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June is Busting with
B'nei Mitzvah
June 15 - Aaron Trauner Bar Mitzvah
June 22 - Josh Clemens Zendler Bar Mitzvah
Issue No. 6
June, 2013
B'Tzelem Elohim was the theme for the annual
Bet Sefer Shabbat in May.
Mazel Tov to the new JH Jewish Community Center
Video: Mazel Tov to the new JH Jewish Community Center
Swingin' Sabbath is August 2, 2013. If you'd like to help underwrite one our biggest annual events, let us know:
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Keeping up with Uncle Moishe 
by Al  Zuckerman

Uncle Moishe told me this  story on the phone last week that my Aunt had heard when she was playing in her weekly Mah jong game at the senior center on Pelham Parkway. Ruth was telling the ladies that her husband was concerned about her hearing so he decided to give her a test of his own design. He went to the other side of the room and said, "Honey, can you hear me?" He didn't get any response so he went closer and repeated the question, "Honey, can you hear me?" Again he didn't get a response so he went up to the back of her chair and leaned over and said loudly, "Honey, can you hear me now?" To this Ruth put down the newspaper and turned to her husband and said, "Yaakov, I said "Yes" three times!".

Aaron Trauner Bar Mitzvah 

10 a.m. June 15

St. John's Episcopal Church


Join the Trauner family as their son, Aaron Trauner, is called to the Torah on this day to become a Bar Mitzvah.  

Josh Clemens Zendler Bar Mitzvah 

10 a.m. June 22

St. John's Episcopal Church


Join the Clemens Zendler family as thier son Joshua Cody Clemens Zendler, is called to the Torah on this day to become a Bar Mitzvah.

Upcoming Events in June


June 26 - Gallim Dance
JHJCC and DW sponsor a special Open Rehearsal followed by Q&A and Reception.
5:45 p.m., Studio One at the Center for the Arts.
Gallim Dance, (Gallim, which means "waves" in Hebrew) will be spending a month in Jackson Hole in residency at Dancers' Workshop. JHJCC will sponsor a Q&A and Reception with Gallim and artistic director Andrea Miller on June 26. Please join the JHJCC and DW in this special presentation.Stay tuned for specific details about Ms. Miller's presentation. 
  • Sunday, June 2, 10 a.m. - J-Play Toddler Group.At the JHJCC 150 Scott Lane.
  • Saturday, June 15, 10 a.m. - Aaron Trauner Bar Mitzvah. St. John's Episcopal Church.
  • Sunday, June 16, 10 a.m. 
  • Saturday, June 22, 10 a.m. - Josh Clemens Zendler Bar Mitzvah. St. John's Episcopal Church.
  • Wednesday, June 26 -  JHCC and DW sponsor Gallim Dance Open Rehearsal, Q&A and Reception. 5:45 - 7 p.m. Rehearsal, Q&A/Reception to follow. Center for the Arts Studio One. 
  • JUNE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING TBA: look for a special announcement regarding the JHJCC Annual meeting which had to be rescheduled because of the Gallim event. Catch up with the JHJCC Board of Directors, hear about the budget and plans for 5774 or voice your opinions. Open to JHJCC members. Location at the JHJCC at 150 Scott Lane.Stay tuned for date and time. 
  • Friday, July 12 - Shabbat with Rabbi Mike Comins and Chazzan Judd Grossman. TBA.

Let us know if you're interested in weekly 
Mah Jongg at the JHJC Center. 
If we get enough interested people we'll begin as soon as possible. Please email or call the contact information below. 


ARE YOU INTERESTED IN OTHER WEEKLY/MONTHLY PROGRAMMING AT THE CENTER? We are tossing around ideas for regular programs at our new Center. If you are interested in attending or teaching classes, games or presentations please let us know. Here are some ideas of programs we're thinking about, let us know your thoughts: 

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Hebrew 
  • Mah Jongg
  • Travel Slideshow/presentations by Members
  • Live music series and concerts
  • Films: Jewish/Israeli/Middle East/History
  • Adult Torah study

We are also looking for a person who is interested in helping with programming as a volunteer. Please contact us at the numbers below. 

