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June 2019
NPSD Board Members
NPSD Board of School Directors Approves 2019-2020 Final Budget
Meetings in Review
Upcoming Meetings

July 9, 6:00 pm, ESC
Finance Committee Meeting

July 9, 7:30 pm, ESC
Worksession Meeting

July 18, 7:30 pm, ESC
Action Meeting

July 23, 6:00 pm, ESC
Safe Schools Committee Meeting

July 23, 6:30 pm, ESC
ECP Committee Meeting

July 29, 6:00 pm, ESC
Facilities and Operations Committee Meeting

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NPSD Property Tax and Rent Rebate Program
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NPSD Board of School Director Letter to the Community
Dear Community,

On behalf of the North Penn School District School Board of School Directors (NPSB), I hope you are enjoying the summer. My name is Tina Stoll and I am president of the NPSB. 

I would like to update you on the recently conducted NPSD climate survey. This is something that the majority of the board felt was very important to do when we got elected and that we'll be working with the administration on over the summer.  The survey is a way for the district to check our blind spots as well as validate where strengths exist. The goal was to understand perceptions as well as realities of specific stakeholders (students, families, teachers, support staff, administrators and community members) with a key differentiation when interpreting the feedback. With the work done in the Safe Schools Committee under the leadership of fellow board director Jonathan Kassa and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Todd Bauer, we hired Hanover Research Group to put together a survey that would help gather stakeholder perceptions regarding social, academic and school building environments; stakeholder inclusiveness; and community engagement.

Beginning in February, students, families, staff and community members had the opportunity over a period of close to three weeks to participate in this survey of 50 questions. We were thrilled to receive feedback from 8,430 respondents including 5,456 students, 1,162 parents/guardians, 1,128 staff members and 184 community members. We appreciate all those who took the time to participate as it has provided us with a wealth of information to process and use as a baseline to determine future growth and progress. If you would like to review the survey results yourself, they can be found here.

You will be able to see that the survey results validate many of the initiatives we have already begun, such as our focus on mental health supports and cultural proficiency. The feedback is so detailed and quite clearly shows trends that support our goals moving forward. 

Over the summer months, administration will be working with staff in each school to come up with Continuous Improvement Plans. To this end, there will be a data dashboard available that breaks down the information received in the survey by individual school. This will allow us to dig much deeper into the responses to get answers to questions about the perception vs. reality of things like school safety while offering new ways in which we can work to improve communication and transparency. 

The administration has been courageous in embracing survey results in pursuit of improving our district for our students.  It is important to us on the board that we also use this data to look ourselves in the mirror, as it is always our goal to be efficient and effective with taxpayer dollars.  Since we will be accountable for results, it is imperative that we make data-driven decisions. 

The biggest take away that I received from the survey results was that it was very complimentary of the work NPSD already does and there is lots of support for our schools in our community.  The NPSB is incredibly grateful to our administration and staff for their dedication to making NPSD the amazing academic institution it is for our students and for their desire to always look for ways to improve. We look forward to seeing the progress made over the next few years, because in the end, surveys are only beneficial if they lead to tangible results. Thank you again to all those who participated and helped us in gathering this valuable information  from which to work from.


Tina Stoll
President, NPSD Board of School Directors 
Term Expiration: 2021
Student Proclamations of Excellence
At the recent school board meetings, the NPSD Board of School Directors recognized students in the district for their outstanding achievements by awarding them proclamations of excellence.

At the worksession meeting, more than 200 students and teir directors representing musical groups from Gwynedd Square, Inglewood, Pennbrook, Penndale, Pennfield and North Penn High School (NPHS) were recognized for various, prestigious accomplishments throughout the 2018-2019 school year.

At the action meeting, NPSD Odyssey of the Mind teams were commended for their performances at the state and national level competitions. Students from North Penn Television (NPTV) were also recognized for their achievements.

Congratulations to these remarkable students and their directors, coaches and advisors on these outstanding achievements! 
Safe Schools Committee Report
The Safe Schools Committee met on May 28 at 6:00 pm at the ESC.

Chris Doerr, Coordinator of Emergency Management and Safe Schools,  shared that the evening safe schools collaborative sessions held in April were a success. Parent attendance was light however those that came were appreciative of the opportunity to engage in a dialog about school safety.
Doerr also shared a public version of his annual report which was delivered to the board in May. The report included a summary of work completed during the prior 11 months as well as school safety statistics. 
Dean Miller, Montgomery County School Safety Specialist, shared information with the committee and fielded questions about the use of metal detectors and armed personnel in schools. Miller also discussed safety items to be considered for the NPHS Crawford Stadium Project.
Finally Doerr spoke about safety and security planning for the NPHS graduation ceremony. This is the district's most high profile event and involves a detailed planning process with assistance from local law enforcement.

The Safe Schools Committee meeting scheduled for June 25 has been cancelled. The next meeting will be held on July 23 at 6:00 pm at the ESC. 
Finance Committee Report
The Finance Committee met on June 10 at 6:00 pm at the ESC. The monthly financial reports were reviewed with additional discussion on the following items.

