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Rhythm at Poulsen Dressage
The Poulsen Posse:
Beth Stauber-Johnson and Homer
Although all horses at East Hill and Bespoke Farms are special, one member of the Poulsen Posse, Larks Home Run, aka "Homer," is a celebrity. He even has his own website and Facebook page, and, after watching Ruth direct the Challenge of the Americas (COTA) practices from his stall window in Florida, Homer became a COTA Partner for P.I.N.K. sponsor.

Owned, loved and spoiled by Elizabeth Stauber-Johnson, aka "Beth," since November of 2012, Homer and his person are well-loved additions to the Poulsen Dressage family. They arrived at Bespoke Farm in February of 2017.

"There's a physical change in Homer," Beth said of his time training with Ruth. "He's using his hind end. Many Quarter Horses are trained to be on the forehand and he has learned how to come underneath himself and come from the back. He is light as a feather. You can see the difference--it's almost like his front legs have grown longer. As far as longevity, I think that will really help him out."
At the recent GHMA show, Homer and Julie McKean went to bat against the warmbloods and hit a home run for the blue ribbon in the Second Level freestyle with a baseball-themed freestyle designed by Ruth.

"He loves Julie," Beth explained. "It's like carrying a little cookie on his back. She's got no weight at all and is such a lovely rider. Another thing is, he really seems to like the music. He reacts very positively to it."

Homer had won lots of awards. He is a USDF All-Breeds Quarter Horse Champion but, because the AQHA is not a participating organization in the All-Breeds Freestyle, there is no award available for that. Beth is currently writing a proposal to the USDF to allow Quarter Horses the chance to play in the big show in the All-Breeds Freestyle.
Beth Stauber-Johnson, Julie McKean and Homer
Beth and Homer
"They are hugely versatile horses," she said. "Homer pulls a cart, jumps, does dressage, does Western dressage and does ranch horse. I think this is an opportunity to showcase the Quarter Horse. I wonder how many other Quarter Horses would love dancing to the music."

Beth rarely rode Homer until she came to Bespoke Farm, but now she and Homer are progressing up the levels with hopes of competing in the USDF freestyle at White Fences shows in 2019. She said that under Ruth's tutelage her position has improved, the use of her leg is better and she has increased her stamina.

"The white breeches are coming out," she said. "White Fences, here I come."

Homer is the last son of the legendary stallion Rugged Lark, the AQHA two-time World Champion super horse , three-time AQHA World Champion and American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame inductee.

Although Homer is a gelding now, there are straws stored for breeding and Beth always donates a portion of Homer’s breeding fee to an accredited equine welfare group near the mare owner’s home.

"He's got a ton of heart," she said. "He tries hard and he's a willing athlete. I think I got so stinkin' lucky."
Julie McKean and Larks Home Run in their Second Level Freestyle in South Woodstock, Vermont
GMHA June Dressage Days News
It was a show to remember for Team Poulsen ! Julie McKean rocked it in every way on three different horses. Caliente debuted in the intermediate II and was the winner both days. She and Larks Home Run were the winner of the USDF Freestyles and Julie and Shalimar scored a 69.9 percent on the first day of the show. You go, girl! 

Sara Christensen Smith  on Gali were the winners in Fourth Level Test One, High Point Award winners on Friday and recipients of the High Point CVDA AA award. PSG here we come! 

Robin Leathe Nei l  on Wizz claimed ribbons in every class and debuted at First Level Test Three. They earned the AA First Level Reserve Championship on Sunday.
Eden on Stelina was undefeated at Second Level and the Second Level winner both days. She also captured the Junior High Point award both days, the overall Junior Second Level championship and was the recipient of the CVDA Junior High Point Award as well as the GMHA JR High Point Champion. We LOVE Green Mountain Horse Show Association!

Hats off to Kerry Riess  who chose to enter at the last minute otn Sunday instead of taking a lesson. Why not? She proved it was a great decision when she won the Third Level Test One and was Third Level champion on Sunday.

Toni Egger  and Georgia debuted at Second Level Test Three and was in the ribbons it was a positive learning experience that sent Georgia in the right direction.

It was great to reconnect with Christine Rae Price  with her new, wonderful schoolmaster- Cant wait to get to know him better next week!

Maggie Shafmaster and her terrific Morgan, Oliver, were winners of the Training Level test at her first dressage show! 

And  Cynthia Tucker Catto  on Portia successfully returned to the show ring after a two-year hiatus with success!

What a great group of wonderful horses and self-sufficient ladies. And you, too, Scott Price.
Julie McKean and Larks Home Run
Eden Smith and Stelina
Bungee Cords Bring Energy
From Behind

In Program Your Position , a program released in collaboration with Jane Savoie, we use key buzzwords to trigger the brain to become more self-aware while riding. W e talk about the energy you create in your horse from your legs, and then how and where to channel or recycle the energy with your seat and reins. 

To help create forward energy from the hind leg, imagine that you have a bungee cord attached to your horses hocks and to your hips. As you post or sit the trot, picture the bungee encouraging the hind leg to come forward toward your hips. In the canter it works the same way. As your pelvis opens and slides forward for beat number three, the bungee image helps lower your horse's hips and engage the hind leg. Engagement means in short “bending the joints." By lowering the horse's hips and bending the joints of the hind leg, you create a spring and coiled energy to use for the next strides. 

Are you interested in learning more about how to Program Your Position to create a shorthand language to improve your position? Click here .

Summer Fun for
East Hill Farm Campers

Another East Hill Farm summer camp is in the books. As usual, it was an amazing week of learning, laughter, food and fun. Thanks, campers and staff. There are only five spots left for the Labor Day camp. Contact Jeanette at jhogan@conhogan.com for more information. See you in September!
New and Improved at East Hill Farm

We are hard at work updating fences and the dressage arena to make our home at East Hill Farm better than ever! The dressage arena now has a 2 rail split fence so it doesn't feel like your riding the youngsters in an infinity arena! Thanks Dad and Bo! Bo dug them all by hand:))
Ruth Hogan-Poulsen Dressage

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