June 2021 Newsletter
Introducing our New Fundraiser:
GVC Friends of the Forest
Since 1989, GVC has planted and maintained over 32,000 trees and is on track to triple our annual tree plantings by 2023. When you make a tax-deductible donation to GVC's Friends of the Forest, you are directly supporting our work of expanding native forest and wildlife habitat within the Gunpowder Watershed.

  • $25 will nurture one tree
  • $100 will nurture a grove
  • $250 will nurture a forest

In return, we will send you a commemorative certificate to acknowledge your support. Each certificate features "Jerusalem Mill" by local artist, Mary Magenta.

A perfect gift to honor recent high school and college graduates eager to make a difference in the world. Or to celebrate a father who appreciates the beauty of the Gunpowder Falls and the Chesapeake Bay.
It Takes a Community To Grow a Forest
Nestled in between townhouse communities and a busy thoroughfare, a new forest is growing. In 2009, GVC worked in close partnership with Carney residents and Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS) to install over 200 native trees on 1.5 acres to reduce stream erosion of an unnamed tributary of the Jennifer Branch in the Lower Gunpowder Falls watershed.

The tree planting was the kickoff of the Jennifer Branch Preservation Project (2009-2011), a community education and motivation campaign on the negative effects of stormwater runoff and the Bay-Wise solutions that homeowners could implement.The goal was simple: Inspire neighbors to take small actions on their property for clean water! In fact, it was so successful that the Jennifer Branch Preservation Project achieved the project goal of forming an off-shoot community group (Jennifer Branch Conservation Association of GVC) and laid the groundwork for our Clear Creeks Project.

This spring, the trees reached an important milestone of being established enough to warrant removal of all the tree shelters! The tree shelters were installed to protect the young plants from deer herbivory and ensure that the trees grew upright. Many shelters were even "adopted" by the neighborhood kids who helped plant the trees; they lovingly decorated the plastic shelters with their names and drawings. Thank you to the many volunteers who nurtured these trees over the years.

Special thanks to GVC volunteer, Debbie Lancaster, who has played a large role in the forest's success. In addition to planting and maintaining the trees, she has adopted her neighborhood stream and hosts stream clean-ups; installed 2 rain barrels and a large Bayscape garden featuring native plants; and contributed her talents to GVC's Annual Fundraiser for many years. She is also co-chair of the Jennifer Branch Conservation Association, which continues to encourage Carney residents to implement Bay-Wise practices to protect our local waterways for future generations.
Can you spot GVC volunteer, Deb Lancaster, underneath the shade of a tree she planted over a decade ago?
Does YOUR community need trees? GVC might be able to help! We have the ability to plant another 1100 native trees in riparian or upland areas across the Gunpowder Watershed in 2022-2023. Free of charge to landowner and GVC would provide several years of maintenance! Contact Peg Perry, GVC Director of Education and Restoration, by email or (443) 415-7969 for more information.
Welcome GVC's New Leadership
Spring 2021 has been a time of growth for the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy. In May, Jim Martin (pictured above) completed his term as GVC Board President. Jim played an essential role guiding our organization through "The Leap", a three-year period focused on getting GVC to the next level towards achieving our mission. During his tenure, we hired an Executive Director, expanded our Board, implemented a new strategic plan, as well as other important infrastructure needs.

Jim shared that his #WhyWeGVC moment occurred when he saw how GVC was full of passionate people with a message that strongly resonated with the public. That energy rubbed off on him and he was determined to prepare GVC to achieve our dreams.Thank you, Jim, for helping us realize our potential for a clean and healthy Gunpowder Watershed for the next generation.

And with that ...we are thrilled to welcome GVC's new Board of Directors! We look forward to seeing how your talents elevate our organization.

  • Cyrus Green, President
  • Don Callihan, Vice President
  • Sarah Haines, Secretary
  • Jonathan Lovell, Treasurer
(Pictured below from left to right)
Special thanks to Jonathan, who had big shoes to fill when he was voted in as Treasurer in summer 2020. His predecessor was none other than Ed Stuebing, GVC's Founder! Finally,the GVC Board is also growing with the addition of Ron Brown, Joseph Clark, and Michael Zema. We will feature their stories in our next e-newsletter.
Get Involved - GVC Calendar of Events
We are always adding new volunteer opportunities so make sure you visit our online calendar of events for the most current schedule!
Sunday, June 13: Tree Maintenance
Monday, June 14: Tree Maintenance
Saturday, June 19: Adopt-a-Stream Training
Saturday, June 19: Rain Garden workshop
Monday, June 21: Tree Maintenance
Monday, June 23: Tree Maintenance
Saturday, June 26: Rain Garden workshop
Sunday, June 27: Tree Maintenance
Monday, June 28: Tree Maintenance
Saturday, July 10: Rain Barrel workshop
Saturday, July 17: Rain Garden workshop

The GVC highly values the safety of our staff and volunteers. All participants are encouraged to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing. Should you feel ill, please do not attend the event and let the event leader know as soon as possible so we can recruit additional volunteers.
JUST ANNOUNCED! Our next Rain Barrel workshop will be on Saturday, July 10 in White Marsh. The water you conserve now will keep your plants happy and healthy throughout the summer. Click here to learn more.
In Other News...
New Adventures for a GVC Stream Captain
One person truly can makes a difference in his watershed. Join us in celebrating Matt Lagomarsino, a GVC volunteer Stream Captain, who is about to embark on exciting environmental work out west.

Since 2019, Matt has helped removed 700+ pounds of trash from Dulaney Branch and a tributary to Minebank Run. Matt is also co-founder of We Are Water Collective, a non-profit whose mission is to connect people to the environment through music and art.

Feeling inspired? We still have a couple openings for our next Adopt-A-Stream training on Saturday, June 19.
Healthy Waterways, Healthy Communities
Our vision is a healthy Gunpowder watershed that consists of healthy lands, healthy waterways, and healthy communities. So it comes as no surprise that over a century ago the Gunpowder and its "inexhaustible supply of excellent water" was championed as the reason why "Baltimore is a Healthy City"!

We join the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in promoting the connection between our environment and public health. Read their recent blog article on this topic here.