Issue June 2018
Happy Summer!
The longest day of the year and official declaration of Summer is on the 21st of this month, so we're celebrating this natural transition of our planet with our two week long Summer Solstice Clearance Sale June 7th through 21st. For this sale we clean house and price all kinds of treasures to move on to new homes. This is also the perfect time to find that something great for Father's Day and don't forget that we have gift cards!

Our Nature's Treasures family grew by one last month.  All our blessings and congratulations to Amanda  and Phillip on the arrival of their new baby
 boy Caelum Genesis (aka Little Dude) born on May 9th at 7:22 pm. Momma, baby and daddy are doing great.

This month we travel to Denver for our annual  trip to the International New Age Trade Show (INATS). We'll be attending seminars, restocking our inventory plus talking with authors and presenters about new ideas and merchandise. This year Folade will also be attending to meet and interview prospects for future seminars and events at Nature's Treasures.

I'm getting really excited about our next Expo we are presenting in August - "Invite Nature Into Your Life". We're getting quite a selection of unique and creative local businesses that can help bring Nature deeper into your life. I encourage you to contact Folade soon if your interested in sponsoring a booth. There is a limited supply of space available, both inside and outside, and vendor selection is going fast.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Keep in mind, a trip to Nature's Treasures could save you from another tie or pair of socks.

Blessings to all,
Karen and the staff

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We do believe in fairies!  Find our new Faerie House hidden within Nature's Treasures and you will be blessed with special offers or free gifts!  The fairies move around a lot and collect all sorts of treasures, so who knows what you will find and where!?

In the Community Events Center

Leslie Werling
Guided Angel Meditation
Friday, June 8
NT Studio
$15 @ Door
Sacred Goddess Temple of Central Texas
Sat, June 16 (Solstice Ceremony) & Sun, June 17
11:00a - 4:30p
NT Studio
Donations Appreciated

$555. click the image to go to registration. 

June 18, 19, and 20
10:00a - 5:00p
NT Auditorium
 Digby of Avalon Trading Company will be in the store selling his John of God jewelry the weekend of June 22.   
Saturday,  June 9th 
NT Auditorium
Pagan Heathen Play
Saturday, June 30th
NT Auditorium
Are you planning an event for 2018?
Nature's Treasures has a 2,200 sq ft Auditorium
and 1,200 sq ft Studio Space.  
Check our calendar for availability and email Events Director, Folade Speaks at to discuss your needs.
In the Community 
Reading this from San Antonio?   Come out and see our booth at The Healing Arts Festival & Market and partake in any of the FREE activities and talks on June 3rd. from 11am-6pm at The Hilton Garden Inn on Pat Booker Rd.   

Nature's Treasures will introduce participants of the 2018 Texas Comptroller Wellness Fair to aura readings and the benefits of crystals and minerals on Thursday, June 7th!  We are so pleased to be sharing the benefits of subtle energies to state employees! 

Looking Ahead

Hosted by Nature's Treasures at The Norris Center

Coming to Austin - Summer 2019

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The Treasure Tome: 
A Trove of Knowledge

by Folade Speaks  
At my grandparent's home, there was a coal mine closet. From a tiny window, I was told as a toddler, a coal truck would come and dump the coal into the basement's closet window. As children, we were afraid of the closet because after Grandpa passed, no one ever opened the door. It was him who had the job of moving the coal from the closet to the furnace, and the mystery of the closet to children whose reference point for coal was being on Santa's skip stayed eternal. As I researched Father's Day, I learned its inception was birthed from a miner's daughter named Sonora Smart Dodd to honor miners and fathers who transitioned as a result of the largest coal mining accident in history. I find it interesting these bridges to sources of energy and heat are related to fathers and the masculine, as too, the Sun and Solar Plexus chakra. Then I think about Dads and fossils, and here we are again, the bridge to an energy source.
For Father's Day, there are always family members at the store searching for the perfect fossil for their dad. When I asked our Fossil Specialist, Diane Parma, which fossils resonate with fathering energies, she was led to mention three favorites. One with creative fossil attributes, the other with more practical properties and one in the middle: Orthoceras, Trilobite and Coral.. For example, if your father wants to counsel you, is he going to take you on a parachuting adventure while he jokingly offers some life metaphors, or is he more likely to advise you from across a long Executive oak table glaring over the rim of his glasses? ...or somewhere in between?
To read the Full Article, pick up the May Issue of  Austin All Natural at Nature's Treasures or your nearest grocer.
Meet Our Staff 
Tami Whitehead  
Born in the Quartz-filled foothills of Arkansas,  and raised in the shady pines of East Texas, Tami developed a profound love of Nature.  An avid learner and excellent student, both academically and spiritually, Tami learned how to focus her intuitive abilities at a young age which allowed her to open her own metaphysical shop before coming to Nature's Treasures.  With a passion for Tarot, astrology, history and mythology, she brings her expertise into the renewed "Nature's Treasures Online" store as its manager.   
Nature's Treasures Online
Now you can log in to your account at Nature's Treasures online store  using your favorite social media account! Link your Facebook, Twitter or Amazon account to streamline checkout and more easily manage your account! 

