June 2022
Happy Summer!
Summer is here!!! Break out the sunscreen, barbecues and water toys. Time to clear out the clutter and lighten the load so to speak….bring on the new beginnings and start settling into a pattern for this year. We’re feeling the same energy at Nature’s Treasures so excuse our mess while we rearrange and shuffle things around. Remember its getting really hot out in the Rock Yard so come prepared with your hats and water bottles when checking out all the new goodies. Time seems to get away when you’re immersed in rock energy and before you know it your dehydrated and crispy.

Many June holidays go unsung despite carrying deep meaning. For example, today, June 1, is Dinosaur Day in memoriam of some of the largest creatures to have ever walked our planet. Then on June 5 we have World Environment Day. You may not have heard much about this holiday, but I get a sense that you will more and more as the years go on. This holiday was established to bring more global awareness of how we can and need to protect our environment. It’s a day to focus, on an international level, on air pollution, climate change, the littering of our planet and all things that, as a world of people, we are not paying enough attention to. The week of June 12 starts National Flag week with June14th as the official Flag Day. Our flag and specifically this day is for recognition of the greatness of our nation and acknowledgement and thanks to all of those who help us maintain our independence.

This year June 19 shares celebratory duties with Juneteenth, certainly a new beginning for African Americans with the freedom from slavery in 1865, and Father's Day, a beginning to a new life with the blessings of fatherhood. The first Father's Day celebration was documented on June 19,1910, and then in 1966 President Johnson proclaimed the 3rd Sunday in June to be celebrated as Father's Day. President Nixon made it a law in 1972 keeping Father’s Day permanent.

Summer's official beginning for the year starts this month on June 21 at 5:14 AM ET with our Summer Solstice. With the North Pole tilted the farthest from the sun on this day you’ll have the longest time of daylight of the year to accomplish all you can on this day. The next day, June 22 , is acknowledged as World Rainforest Day. On this day we celebrate with our affiliate Rainforest Partnership and encourage all to participate with us as we donate a portion of our proceeds from the day to this global cause.

Our online store has restocked your favorite incense fragrances and Sun’s Eye Oil, as well as, added popular polished quartz stand-ups in a variety of sizes. Everyone has been going crazy over our rough Rose Quartz from Brazil, so the online store is adding some excellent rough Rose Quartz from Madagascar! This Rose Quartz rough is very lustrous with great color, minimal inclusions and does not fade in the sunlight. It will be available in several different sizes so watch for our postings. They are also excited about offering some incredible Rose Quartz spheres that will be online soon.

Hope everyone weathered the fractal energy of the Lunar Eclipse okay. I'm sure everyone cheering on Mercury as it goes direct this month on June 2. That long day of summer solstice energy we’re going to have on June 21 carries with it an opportunity - a window of time to do some important self reflection. Carve out some time on this day to think about what all you have achieved and how far you’ve come, then think about where you want to go. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how old you are, do this for yourself and your own personal growth. This is a powerful manifestation time.❤️
Please everyone, continue to stay safe and healthy.

Karen and the Staff
It's An Agate Thing! June 1-30!
Agate Origins
Agates are rocks composed of layers of crypto-crystalline quartz called Chalcedony. The name Agate dates back to 400-300 BCE, when Theophrastus described such rocks being found along the Achates River in Italy. The name Achate or Acate slowly transformed in the Agate we use today. Just as the term Agate was derived from a locality, so too do many different Agates derive their specific names from the places they are mined...

Because unique localities produce unique Agates, there is an endless list of names for these rocks. Yet, despite the fact that Agates have been used as adornments since before 3000 BCE, many of them lack significant, specific write-ups on metaphysical properties. Although many Agate collectors began strictly seeking after their unique beauty and in some cases rarity, many others have begun to take an interest in the more ethereal aspects of these stones. For this reason, Nature's Treasures is happy to announce the launch of an exclusive, informative Agate Newsletter geared towards blending scientific, lapidarian and metaphysical knowledge; each newsletter will focus on a specific agate (or two).

Simply click HERE to take your first step through A Gateway into the Mineral Kingdom and be added to the list to receive this quarterly exclusive!
Island Agates

Although the exact location of Island Agates is a well-guarded secret, we know they come from the island of Madagascar. This mysterious Agate will be the first feature in our Everything Agates Newsletter.

Stay Tuned!
Celebrating Agates and Father's Day...
Robert Cooper is one of the foremost knowledgeable individuals in the world when it comes to his passion, Agates. He is among the top 10 lapidaries known in the world for polishing Agates, and we are proud to have worked with and learned from him for over 10 years.

