Opening New Doors In the West End
SOS has partnered with the Healthcare Essentials Training Institute (HETI)- a brand new Nursing Assistant program in the West End. This week, SOS made the largest one-day donation in our history to this unique job skills training program. As a global health organization, SOS recognizes our responsibility to address health needs in our own community. Our partnership with HETI is a two-fold initiative; providing career paths in a neighborhood with high unemployment and producing healthcare workers that will serve Greater Louisville.

Louisville nurses Melissa Coleman and Lisa Walton (pictured) became friends through a church group and shared a dream of opening a CNA Program in their neighborhood. These women have spent their hard-earned money making that dream a reality - and now SOS is supplying everything they need to make the program a success! Our Local Donation Program supplies dozens of nursing and healthcare programs across the state but partnering with HETI is unique for SOS. We are providing not just supplies for education, but also donating desks, file cabinets, tables, chairs and everything in between to create this CNA Program.
SOS plans to maintain an ongoing partnership with HETI and work alongside them to ensure the success of this program.
Aside from HETI, SOS has been working with other organizations in West Louisville (Hope Wellness Clinic, Family Health Center) as part of our commitment to supporting those in need in our own city. To build resilient communities and people, every organization must do their part to help and we are doing ours.
Melissa and Lisa in their new office at HETI headquarters!
COVID-19 Response Continues Globally
During the first six months of 2020, SOS initiated a huge COVID-19 response with over $1,000,000 worth of supplies donated regionally. At the same time, our International Donation Program has set a record with 10 humanitarian shipments to countries in need so far this year.

While the U.S. has reached a plateau in new cases of COVID-19, countries throughout Africa remain wary of an explosion of cases. Our shipments have addressed this need by preparing facilities with the necessary tools. SOS is prohibited from shipping personal protection supplies, but we are still able to provide oxygen, lab and surgical supplies to medical staff which allows them to treat patients and their mix of symptoms.
Our shipment this month to Gboko, Nigeria was in partnership with the Gboko Diocesan Healthcare Initiative. It is the second shipment SOS has sent to Gboko and the multiple clinics in the region. Our shipment in 2019 helped open these new medical facilities by providing hospital beds, exam tables and smaller items such as I.V. poles and medicine cabinets.

In addition to supporting medical care for COVID-19 patients, this month's shipment broadens the capacity of the medical facilities by supporting a new dental health program. With dental x-ray machines, toothbrushes and other equipment to outfit the dental suite, the facilities throughout Gboko can provide quality dental care to a region lacking any such capability. We have previously supplied pop-up dental clinics in the urban setting of Lagos, Nigeria (pictured) but now we are fortifying the northern, rural areas of Nigeria. Dental health is key to overall health and something as common as a box of toothbrushes in a home can be a life-saver in rural regions.
SOS Looks Forward to Seeing You Soon!
Who is in desperate need of some in-person events?! As with every plan, COVID-19 disrupted our schedule for our fundraising events. Fear not - they are rescheduled and you can join us for to celebrate our mission!

Bourbon & Band Aids is tentatively scheduled for October 2020.

The Health & Hope Breakfast will be held in March 2021.

We will have much more information as we get closer so make sure you're following our Facebook page for updates!

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