June 2016 Newsletter
A Time of New Beginnings

Graduations. Weddings. You may find that exciting events are on the horizon all around you as we enter the summer months, traditionally a time of new beginnings. Are you ready for what's ahead on your life road? Are you sure you know everything you need to be prepared and ready for what the future holds?  To learn more about how I can serve your needs, please visit our website.
Can An Affair Have an Impact  on Your Financial Lives?
Lili Interviews the Experts

In the first installment of my "Interviewing the Experts Series" I spoke with  Dr. Janis Spring about her work with couples who have experienced the event of an affair in their relationships.  I was curious how this may play out in financial behaviors between the spouses, and what if any, financial measures become part of the aftermath of an affair To read more, visit our website.
Why Your Divorce is Unique
Lili's Latest Blog Post

As you approach your golden years, you realize you may be heading toward divorce. Now you start asking questions: how does one start the process, how much is it going to cost, and how long does it take? I've posted some information on this topic and invite you to learn more by visiting our website.
Are Your Assets Naked or Protected?
Lili Interviews the Experts

It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to interview Trust and Estate Attorney Laura Weintraub Beck about her work with couples who seek estate planning and family business protection strategies for safeguarding their legacy. I was curious how this may impact financial dynamics in the family. With a focus on future, families of wealth take specific financial measures proactively to protect themselves and their heirs, including from divorce. Read more at our website.
What Do Baby Boomer Career Women and their Millennial Daughters Have in Common?
A Recent Blog Post from Lili

I read the recent New York Times’ The Upshot column titled “ As Women Take Over a Male-Dominated Field, the Pay Drops ” in which the question was asked: “Why is progress stalling?” This got me thinking about how things have changed, and have not changed, from one generation to the next. To read more, visit our website!