June 2019
Red Barn off Main Street in Waterford
A Message from the Executive Director
School is out and we are all looking forward to lazy summer afternoons, weekends at the pool, and summer travel. Here at the Old School, plans are ramping up for the 75th Waterford Fair. Join us on Friday, June 21st for a porch party at the Corner Store as a kickoff to the Fair. Find out what's new and let us know if you'd like to be one of our 400+ volunteers during the Fair weekend. Also on the 21st is an interesting panel discussion on Virginia vs Loving and the history of Virginia's miscegenation laws at the John Wesley Church, a part of the Visit Loudoun Summer of Love celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Virginia is for Lovers campaign. Don't miss an opportunity to see the Summer of Love bus here in Waterford!

In this newsletter you'll also find an overview of our July Waterford Craft School offerings, information about our two summer camps, and our volunteer spotlight. Read to the end to hear a "be careful what you wish for" story from the 1880s.

Stephanie C. Thompson
Executive Director
p.s. Thank you to those who participated in Give Choose this year on May 7th. Thanks to your generous gifts we raised over $3500 towards our 75th Anniversary campaign!
The Annual Porch Party
For Village Residents, Members & Volunteers
Attend the Friday Porch Party Friday June 21, 2019
at the Corner Store in Waterford
from 5:30-7:00 PM
We hope to see you at the annual Porch Party at the Corner store on Friday June 21 starting at 5:00pm. Enjoy a drink on the porch, meet other members, and learn about volunteer opportunities at the Waterford Fair. All village residents members, and current or prospective volunteers are encouraged to attend this Waterford Fair kick-off event!
Summer Camps at the Waterford Foundation!
Colonial Camp
June 24-28, 2019 from 9am-3pm
a hands-on history camp for 8-10 year olds
The instructor, Brett Walker, is a history scholar/artisan. Mr. Walker will lead campers in activities such as:

• Discovering daily life 245 years in the past
• Vegetable gardening
• Handling farm animals
• Period dance
• Writing with a goose feather quill pen
• Creating and using a hand-stitched journal
• Preparing a harvest feast
• Discovering local archaeological treasures

Forensics Camp
July 29-August 2, 2019 from 9am-3pm
a hands-on scientific discovery camp
for rising 6th-8th graders
The instructor, Dr. David Clark of Catholic University of America and NVCC will lead campers in activities such as:

• Keeping a Forensic Journal
• Learning from the human skeleton
• Identifying human bones
• How to determine the age of a skeleton
• Hands-on projects every day
• Cemetery Research
• Distinguishing human from animal bones
• King Richard III remains discovery….

Summer of Love Event at John Wesley Church
Friday, June 21 from 3pm to 5pm
A History of Loving vs. Virginia and Miscegenation Laws

Join Visit Loudoun, Waterford Foundation and the Loudoun Freedom Center for a panel discussion on miscegenation laws in Virginia and insights from real life experiences of diverse couples. Program moderator Dr. George Banks will give a 15-minute presentation on the history of the Loving V. Virginia case and Virginia's miscegenation laws. Following will be a 30-minute panel discussion among 3-4 couples that will share their diverse Loving stories and then 15 - 20 minutes of direct conversation with the audience.

Immediately following the program will be a short reception. The program is free and open to the public. For more information see the Facebook event description here . This event is part of the Visit Loudoun Summer of Love celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Virginia is for Lovers campaign. Find more information on the series of events at https://www.visitloudoun.org/summeroflove/.
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Wedding Ceremony on Meadow by the Old School
Did you know the Waterford Foundation offers indoor and outdoor venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions? Many couples have hosted receptions at the Old School Auditorium, which seats up to 140 people banquet-style. The adjacent meadow (pictured) provides a convenient and pastoral setting for ceremonies.

Other couples have chosen John Wesley Church for a classic church wedding in the heart of the historic village. The John Wesley Church fellowship hall seats up to 75 people banquet-style.

Best yet, couples feel good knowing their venue rental supports historic preservation!

For information about hosting a wedding with the Waterford Foundation visit https://www.waterfordfoundation.org/weddings-rental/, email us at oldschool@waterfordfoundation.org or call us at 540-882-3018 ext. 3!

In Memory of Tony Horwitz
Tony Horwitz
Photo by the Washington Post
The staff and Board of Directors of the Waterford Foundation, along with many in the Waterford community were saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. Tony Horwitz on May 27, 2019 at the age of 60. Tony was a former resident of Waterford, Va. and a Lifetime Member of the Waterford Foundation.

