Sail Boston 2017 courtesy of Craig F. Walker  of the Boston Globe                                      

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June  2017
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Jayne Phair photo
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 This will be a brief newsletter as the joys of summer are at hand and the in-port  projects lengthen as the days shorten just a bit. We just came in from our ten-night adventure to Boston and back. Most of the pictures are from that cruise;  twenty-one shipmates ( seven new to the schooner), six crew, a few whales, and a lot of miles covered. Aside from the parade of sail, we had an insider tour of the USS Constitution Museum archives thanks to Frank Morse, a study of the schooner race trophies at Maritime Gloucester ( we're on some of them), an historian amble around Star Island , Isles of Shoals (Sarah was the guide), and anchorages at Peaks Island in Casco Bay, Port Clyde (named after one of our shipmates no doubt), and Broad Cove, Owl's Head.

leaving the North End Shipyard at o' dark thirty
photo courtesy of Samuel Clark

Boston after dark from our berth in Charlestown
photo courtesy of Ralph Smith

Escorting the barque Europa in the parade of sail
photo courtesy of Bob Parker

Three days of wind, some rain, some fog, and a little bit of sailing and everyone smiling.

furled and ready to tie up for the weekend
Bob Parker photo

Cruise News

Our friend and sometime cook Andy Jackson came for a trip and left us with a poem of sorts
As our boat pulls away from the Rockland shore
Captain John and his fantastic four
Soon have us heeled over till the side boats are shimming
the surface of Smith Cove with loons a-swimming.

Tyler and Christa keep the decks all spiffy,
And lead us to raise the sails in a jiffy.
Take it to the pin; don't lose any.
An experience one cannot buy at Reny's.
Sarah and Matthew have mastered the galley,
With too many culinary epiphanies to tally.
As we pass the breakwater's rough hewn stones,
Resuming servitude to our smart phones,
We hail our benevolent Imperial Kleagle
John Foss, master of the American Eagle!

photo courtesy of Anna Manzano

Our annual raft up, in Carver's Cove, Vinalhaven. Six hundred twenty five years of history riding to a single anchor.
Crew's News

Our crew offered to man the yards as here on the Guayas from Ecuador, 
but we haven't any yards.
all photos in this section taken and generously shared by Bob Parker

Peru's massive new training vessel the UniĆ³n

Hometown favorite the US Coast Guard Barque Eagle leading the parade

Boston fireboats with a spray salute clearing the way up the ship channel

 Pictures from away

After the excitement of the festival an afternoon visit to the Isles of  Shoals was 
a welcome experience.

Ralph Smith's photo
Star Island

And from the camera on Appledore Island

photo from Don O'Connor
Roscoe got out and about in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine this trip. 
If you look closely to the right of the stern block, you can see  the white steeple  of the Old North Church. 

Lost and Found

Some one left this in cabin L this month. Any takers?

Pier Four at the old Boston Navy Yard in Charlestown. In 1992 we were berthed a hundred yards ahead in the flooded graving dock.

again a Bob Parker photo

Galley News
Triple chocolate dessert!

                                                                                                             Nancy Fleming's photo

It was a bit wet on the way to Cape Ann but we made it in record time
Frank Morse's photo

             First time we have ever had to bail out the seineboat while it was on deck.

                                                                                                  Frank Morse's photo

Next month more people pictures, the Great Schooner Race, and our Down East adventure to
 the Canadian border and back.


      John and the crew

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