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June 2020 Newsletter
The Canadian May Long Weekend...The American Memorial Day Weekend... barely a boat to be seen... the weather has been great and the lake has never been more calm...

We miss the hustle and bustle of the start of the fishing season!
But, we know it is still coming!
We always try an look on the bright side of things and one HUGE benefit of this slow start to the season is that when the borders do open up, it's going to be amazing fishing like you've never even seen before!!!

Until then, we continue to take reservations for the July, August, September and October - have you made your reservation yet??

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See you on the Lake!
Although we sure are missing the normal craziness that this time of year brings, we are working hard behind the scenes on many projects that get pushed to the wayside when the season gears up. We have just completed one of these big projects - a total overhaul on our website!!

Check out the brand new Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rental website HERE!
Find archived newsletters, updated FAQs, MORE PHOTOS, new testimonials, new packing lists, planning tips and so much more!

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Usually when June comes around, we've got a handful of houseboat trips under our belt for the season, the staff is all trained up, our American summer neighbors have all arrived for the season, we are hugging and shaking hands of people we haven't seen in months, boats are whizzing around in the bay and there is constant traffic in and out of the marina...
It sure is a different atmosphere this year....

Instead, the houseboats are still up on blocks, landlocked for the time being. Our American neighbors cabins remain vacant. Docks are empty. Boats are rarely seen or heard. The marina sees only a couple of people each day...

Check out this video, Memorial Day Weekend 2020:
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It's June 1st - we've never experienced this before...
The houseboats are still up on land, not adventuring around Lake of the Woods like they usually are...
There is a lot we could all be sad about right now, but instead, we would like to focus on the positive side of this whole situation!

  • When the border opens, this break for the fishery is going to make the fish BIGGER, HUNGRIER and MORE AGGRESSIVE. That will mean fishing will be better than you could ever expect!!
  • We have been able to work on some big projects and some big ideas we've had in the works for a long time! Stay tuned for more details!
  • We have been able spend more time open water fishing than we ever have!
  • We have had more time together as a family!
  • We have spent more time planting our garden and sitting on our deck!

What positive things have you taken from this pandemic?

What are you most looking forward to when you can finally make it to Lake of the Woods?
Just another day of reeling 'em in!
Currently, the Canada/US border is closed for non essential travel until June 21st. Our fingers are crossed that it does open up after this!

We have rescheduled most of our guests trips that were originally scheduled for the first 3 weeks of June. Many of our July and August guests are starting to ask - "What's going to happen with my reservation?"
We are very hopeful that the border will open. We are asking everyone with July and August reservations to hang on until we receive more information.

During this time, our call and email volume is significantly more than usual so please continue to be patient with us as we get back to everyone as soon as we can. Our preferred method of contact at the moment is email, which helps us keep most organized and prompt in our replies.
You can reach us at

When the borders do open back up and houseboats trips are taking place, we will be implementing additional sanitation protocol for our housekeepers in between houseboat trips, proper social distancing procedures in the marina as well as other recommended heath and safety guidelines to ensure our guests, customers and employees remain safe and healthy.
SOON! We will be back to this normal soon!
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May was very different for us! Instead of being inundated with work to gear up for the season, we had much more down time than any other May before!
We made the most of it - we spent a lot of time fishing, cooking and playing outside!

"It's not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that makes them successful human beings"
Carmen catching the fish...
Carmen cleaning the fish
Carmen breading the fish
An amazing dinner with fish caught, cleaned and prepared by 16 year old Carmen! WOW!
Arron was excited about catching his first bass!
Terry found the Crappies!
Crissy catches dinner!
The boys favorite lunch - smokies over the fire and s'mores for dessert!
Aaron is excited to get out on the lake!
The gardens are planted!
Exploring an island for arrowheads
Aaron can't wait to dig in to Walleye dinner!
Jake was slamming the fish this day!
Tony's son Keston caught a huge 11 lb Lake Trout! He is growing up to be quite the fisherman!
Tony's other son, Nolan, caught a 7lb Lake Trout and daughter, Hayden, was excited to pose with them!
Appetizers on the deck - our favorite late afternoon activity!

This is certainly a different summer than any of the summers we have had before! Although we have much to worry about right now, we also have much to be grateful for!! We are taking this slow start to summer to enjoy being together as a family and spending as much time playing outside as we can!
We know it is a difficult time for everyone but truly believe that by staying positive and making the best of the situation can really help us all get through this!

See you on the Lake!

See you on the Lake!

The Gill's
Terry, Crissy, Jacob, Aaron, Carmen
Tony, Nolan, Keston, Hayden
Stewart & Yvonne
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