In addition to being an esteemed author and journalist, Mr. Horowitz was a world-traveler who wrote about many of his experiences in Australia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, and Libya. Locally, he authored books exploring the history of the American South, including "Confederates in the Attic," which describes his time spent with Civil War reenactors in Virginia and "Midnight Rising" about John Brown's 1859 raid on the federal armory in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (then Virginia). His most recent book, "Spying on the South," explored the travels of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.
Volunteer Spotlight: Esther Murphy
The Waterford Mill is a hub of activity during the Fair!
Esther Murphy is a long-time Mill consignor & volunteer. She knows how things work, signs up for more than her share of the duties, carries them out quietly and competently, and is very reliable. In 2018, as in most years, she helped with check-in, staffing during the fair, and with check-out as well. Esther also loaned quite a bit of her personal show & display equipment for this fair, which is a physically demanding undertaking, so that we could effectively display the work of OTHER consignors. Esther's unassuming nature could make her many and long-standing contributions to Mill operations easy to overlook, but she absolutely deserves recognition for her many consistent, effective, generous and cheerfully-delivered contributions to Mill operations. Thank you, Esther!
Have you considered volunteering your time with the Foundation? We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available! Find out more at https://www.waterfordfoundation.org/volunteer/ or call 540-882-3018, ext 3. 
Available July Classes
at Waterford Craft School
Click on any image to view details and register for the class.
Notice: Working to Rebury Conduit
in Catoctin Creek
You may have noticed four large pieces of conduit floating (pictured above) in Catoctin Creek when you last walked on the Phillips Farm. Two of them contain Verizon's cables running east-to-west across the farm. In 1991 Verizon (then Chesapeake and Potomac), was granted a utility easement to bury their lines that ran across the property. With all the rains over the last year and resulting erosion, they have recently been exposed. We are working with Verizon to get them reburied, but the work will not begin until the area gets much drier. Heavy boring equipment will be used from both sides of the creek. The lines run across Phillips Farm from behind Sarah Holway's home over to the pull-off area at the foot of Milltown Road. We will post more information as we learn more about the schedule for the work.
Thank You to Our New & Renewing Members!
Memberships provide a vital portion of the Waterford Foundation's funds to pay for the upkeep and repair of thirteen properties protected by the Waterford Foundation, as well as programs like the  Second Street School  living history program, the  Waterford Craft School , and the  Waterford Fair. We would like to thank the following new and renewing members who have joined or renewed so far in 2019!
New & Renewing Members January 1-May 31, 2019
Ms. Maureen Arnold
Mrs. Wendy & Paul Augustine
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Baum
Mr. Jeffrey Bean and Ms. Laura Shaw
Mr. John Beatty
Mr. and Mrs. David Bednarik
Betty McGowin Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Candice Black
Mr. and Mrs. Terence G. H. Brake
Dr. Donald Campbell
Mr. John Caron and Ms Nancy Doane
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Chaudet
Ms. Christina Christoforou
Mr. Daniel Clendenin
Ms. Elizabeth Coffey
Mr. Andrew Conlon
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Couser
Mr. and Mrs. John & Sally Cox
Mr. Jonathan Daniel
Ms. Robin Dannels
Mr. Thomas Dill
Ms Erica Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dudek
Ms. Michael & Emily Eig
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt & Beth Erickson
Ms Peter & Deborah Evans
Mr. Daniel and Megan Fackel
Ms. Cheryl Ford
Ms. Sharyn Franck
Ms. Mary J Frase
Ms. Kathryn Gallanis
Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Gerow
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W Getty, Jr.
Ms Jere Gibber
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Priscilla & Dennis B Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Good
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goode
Dr. and Mrs. Claude C Gravatt, Jr.
Mr. Charles F Harenza, Esq.
Ms. Julie Harner
Ms. Josephine & William Henry
Mr. and Mrs. George & Susan Herbert
Mr. and Mrs. Peter & Elizabeth Hohm
Ms Joanne Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Neil C Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hunt
Ms Melanie & Jay Jordan
Ms. Jill Kadish
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kenis
Ms Helen Knowles
Ms Kathryn E Koblos
Ms. Joan Kowalski
Mr. and Mrs. Pettus & Ellen Metzger LeCompte
Leesburg Garden Club
Mr. Ed Lehmann and Ms Edith Crockett
Mr. Andy & Carole Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lewis, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Lombardo
Loudoun Mutual Insurance Co.
Ms. Cate Magennis-Wyatt
Ms Beverly Mattson
Mr. and Mrs. John B. L. McClain
Ms Terry Milton
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Netherwood
Mr. Philip D Paschall and Ms. Elizabeth Cox
Ms Debra & Leonard Picciotti
Mr. Paul and Joanne Rastas
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ratcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rogers, Jr.
Ms Leigh & David Duncan Roller
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald & Margaret C. Rose
Ms. Carol Smoots
Ms Wendy Roseberry & Mr. Brian Whelan
Mr. and Mrs. John Kevin Ruedisueli
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sahley
Ms. Juliann Shockley
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Siek
Ms. Carol Smoots
Ms. Denise Symes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Synge
Ms. Julia Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Thompson
Mr. Frederik 'Erik' Van Weezendonk
Ms. Christine Vandoros
Ms. Miriam O. Westervelt
Ms. Mary Wetherbee
Ms. Elizabeth Whiting
Ms. Elyssa Wood
Ms. Inga Woods
Thank you to our Sustaining Members whose monthly gifts keep our mission funded year round: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Good, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Thompson, and Mr. Ed Lehmann and Ms. Edith Crockett.

Make your own automatic monthly gift at https://www.waterfordfoundation.org/donate/ .
Loudoun History Event: Orion Anderson Lynching Memorial, June 19

Stories from Waterford
A 1905 View of the Baptist Church in Waterford, VA.
An Answered Prayer
From: "When Waterford & I Were Young" by John E. Divine with Bronwen & John Souders. Published by The Waterford Foundation.
[In the 1880s the Baptist Church] was blessed with a dynamic young minister, the Rev. Charles T. Herndon. Stories of his ministry in Waterford are legendary. He soon knew everyone in the community, whether they were members of his church or not. He was a friend to all, and he visited often around the entire area.

A story is told that he was friendly with, and often called on, Millard Janney, a Quaker who ran the mill at Wheatland. One of these visits came in mid-summer during a serious drought. As Rev. Herndon was leaving Mr. Janney said, " Charley, you Baptists are great for prayer. How about praying for rain so that I can start grinding again ?" A few days later came a violent thunderstorm. The flood of water washed out Janney's mill dam, causing him to send word to Rev. Herndon that, "I'll never ask a Baptist to pray for me again, they always overdo it!"
Click here to purchase your own copy of " When Waterford and I Were Young " online from the Waterford Foundation.
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