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June 2019
HIE Success Story: Circle Health
When Circle Health noticed that a significant amount of time was being used to fax discharge summaries and make follow-up phone calls to colleagues at Atrius Health, they developed an alternative electronic workflow.
Now, when a patient is transferred from Lowell General Hospital to an Atrius Health medical practice, the Circle Health physician can send an electronic discharge summary document directly to Atrius via the Mass HIway. This new electronic process has largely eliminated the need to fax and call, and the increased efficiency allows for optimal post-acute care and follow up.

Digital Health Sandbox Program
The Digital Health Sandbox Grant Program provides financial assistance so that they can access cutting-edge research and development facilities, or ‘sandboxes.'  these R&D sandboxes, allowing them to test existing technologies, develop new products and services, and evaluate their company’s value proposition.

The Digital Health Sandbox Grant Program is initially launching with  PracticePoint at Worcester Polytechnic Institute . Massachusetts companies seeking financial assistance to access the services at PracticePoint are encouraged to apply. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis but initial applications are due  June 10, 2019
Are you or do you know a 'Made in Massachusetts' digital health company that would be interested?
Does your healthcare institution have a R&D center or lab that could host startups?
Events Summit
On June 11, in collaboration with West Health, the University of Rochester will host the 5th annual Summit. The summit is a national forum for health and technology leaders, entrepreneurs, senior care advocates, and policymakers to exchange ideas, create new relationships, and foster disruptive technological and process innovations to improve the lives of the nation’s aging population. Summit
Pre-Summit Event
Monday, June 10, 2019
11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Prior to the Summit, MeHI and AGENCY will collaborate with to host a special event called " Transforming the Way We Care . This event will focus on identifying key opportunities for the digital health industry to support the unique challenges of informal caregivers. 

Get to know fellow attendees, hear from experts and workshop your ideas in a collegial setting prior to the main conference

To attend the pre-summit event, registration for the Summit is required. Learn more below.
Upcoming Webinars
Patient Engagement for
Meaningful Use 

Tuesday, June 4
2 2019 HIway Connection Requirement and Online Attestation Forms

Monday, June 10
Process Improvement Workshop
Join us for a free Process Improvement Workshop to improve Meaningful Use (MU), health information exchange (HIE), or other clinical care practices.

The goal of the workshop is to provide you with broadly applicable tools to improve your MU and HIE practices and workflows. The content is people and process-oriented, and only touches lightly on technical aspects. You'll engage in discussions to share your own experiences, team-building activities to get to know the other participants, and hands-on exercises to select and address process challenges of interest to the group.

The Process Improvement Workshop consists of two in-person sessions presented at MeHI’s Weiss Conference Center in Westborough, MA. A light breakfast and lunch will be served. As the first session prepares you for the second, we advise you to attend both sessions. We also encourage you to attend with multiple people from your organization.  
September Process Improvement Workshop

Friday, September 13
9:30am- 3:00pm
Friday, September 27
Medicaid Updates
 Program Year 2019 Readiness 
As you prepare for Program Year 2019, we encourage you to visit the MU Toolkit to access the most recent tools to support the upcoming attestation process. All documents and content are updated to support PY2019 program readiness.

It's Time to Upgrade to
2015 Edition CEHRT
To participate in the Medicaid EHR Program for 2019, Eligible Professionals (EPs) must upgrade to the 2015 Edition of Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) as soon as possible. The 2015 Edition CEHRT must be installed and used  for the entirety of the selected 90-day EHR reporting period.

The 2015 Edition CEHRT functionality is required for EPs to meet Meaningful Use Stage 3 requirements. If your EPs have not yet upgraded, start the process now, before it's too late. If EPs don’t upgrade to the 2015 CEHRT Edition before  October 3rd, they won’t be able to attest to Program Year 2019.

To learn more about the 2015 CEHRT Edition requirement, click  here.
MU Info Sessions
We invite you to learn about Program Year 2019, Stage 3 Meaningful Use (MU), and related topics at one of our summer MU Information Sessions. These interactive, all-day sessions are designed to explore the Program Year 2019 and Stage 3 MU requirements, including topics such as health information exchange (HIE), clinical decision support (CDS), patient engagement, supporting documentation, and more. The sessions will be held at our Westborough location, and a light breakfast and lunch will be served.
Tuesday, June 18 th
from 9:30am-3:00pm
Thursday, August 29 th
from 9:30am-3:00pm
Program Year 2019
Meaningful Use Survey
Over the course of the next few months, MeHI is hosting a number of events to help you prepare for Program Year 2019 and Stage 3 Meaningful Use. We need your input to help us refine and tailor these events to meet the current needs of the provider community.  Please click here to take our brief survey and help us help you.