June Newsletter - 1st Week               June 1, 2016
Hello everyone!!

I’m writing this in California next to a fire pit outside with the stars turned on.....  

The last few days have been amazing..... marathons, half marathons, 2:00 am fire alarms, orange groves, good friends, chance encounters and so much more.  It is a great reminder to take time out of your routine for adventure.  I have used this time to really connect with personal goals and family goals. This experience is like a crease in my life with both the past, present and future blended together.  

I have had so many confirmations on this trip that everything is unfolding perfectly.  My life is full of some very concrete goals.....success for my children, a home in California and continuation of my spiritual awareness.   Much of my personal goals are based on faith.  I’m open to how and when they show up.  The fact that I am constantly getting confirmation of being where I should be, makes it easy to stay open to the universe.  Occasionally I get confirmation that I need to rethink something. That’s ok.....  It’s a process.  

Here are some of the confirmations I have received in the past few days.  I was exploring Ventura with my daughter and we noticed an interesting store.  We were not disappointed.  The owners have written books on their personal spiritual journey.  The store features world famous spiritual art.  It has been featured on Good Morning America and many other shows.  The owners graciously agreed to be a guest on my radio show.....   I purchased one of their books and began reading it.  It is based on the author’s experience of meeting his personal Spirit Guide.  On the same day, a person contacted me mentioning he is unsure of his own Spirit Guide..... I have a great book for reference!

Many, many years ago I had a reading done.  I was told I will have two homes when I am much older.  (I qualify for much older now)  One of the homes would be in a very mountainous place.  Alaska qualifies for this!  The other would be where orange trees grow.  I have not forgotten this.  At the time I was disappointed.  I wanted a message that applied to my life then.  I wanted to know things were going to get easier.   I now know that intuitive messages can sometimes be literal and some times symbolic. The orange groves we found this week are great confirmation that we are looking in the right area.

The last confirmation I will share was a brief message I gave  a young man.  He helped our family when checking into our room.  I was shown a image  of what he is struggling with in his life.  I shared this with him.   I reassured him that he was just where he was supposed to be.  I also encouraged  him to use some of his amazing talents.  It was great to see his relief.  He shared that he had been worried about this aspect of his life.  It doesn’t matter how we get the messages.....only that we take note.  Luckily our guides give us the messages in many different ways. 

Here are some questions to think about.....   

    •  What are some confirmations you have gotten recently?  This can be for redirection or showing you that everything is rolling along in the right direction.

    •  Do you feel connected to your guidance?  How do you best connect?

    •  Are you staying open and trusting to a greater plan that has been created for you and our collective self?

Connect with those that remind you of who you are.

Enjoy the summer sun and many blessings of love and adventure!

~ Polly

P.S. I will include the dates for my metaphysical groups in Anchorage on the next newsletter.  I will have them once or twice a month during the summer months. Beginning in August I will have frequent gatherings in the LA area.
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