We are excited about our New Jewelry Selections from Texas designers. 

  Esscential Jewelry's line of essential oil diffuser bracelets are anything but ordinary! Timeless and totally on trend, their unique designs feature genuine healing gemstones and crystals from Vintage jewelry that is lovingly brought back to life in their designs.  They proudly feature "exotic" Vintage beads you won't find in mass-produced jewelry, like   Snakeskin Jasper or Red Montana Agate! Quality workmanship and heavenly details like Vintage Tibetan Beads or Swarovski Crystals make these unique pieces desirable to wear everyday--strong cording makes them long-lasting, so you can!  

Due to the nature of the "found" materials used to make these charming accessories, each design is of limited quantity, so don't miss out! Order yours today, exclusively at Nature's Treasures online! 

New designs by Sweet Satya of Huntsville, Texas have been added, including a new Nature's Treasures Exclusive- The Holy Buddha Faceted Gemstone Necklace! Inspired by the Buddha's meditations, this "Sweet" little
charmer is a "must-have" piece for breezy summer fashions! Choose Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Citrine. New stone choices coming soon! 

Sweet Satya knows we love (and need) the healing power of labradorite, so she captured the sizzle and fire of labradorite and created two new pieces for us-- the Labradorite Power Pebble Necklace and the   Faceted Labradorite Teardrop Necklace! These pieces are already "Staff Favorites," and they will be your favorites too! Only available online at Nature's Treasures, you can see other new designs here .

Featured Jeweler - Sweet Satya
Domestically created, all of Sweet Satya's pieces are hand-drilled and hand-knotted by Satya herself at her home in Huntsville, Texas.  She visits Tucson every year to hand-pick unique stones that would never be drilled except by a skilled craft person. Satya's vision is to create fashion-forward wearable art that balances and harmonizes the subtle energies within and around us. 

Nature's Treasures is the caretaker of 2 exclusive lines: The Yin-Yang Collection (In-store only) featuring Black Tourmaline & Double Terminated Quartz and The Holy Buddha Collection (online ONLY) featuring Titanium-plated Brass Buddha heads atop either Citrine or Amethyst.

Shop Sweet Satya (Vendor # 1082) in-store and online at

Austin Agates Exclusive

Agate Creek Agate North Queensland Australia

Notes on Agates:  
Silica is the key component to agate formation since it belongs to the quartz family made up of SiO2.  Because of their beauty and durability, agates have been used since the Neolithic as tools, jewelry, tableware and decor for thousands of years. Although agate has been used for ages, new world agates have only been mined recently and many varieties are mined out.

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What's New?

In The Store
Polished Apophyllite

Manifestation Candles

At The Counter
Champagne Topaz from Utah
Locally Created Wire Wraps
  In Th e Depot  
Porcelain Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper Cabachons

Peruvian Pink Opal

Invite Nature
Into Your Home

You wanted it, you asked for it, and we listened! Now, for your Crystal and Mineral shopping pleasure, we bring you the new Nature's Treasures Facebook Store,  so you can do ALL your reading, perusing, and shopping at one place! We merged Crystals By Nature with Nature's Treasures to bring you a more stream-lined shopping experience from your desktop, mobile phone or right from our Facebook page! 
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Monthly WINNER!

$25 Gift Certificate Winner is:  
Traci H.

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Alexandrite is a rare gem variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl.  Known as "Emerald by day, Ruby by night" this gem has a unique optical property that causes it to change from a striking green in white light to a deep violet in warm light.  Originally discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia, this stone has become increasingly scarce even with new deposits being discovered in Brazil and Tanzania (although neither of these deposits are known to produce the high quality crystals found in Russia).
Alexandrite is said to help balance one's emotional state, to provide confidence, to increase self-esteem and to help bring about change. It is also said to bring happiness and success, and to intensify feelings of love and sensuality. It enhances the rebirth of both the inner and outer self, providing impetus to expedite the changing of one's world while producing the qualities of expansiveness, creativity, and awareness in the realm of manifestation.

Alexandrite is said to have regenerative powers, assisting one in returning to the origin of time to connect to the beginning of one's being. Doing so facilitates understanding of, and sensitivity to, that which still remains to be learned by one's soul, providing insight into the effortless way one is able to attain higher realization.

Aura, Meridian & Chakra  
Photos & Video
Now Available DAILY!!! 
Walk-ins Welcome! 
With our updated Aura Machine, you can see the color of your aura. 
Offered daily and starting at only $15, this is a great gift to give yourself or a loved one.

11:00AM - 6:00PM
Friday June 1 Tara Ventura Numerology/Tarot; Clairvoyant Psychic; Intuitive Counseling; Energy Healing (chakra)

Saturday June 2 Rebecca Andrews Colorpuncture removes blockages for a person to better access their Soul program.

