, most of the time.

Studies show that employee readiness is a critical driver of change success. So if your people aren't agile and constantly ready to adapt, your change initiatives will fail. Finding innovative solutions to old problems is key to business success in the 21st century – so much so that many organizations exist in a state of continuous transformation, just to stay relevant.

By focusing on agility and adaptability, we help people, teams and leaders get ready for whatever changes are coming next - and changes are definitely coming. To learn more, contact your nearest Insights office or speak with your client manager.
Upcoming Events
Insights Discovery Accreditations

Become accredited to work with Insights Discovery in your own organization and learn how to empower your colleagues to fulfill their potential while transforming your company culture and performance. 

For more details and to register follow these links for the date and location near you.
Moncton, September 17-20

There are a limited number of spaces available and our IDA sessions fill up fast, so don't wait. Most sessions are sold-out weeks in advance.
Practitioner Renewals
We're still firming up dates for Renewal sessions in Victoria and Atlantic Canada and hope to have more details in next month's newsletter. For now, here are confirmed dates to consider.

Victoria - TBD
Atlantic - TBD

Renewal is required by all Insights Discovery Practitioners two years from your date of Accreditation to ensure you have the most current information and all the latest tools and exercises.

If you want to learn more about Insights Renewals, contact your Client Relationship Director to start the conversation.
Continuing Education Opportunities
Designed exclusively for Insights Practitioners
In response to your requests for more tools and information using the Insights portfolio, we've created monthly learning opportunities. 
These virtual webinars have been specifically designed to encourage our practitioners to address the key issues faced by companies and to develop the theory associated with these issues, applying the knowledge gained during your accreditation.

Items of Interest
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