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June 2022 | Issue 6
MASWA/SPSWA Joint Public Policy Meeting
Join us tomorrow (Thursday) for a review and discussion of the recently concluded Legislative Session and also learn how you can claim your Front Line Worker Bonus!

Presented by: Erin Huppert
Vice President of Advocacy
for LeadingAge Minnesota
Our Speaker and Meeting Objectives
Erin Huppert serves as the LeadingAge Minnesota Vice President of Advocacy. She leads public policy and advocacy strategies on behalf of the organization and its members.

Prior to joining the organization, Erin served as the director of state external affairs and partnerships with USofCare, a national nonprofit that aims to expand access to affordable health care. She also worked for several years in state and federal government relations at Allina Health and held legislative staff roles with the Minnesota House of Representatives.

When she is not working, Erin is proud to serve on the board of Twin Cities in Motion and can often be found hiking and running in our great trails and parks systems. 


  • Gain an understanding of significant legislation that passed in the recently completed Legislative Session.
  • Explore why parts of legislation were not passed and the implications this may have on older adults.
  • Learn why omnibus bills have become the norm and what that means for Minnesotans.

CEU Available

Annual Membership Fee $30.00/Guest $5

A Few Words from Our
MASWA President
Appreciating What We Love

Welcoming another month is certainly nothing new. We do it every 30 or so days however there is something a little different about welcoming June. Somehow this particular month turns our hearts and minds to the warmer weather. For us lately, it has been hot weather! There is something different about welcoming a month that promises warm sunshine and crystal clear blue skies. Have you ever walked along a beach and collected precious seashells? Getting out and enjoying the gentle breezes on our faces and welcoming a walk or a ride without concern for bundling up; that’s something different.
Not only are we reminded of the seasonal change in our natural surroundings but we are reminded of how we can enjoy the gift of family and friends in those changed environments. June is a month of weddings and weddings remind us all of, “love” and being together with family and friends in various celebrations including graduations. The image that comes to mind is one of joy, smiles, happiness, peace and hope. Just envisioning what brings us joy and happiness will make one smile. What brings us love will do so as well, but will also bring that satisfaction of peace. So, what about love?

Love has many facets and can be expressed and thought of in many ways. It is interesting to note the affect “love” has on us and how we note it in our daily lives by what we choose to do and how we learn to appreciate what we love.
Gandhi once said that, “Where there is love, there is life.” When we get up in the morning, hopefully we have thoughts of what we’d like to accomplish. It would be great if when we rose in the morning we’d have thoughts that would include things we immensely enjoyed. Some might feel that a day would not be complete unless running was part of that day. Likewise, someone else wouldn’t think of going through a day without spending hours in a book or two. Yet, someone else couldn’t imagine a day without a game of golf or tennis! What do you love to do? Getting through a day by doing something you love, brings life to your existence. Many may say, it is the love of their family that brings them joy and happiness while others may say it is the love of their work that causes them to remain motivated. Life should be full of things or people that emote joy and love. There is an opportunity in this!

Mother Teresa shared that one should, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Think about it. When someone approaches you, what is your reaction? What is their reaction? Is the encounter one of comradery or indifference?  Wherever we go and whomever we meet, we have the distinct opportunity to help that someone feel better. We have that chance to contribute to someone having an even better day. We do that every day in the positions we hold. We have to look inside ourselves and pull out something that helps us help “them”. How about figuring out a way to help someone’s mind leave the thought of their personal pain and to help place their mind onto something that would cue up a smile? This is tough to do if you are not doing well.  Isn’t it true that if you help someone else, it in turn helps you? You feel better and that makes the other person feel better too. Maybe that’s some of what Mother Teresa described.
Do we want to love? Do we want to dig down deep and try to do at least one thing we enjoyed doing so much that a day could not go by without doing it?  We would ache if we didn’t do it?

Yes, June is a month of weddings, family and friend get-togethers and many of these events are fueled by one thing: LOVE. It is the love of getting together. It is the love of celebrating. It is the love of planning. It is the love of friendships. It is the love of accomplishing a goal. It is the love of being happy. It is the love of being involved. It is the love of taking a breath and being grateful for living to enjoy it all. Finally, Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “’Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” We have to love because it is life! May you appreciate the loves of your life!

See you at our next in-person, socially-responsibly-distanced meeting. The meeting room is huge so come and learn and network!

Georgene Connelly
MASWA President