Saturday June 2 Yuci Edwards
Spiritual Counseling, Tarot Reading, Angel Guiding, Coffee Cup Mapping, Akashic Records

Sunday June 3 Alice Rodriguez
Psychic Medium, Receive messages from your deceased loved ones in spirit and your spirit guides.

Sunday June 3 Azhalea "Sally" Ramirez Angel Card Reader, Clairvoyant Medium, Energetic Healing

Monday June 4 Eva Lott
Metaphysical minister, reiki master, stress management

Tuesday June 5 Mia Michel
Intuitive, and healer, Akashic Records Consultations, Past Lives and Soul Readings

Wednesday June 6 Laura Tree
Reiki Master Teacher, Divinely Inspired Intuitive readings and Sanskrit mantra therapy), Crystal Consultant, Atlantean Healing, Diamond Violet Flame Transmutation

Thursday June 7 Elaine Ireland
Tarot reading & psychic work

Friday June 8 Anne Berlin
Psychic medium, psychometry, work with archangels & Ascended Masters

Saturday June 9 Adrienne deWolfe
Angel harp therapy, psychic and Tibetan Reiki master

Saturday June 9 Azhalea "Sally" Ramirez Angel Card Reader, Clairvoyant Medium, Energetic Healing

Sunday June 10 Robert Gerami
Reiki, Chakra balance sessions, Etheric cord cutting sessions

Sunday June 10 Tracy St Croi
Astrology chart & reading, tarot, good humor

Wednesday June 13 Adrienne Goff
Author, teacher, healer, connecting you with your crystals

Thursday June 14 Richard Cisneros
Psychic medium

Friday June 15 Tara Ventura Numerology/Tarot; Clairvoyant Psychic; Intuitive Counseling; Energy Healing (chakra)

Saturday June 16 Yuci Edwards
Spiritual Counseling, Tarot Reading, Angel Guiding, Coffee Cup Mapping, Akashic Records

Saturday June 16 Denise Netti
Intuitive Medium, Intuitive Artist, Intuitive Life Coach, Energy Worker, Reiki Master

Sunday June 17 Julie Reeves
Sighted intuitive astrology, tarot & past life consultation

Sunday June 17 Amber Soberon
Reiki Master

Monday June 18 Eva Lott
Metaphysical minister, reiki master, stress management

Tuesday June 19 Mia Michel
Intuitive, and healer, Akashic Records Consultations, Past Lives and Soul Readings

Wednesday June 20 Laura Tree
Reiki Master Teacher, Divinely Inspired Intuitive readings and Sanskrit mantra therapy), Crystal Consultant, Atlantean Healing, Diamond Violet Flame Transmutation

Thursday June 21 Elaine Ireland
Tarot reading & psychic work

Friday June 22 Anne Berlin
Psychic medium, psychometry, work with archangels & Ascended Masters

Saturday June 23 Christine
Martensen Crystals knowledge, Reiki, and empathic connects to Angels, Guides, Spirit Animals and Ascended Masters through clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Saturday June 23 Anaya Swan
Priestess, artist, musician, a Reiki master, and a magical seamstress and healer. Tarot readings

Sunday June 24 Leticia Clawson
Sunday June 24 Jen Jen Sosler Reiki, sound healing, and card readings

Monday June 25 Thumper Donnelly Medium, clairvoyant psychic, energy healing, past lives

Tuesday June 26 Kramer Wetzel
Astrology chart & reading, tarot, good humor

Wednesday June 27 Kathy Cabarcas
Healing, intuitive life coaching

Thursday June 28 Richard Cisneros
Psychic medium

Friday June 29 Ricardo Gonzales

Saturday June 30 Mariloli Ruiz
Akashic Records, Reiki, Sound Healing, Curanderismo

What are your crystals telling you? 
Dianna, Austin's Crystal Whisperer offers her Personal Crystal Readings to help you find, understand and connect with the rock s, minerals and crystals that are perfect for you! 

Rates start as low as  
$15.00 for 10 minutes

Book in Advance at: 

Just can't stop thinking about Rocks? 

We are currently looking for motivated individuals skilled in the following areas: 
Nature's Treasures - Inventory
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, stocking, organizing, and cleaning showroom shelves; helping with daily projects and merchandising.  Must be able to lift 70 lbs unassisted.

For more details on this job, please e-mail:
Online Store - Shipping/Receiving/Inventory Control
Experience preferred but will train the right candidate. Knowledge of minerals and crystals a plus, but not required. Accurately print, pick, and pack orders for on-line store using shipping software. Process incoming shipments, work into inventory, update database. Ensure proper storage and handling of inventory and products. Attention to detail, accurate record-keeping, some computer skills required. Opportunity to grow with company.

Online Store - Clerical Support
Computer skills, word processing, data entry. Provide support for online store, communications and correspondence, including emails, social media, using shared documents and drives etc. Fast-paced environment requires flexibility and ability to multitask. Attention to detail, accurate record-keeping. Opportunity to grow with company.

Send Resume to:     
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