June Newsletter - 3rd Week               June 17, 2016
How old is your soul?

Do you ever wonder how many times your soul has traveled to Earth?  Old soul, new soul..... does it matter?  If we believe in reincarnation, most of us believe we are here to learn and remember our true self.  What areas do you feel like you have mastered?  What areas do feel you are here to explore more?  We have an endless amount of life lessons, with a variety of teachers and energy and colors to choose from.....  It’s like deciding what movie to attend.

I believe we all have one lesson in common. We are here mastering the art of love. We learn how to give love,  receive love and even how to love ourselves.  We  also learn forgiveness.   When tragedy occurs, like the Orlando incident,  it can be a platform for love and forgiveness.  We remember true compassion.  We gladly open our hearts to those suffering.  The courageous acts of love that follow tragedy, show us the depth of our passion.  We are all remembering our lessons learned and standing in love not fear.  We collectively gain strength and passion from tragic events.  We love courageously.  All of us are on the path to living a courageous loving life with no prompt.....except life itself.

In short, I aspire to always live a courageous life of love.....to really be proud of my passions.  Maybe this is my greatest lesson to learn now.  I want to be courageous with my love for animals and my vision for world peace.  I want to stand tall with my convictions and create change.   But alas, I frequently fall into the routine of my life.  I am thankful for the reminders that shift my awareness.   I know love starts with me.  So stand by my side, as I will with you.....and together we will love courageously! 

Event Updates

I have decided to hold no group in July.
 I am available for coaching sessions and intuitive reading sessions.
I am also available to anyone that wants to go walking or hiking.  
I just feel like summer sun and being outside is so healing....  

I currently have my radio show on Wednesday 
and my periscope Thursday PM with Max.
I will also be traveling to California every month offering
private sessions as well as small gatherings.

My love and blessings to you!!

~ Polly

I am available for Intuitive Readings and Intuitive Life Coaching. 
Max Ryan and I together, 
have also started offering team readings.
If you want to learn more about your personal shift, send me an email.
The classes I teach, as well as readings and coaching,
all take you to a place w
here you have more purpose
and your energy begins to shift.

Visit my website to contact me!

Video Series

Coming Soon.......

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