In honor of Father's Day this month, we would like to declare Robert the Nature's Treasures Father of Agates and will be offering 20% off all bulk Agates available in the Rock Depot and Rock Yard as well as all Agate Bookends in the Retail Showroom, June 1st through June 30th. Also, keep an eye out for the 1st Edition of Everything Agates later this month!
If you're in town on the fourth Thursday of the month, join us at the Austin Gem and Mineral Society Clubhouse where our geology specialist, Michael Kallstrom, and Agate specialist, Robert Cooper, will be presenting on agate genesis and formation. For more details on this monthly presentation/meeting, click below!

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Exotic Charoite Sphere 30 mm || Transformation || Russia

Charoite Stone is a powerful crystal for all of us but it truly is great for healers who are trying to heal and help heals ones around us. The vibrations of the stone encourage you to pick what is really needed.

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Mosaic Chalcedony Polished Points from Brazil

Mosaic Chalcedony Quartz is a medley of potent crystals, typically Clear Quartz naturally fused with Chalcedony with inclusions of Opal and Graphite. Chalcedony is a powerful purifier and healer, clearing our spaces and bringing the mind, body,...

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Perfume Style Oil Bottle Wish Gemstone Pendant

The elegant Gemstone Bottle Pendants are faceted with a removable cap. Perfect for carrying your favorite oil or perfume with you anywhere! Chain included.

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Restoring the Casamance Mangroves
We're working with WeForest to plant 4.6M mangrove trees in Senegal, Africa. Choose Shop Pay and together we will:
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Learn about crystals, what they mean, where they come from, and how to use them!

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Crystal Crown Headbands
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Pietersite Slabs
In-House Agates
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New: Blue Onyx
New: Aura Ameth
Coming Soon!
Thank you for your continued patience as we reorder and restock some of our most popular items! We hear your needs and are doing our best to order and process new inventory as quickly as possible.

Keep an eye out on the Showroom Floor later this month for these and other popular items!
Tibetan Bowls
Pyrite Cubes
The Treasure Tome: A Trove of Knowledge
From the Crystal Wisdom: Information & News Blog available online!
Crystals for Gemini - Nature's Treasures

Crystals for Gemini If your birthday falls between May 21st and June 20th, Gemini is your sun sign. Gemini is symbolized by the twins, which is why Geminis are often perceived as having a dual nature or a split personality. Their element is air,...

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Featured Agate
Moroccan High Atlas Mountains
This is from Morocco and the location there is The High Atlas Mountains.

This area became popular several years ago when it showed up at the Munich Gem Show in Germany.

It has become one of the fastest growing agate sites on the market. These new fields have really helped to stabilize the supplies of rough material available.
Meet Our Staff

Tore is a military brat, originally born in Austin but considers Olympia, Washington home where they spent a majority of their childhood. They moved
back to Austin in 2016 after graduating high school and booking a one ended. Tore always had an interest in the occult and metaphysics as a child but didn't start pursuing their practice until shortly after moving back to Austin. In their free time they enjoy flow arts, painting, writing, adventuring in nature & spending time with friends. Tore also practices as an Energy Reader & Healer and has operated as Cosmic Intentions for the past two years specializing in Tore is also a Practitioner at Nature's Treasures, offering reading and healing services once or twice a month onsite!
My favorite stone is Amethyst for its beautiful purple complexion,
connection to the violet flame, and the crown chakra, I work with it
everyday as a personal power and protection crystal.
In The Community Events Center
The Nature's Treasures Community Events Center Auditorium is available for new reservations beginning May 1st! Keep an eye out for new upcoming events!

Stay tuned in to our Calendar and Upcoming Events Pages for the latest updates on events being held in our Community Events Center.
Crystals 101 - Choosing...Use & Loving Care for Crystals
You are invited to join Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer as we journey through the enchanting world of CRYSTALS

Sunday, June 12th, 2022. 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Discover… How crystals work

The importance of clearing/cleansing crystals & various methods.
How to Activate a crystal, Protection & Grounding, Crystal energy
experience. Crystals, more than beauty. Using crystals as a tool ~ “charging” or programming. Tuning into our "crystal friends" and Much More!

• Handouts & Materials.
• A 20-minute individual hands-on session learning and practicing how you
tune-in to crystals.
• A 20 % crystal discount coupon included for use during the session.

*Session sign-up starting after lunch at 2:30 p.m.
Energy Exchange: $90 at the door.
*Early Bird Discount $85 if paid by June 5th.
Renu Lal
Special in-store appearance July 14-15

Join Renu Lal, native of New Delhi, India, renowned henna artist, gifted intuitive healer and palm reader and experience “PRAYERS TO WEAR.”