Spirit of the Mountains Summer Camp 2013      
The Spirit of the Mountains summer camp is just around the corner. Please contact us ASAP if you plan on sending your child/children to camp this summer. If are interested in enrolling your child in the JHJC's fun summer camp please request materials by emailing: 
Camp will be held the weeks of July 22 and July 29, 2013, M-F, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Old Wilson School House in Wilson. DON'T FORGET OUR FUN PRE-CAMP KOSHER BBQ SUNDAY JULY 21 AT OWEN BIRCHER PARK. SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT AND FOOD! 
Scenes From May
Bet Sefer teacher Josh Kleyman says farewell to principal Eliana Fischel who heads to rabbinical school this Fall. 
Malaya Maligalig reads her B'tzelem Elohim project. 
Bradford King reads his B'tzelem Elohim project.
Finley Brownfield reads her B'tzelem Elohim project.
Isaac Grossman reads Gabe Lewis' B'tzelem Elohim project.
David King reads his B'tzelem Elohim project.
Singin' with Judd, one of the best things about Bet Sefer.
Sudents light their own Shabbat candles with Josh and Eliana. 
JHJCC Serves up Fellowship Dinner
Brisket, egg noodles, salad, challah and homemade chocolate chip cookies were served up by JHJC members. 
Bert Romberg serves up "oodles of noodles."
Adrian Bernal serves brisket.
Terry Romberg.
Isaac Grossman and Jenny Bernal serve it up, back-to-back.

Oneg after March Shabbat at the  
new Center.
Yep, if you build it, 
they will come!
  The JHJC is continuing to make improvements on our new space. Last month we had an amazing Shabbat service. So many people attended we ran out of chairs! The space provided for a warm and soulful service led by Chazzan Judd and the Bet Sefer teachers, Josh, Eliana and Allie. Please consider supporting our new center. 
  • Furniture $4,000
  • Window treatments $1,000
  • JHJCC sign  $450
  • Bathroom remodel  $375
  • Moving expenses $1,000
  • Lighting $1,000
  • Kitchen $750


One of 24 challahs made by Christine Schuller for the annual JHJCC sponsored fellowship dinner at the Presbyterian Church.

Many Thanks

  • Josh Kleyman, Eliana Fischel, Judd Grossman and Allie Silber  for all their leadership during the 5773 year of Bet Sefer. Farewell, Eliana, good luck in rabbinical school!
  • Bet Sefer families for hosting oneg at our May Shabbat.
  • Susie Blasko  for helping with Shabbat in May.
  • Christine Schuller  for organizing details and baking a zillion challahs for the annual Presbyterian Church Fellowship dinner.
  • Adrian and Jenny Bernal, Bert and Terry Romberg, Patrick and Finley Brownfield, Mike, Barb and Ben Scher, Isaac and Judd Grossman and Christine Schuller for helping set up and serve at the Presbyterian Fellowship Dinner.
  • The JHJCC Board for helping out with administrative duties while Mary Grossman was away in April. 

Mazel Tov!

Former JHJCC member Hannah Turtle for becoming a Bat Mitzvah back in Syracuse, NY. Joined by Rachel and Wendell Stam, Eve Scofield, Mitch Gruber (former JHJC Camp councilor) and Howard, Hannah, Phyllis and Maddie Turtle. 

  • Alia Scott (daughter of Laurie Thal)  for graduating from the University of Wyoming. 
  • Jodi Domsky (daughter of Lisa Finkelstein and Marc Domsky)  for graduating from the University of Montana.
  • Dani Domsky
    (daughter of Lisa Finkelstein and Marc Domsky) for graduating from the Journeys School.

Get Well Soon

  • Andy King is on the mend from wrist surgery. 


Please send us your Mazel Tovs, Condolences, Kol HaKavods, Get Wells and photos of your 
2013 Board of Directors
Al Zuckerman, President

Josh Kleyman, Vice Pres.

Andy King, Treasurer

Andrea Mazer

Rose Novak

Christine Schuller

Mary Grossman, Ex. Dir.

Join our 

Minyan Tree

  From time to time the JHJC is contacted to provide a minyan for either a local or visitor wanting to say Kaddish for a loved one who has recently passed away or whose yahrzeit they are observing. 

   Such was the case several weeks ago when a visitor from NY staying at the Village needed a minyan so he could recite Kaddish for his mother. A combined group of his friends, several members of Chabad and several members from our congregation gathered together to form a minyan to help him. 

   The reason I'm mentioning this is that I think it would be a good idea to form a "minyan tree", or a list of congregation members that would be willing to be part of a minyan when it is needed in order for someone to say Kaddish. It is a wonderful mitzvah to be able to help someone in this way. 

   If we had a list of even 15 or 20 congregants  that we could call to see if they are available to help form a minyan it would be of great service to the Jewish community. If you are interested in helping in this way when we are asked to put a minyan together please email or call Mary at the office so she can put your name on the "minyan tree".   

Al Zuckeman, 

JHJC President 

עליכם  השלום     

Jackson Hole Jewish Community