In the early 1990s I was the culinary stage manager for The Taste of Sunset, a food, gardening and lifestyle event. Sunset Magazine invited experts, authors and entertainers to participate with demos for attendees to enjoy. It was a blast, and I met some of my culinary idols and the most innovative restaurateurs of the day. Cheryl Alters Jamison and her late husband Bill were two of my favorites. They were fun, kind and down-to-earth. The crowd loved them. I can’t say that about everyone I met there. But I signed an NDA so my lips are sealed.

When I heard that Cheryl had a new book out,  Texas Q , I couldn’t wait to catch up with her and have her on our podcast.

Cheryl is a BBQ expert. If you want to know how this warm, charming woman got into the rough and tumble world of BBQ, you are just gonna have to listen. I am grateful to call Cheryl a friend and I’ve learned many important things from her, and not just about BBQ.

Our recipe this month is one of Cheryl’s--Lone Star Spareribs from her book Smoke and Spice . The recipe below includes Cindie's instructions for cooking in the oven just in case you don't have a grill large enough for 3 racks. The recipe makes 6 servings but those are Texas sized servings! For lighter eaters, this will serve 9-10.

Thanks for your continued support and happy summer eating!