Renu has an ability to tune in with your energy and draw your personalized SACRED SYMBOLS.
She will share with you the meanings of traditional symbols and discuss which ones best enhance your life purpose.

Sharon Sampsel
Special in-store appearance July 19-21

Sharon Sampsel is an award winning psychic and a master of spiritual communication. She has numerous 5 star ratings and an 85% to 95% accuracy rate. Sharon is one of California's most popular lecturers and television personalities, and travels the rest of the US doing readings and speaking.

She will answer questions on any topic: Romance, Career, Future, Emotional Healing, Curses, Past Lives, Spirit Guides, Deceased Friends/Family, and Health.
Crystal Land… A Fun, Interactive Event for the Whole Family!
WHEN: Saturday, July 16, 2022. 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Ages 5 & Up.
Fascinated with crystals? Enjoy crafts & activities which provide a basic introduction to crystals; their care and use.
  • Atoms, molecules, & crystals, Oh My!
  • Crystals ~ natural transmitters. How do they work? Explore energy forms working with crystals such as magnetic & sound energy etc.
  • The importance of clearing/cleansing crystals.
  • Choosing your crystals.
  • Crystals, more than beauty. Using crystals as a tool in everyday life ~ “charging” or “programming”.
  • Explore basic wire wrapping! Enjoy connecting/tuning into a crystal, and creating your very own piece of Crystal Jewelry. *Crystals will be available for sale.                             

Energy Exchange: $65 per family (Limit 5 per group). One adult caregiver (18 & over) for each group must be present in the auditorium during the event. *Early bird discount, $55 if paid by July 13, 2022.
Event Includes…
  • Self-paced hands-on activities.
  •  1 take-away crystal information sheet per group.
  •  A tumbled stone from the crystal dig.
  • Wire for jewelry wrapping activity.
  •  A mini crystal personal shopping coaching session with Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer to choose 1 jewelry crystal per child in each group. *Crystals are sold separately.
Classes | Lectures | Workshops & More
Nature's Treasures has a 2,200 sq ft (56' x 40') Auditorium that seats 150 available for your event. 

Check our calendar for availability.
To schedule events, e-mail community@ntrocks.com
June Practitioners
Daily Practitioners are Back!
We are so happy to welcome back our practitioners this month.
Practitioners will be available for private sessions in-store from 11:30a-5p.
Denise Nitti - Intuitive Reiki - 8th, 22nd
Freedom Jennings - Reiki, Tarot - 15th, 29th
Deborah Dahmen - Energy healer - 16th
Sheryl Martin - Psychic - 23rd
Jamecha Dodd - 13th, 27th
Tore Sol - 7th
Tara Ventura - Psychic Medium - 3rd, 17th
Kramer Wetzel - Astrology - 14th, 28th
Renatus Ren - 17th
Yuci Edwards - Spiritual Guide - 6th, 20th
Anne Berlin - 10th, 24th
Mia Michel - 21st
Update your e-mail subscriptions and remember to subscribe for Practitioner Updates for news!
Intuitive Jewelry Services
Call Ahead for Availability, Saturdays Only
Crystal Heart Studio
Ask for Merlyn, a wire-wrapper and jewelry-maker who lets her intuition guide the creation of unique wearable art. Whether you want to bring in your own crystal or have Merlyn help you find the perfect crystal for you in-store, she will then combine the stone with others and harmonize their energies with assorted metals. Available for walk-ins most Saturdays in the Retail Showroom.
In the Community

Women's Jewelry Association
Mix & Mingle at Easy Tiger

Michael, Madisen and Cory attended the WJA mixer this past month at Easy Tiger. We are so happy to be involved with such a fun, creative and professional crowd! We look forward to their educational meet up on Social Media Marketing this June 23rd with Benjamin Guttery.

Austin Gem & Mineral Society
First Saturday Meet-Up

June 4th, 9a-1p
FREE Admission

First Saturday events provide opportunities for Members to meet Members; learn about club events, activities and outings; talk with experts; learn more about our beloved hobby; exchange information, learn and share your interests.

June 4th, 9a-1p, Free Admission
The Healing Arts Festival & Market

Sunday, June 5th, 11a-6p
in San Antonio

Don't want to drive into Austin and wait in line to get into the store? Visit our booth at The Healing Arts Festival & Market to get your crystals and interact with a myriad of practitioners and vendors all with unique gifts and products!

Featured Affiliate
Women's Jewelry Association
Established in the 1980s to help women in the jewelry and watch industries advance and develop professionally through networking, education, leadership development, and the provision of member services, the WJA hosts regular networking and educational events that are free to members and guests.

To Become a Member, Click HERE! Have questions? Click HERE to e-mail the Membership VP, Lorenna!
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Karen in Amethyst
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