2019-2020 Extended Care Program Enterprise Fund Budget
The objective for this program is to cover all costs and provide a service to the community. A $50,000 transfer to the General Fund is included in this budget.

2019 Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeals
Steve Skrocki, NPSD Chief Financial Officer, reviewed the list of potential tax assessment appeals for the August 1 deadline. Forty-two parcels were identified as potentially being under-assessed by $600,000 or more and will be further examined. Per board policy the potential list must be approved at the June Action meeting.

2019 Homestead Exemption
Skrocki reviewed the amount of the homestead exemption which is $212.22 for each eligible property. The exemption appears as a deduction on individual tax bills.

2019 Real Estate Tax Installment Plan
Skrocki reviewed the parameters of the plan. One third of the tax is due by August 1, another third is due by September 6 and the final third is due by October 31. All properties in the school district are eligible for the installment plan.

The new student representative was introduced. The Finance Committee welcomed Vrajesh (JoJo) Dalwadi to the team.

Skrocki reviewed the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials/Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASBO/PASA) budget survey results that were recently released. The three main stressors on school district budgets continues to be charter school tuition, pension obligations and special education expenses.

Finally, Skrocki reviewed SB700 dealing with the proposed PlanCon legislation.

The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on July 9 at 6:00 pm at the ESC.
Education/Community/Policy (ECP) Committee Report
The ECP Committee met on May 28 and June 17 at 6:30 pm at the ESC.

Online Assessment Feedback
Dr. Todd Bauer, NPSD Assistant Superintendent, and Mike Botti, NPSD E-Learning Coach, presented comparative feedback from students and teachers regarding their test taking experiences with LinkIt! this year. The test results show no significant statistical difference in all subject areas in performance; in fact, most students performed better. Online testing provides a variety of analytics that can be used to inform instruction. In 2019-2020 there are plans to expand online testing to the elementary level.

Professional Development - 2019-2020
Jacqueline Giammarco, NPSD Interim Curriculum Supervisor for Professional Learning, reviewed the highlights for professional learning plans for 2019-2020. Input from various stakeholders was used to inform the development and design of this plan. The goal is to create a climate and culture of learning, provide differentiation for various special professionals, embed Cultural Proficiency in all offerings, and conduct specific sessions concerning Cultural Proficiency. Knight School, a new online component of professional learning, will be introduced in 2019-2020.

Special Education Services at NPHS
Ruth Desiderio, NPSD Interim Director of Special Education, and Megan Schoppe, NPSD Special Education Teacher and department chair at NPHS, school reviewed the special education program at NPHS. Each Individualized Education Program (IEP) student's program is determined by their post-secondary anticipated plans which include attendance at two or four year colleges, trade schools, competitive or supported employment, military service, and community-based day programming. The program has continued to evolve and incorporates co-taught classes with special education teachers who are also certified in the specific content area, a supportive environment, and academic opportunities for students. The diversity of this program to address the needs and abilities of students with IEPs is ahead of the curve.

Dr. Todd Bauer presented four policies to the committee: #301 - Creating a Position; #304 - Employment of District Staff; #304.1 - Nepotism; and #309 - Assignment and Transfer. These policies were developed based on recommendations from PSBA and the solicitor for the district as well as input from district administrators. The committee moved these to a first reading and adoption by the school board.

The following policies will need to be repealed subsequent to the adoption of policies #301 - Creating a Position; #304 - Employment of District Staff; #304.1 - Nepotism; #309 - Assignment and Transfer: Policy #4111 - Selection and Appointment of Staff; Policy #4111.1 - Recruitment and Selection - Nepotism; and Policy #4111.2 - Posting of Open Positions, Transfers.

One student travel item was reviewed by the committee and recommended for action by the board.

The next ECP Committee meeting will be held on July 23 at 6:30 pm at the ESC.
Facilities and Operations Committee Report
The Facilities and Operations Committee met on April 29 at 6:00 pm at the ESC.

Scott Kennedy, NPSD Director of Facilities and Operations, presented a proposal for Geotechnical Services for the Knapp Elementary School project.

Kennedy and Dr. Todd Bauer reviewed a Rental Fee Waiver request from Del Val University. Del Val University is developing a program to offer graduate level courses for NPSD staff in our schools.

Kennedy gave an update on the NPHS Crawford Stadium project which included design development meetings, Towamencin Zoning Hearing Board meetings and continued progress on the project documents.

Kennedy gave an update on the Knapp project which included design development meetings, Planning Commission meetings, food service meetings and the application to the Lansdale Zoning Hearing Board.

The committee reviewed the status of the Construction Management Services. The request for proposals has been issued with responses due on June 20, 2019.

Kennedy shared the Facility Study which was prepared by the Schrader Group.

Kennedy gave an update on upcoming Service Contract bids.

The next Facilities and Operations Committee meeting will be held on May 29 at 6:00 pm at the ESC.