Volume 6 | June 2022
June News & Updates
Thank you for your continuing support of the Hundred Club! With your support and membership we are able to care for the families of those who care for us.
A Message From Our President
Message from the President
Dear Families & Friends,

Our summer season has started off strong. This month we had the honor of attending the Boston Pops with 70+ Club families. The theme was Star Wars, and seeing the children (and grandchildren) light up during the performance was heartwarming.

In the coming months, we will continue our activities for families with a tentative Boston Harbor cruise planned for August. On the business side of the house, Chairman Joe Abely and me are making the rounds at rotary meetings to increase awareness of the Hundred Club.

I ask that you help us continue our mission of service and commitment to these families by referring a friend or family member to join the Hundred Club. Your role as a member and supporter of the Club is so critical, and we need your help to spread the word about our work now more than ever.

Peter H. Smyth
The Hundred Club of Massachusetts
Boston POPS
Annual POPS Outing
The Boston POPS is a favorite amongst Club families. Covid had restricted our ability to attend the event the past 2 years, so seeing the smiling faces of our families was especially rewarding!

Upcoming Events
The Hundred Club is planning an event for August that will include a Boston Harbor cruise / island tour. More information will be provided soon. If you are a member interested in attending please
Email us for more information.
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June Remembrances
The Hundred Club honors, respects, and remembers our fallen heroes.
June 4, 2021
Worcester Police Officer Enmanuel “Manny” Familia died from injuries sustained while heroically trying to save a young boy from drowning in Green Hill Pond. Manny was 38 years old and a staple in the Worcester community. He leaves behind his wife and children.
June 4, 2012
Springfield Police Officer Kevin E. Ambrose, a 36 year veteran of the department was killed during a deadly domestic dispute. His actions saved the life of the mother and child who were v
June 4, 2002
Revere Patrolman and K9 Officer, Air Force Veteran of the Vietnam Conflict, James H. Hitaffer II who unexpectedly passed on June 4, 2002.
June 10, 1974
At 8:20 pm, Box 21 was sounded for a fire in the Arrow Paper Company warehouse on Harding Street in Somerville. Firefighters Joseph Reilly and Robert Brickley, both members of Engine Company Two, died in the line of duty.
June 15, 2006
Massachusetts State Police Trooper Paul Francis Barry died in a tragic vehicle accident. . He is survived by his wife, three sons, four daughters, parents, brother, and sister
June 18, 2010
Massachusetts State Police Sergeant Douglas A. Weddleton was with the MA State Police for 28 years and was tragically struck and killed by two drunk drivers while on I-95 in Attleboro
June 17, 1972
June 17, 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the tragic Hotel Vendome fire and collapse. Let us remember the courageous men we lost on that day.
  • Fire Lieutenant Thomas J. Carroll
  • Fire Lieutenant John E. Hanbury
  • Fire Fighter Charles E. Dolan
  • Fire Fighter Joseph P. Saniuk
  • Fire Fighter John E. Jameson
  • Fire Fighter Thomas W. Beckwith
  • Fire Fighter Paul J. Murphy
  • Fire Fighter Richard B. Magee
  • Fire Fighter Joseph F. Boucher, Jr.
June 18, 1985
Saugus Police Officer Vitale was killed after being intentionally dragged by a vehicle. Officer Vitale had served with the Saugus Police Department for 14 years. He was survived by his wife, three children, five brothers, and two sister
June 24, 1947
Somerville Police Officer Michael Dowd succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained 12 days earlier when he interrupted a burglary at a liquor store. Officer Dowd was a WWI veteran and had served with the Somerville Police Department for 27 years.
June 27, 1986
Haverhill Patrolman Leslie H. Peters, Jr. was killed in a motorcycle accident while on duty. . Patrolman Peters had served with the Haverhill Police Department for 23 years. He was survived by his wife and four children.
June 19, 2022
Somerville Police Officer Randy Issacs was a U.S. Army Veteran, Active Army Reserve and 15 year veteran of the Somerville Police Department. He passed away unexpectedly on June 19 at the age of 41.  
June 24, 1994
Boston Fire Department Lieutenant Steven F. Minehan, a 20 year veteran of the Boston Fire Department succumbed to injuries sustained while conducting a successful search and rescue operation for trapped firefighters at a warehouse fire. He was posthumously awarded the ‘John E. Fitzgerald Medal for the Most Meritorious Act’ in 1995.
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  • Renew or join today and receive your newly branded membership card and bumper sticker.
  • Your renewal and support are essential to continue our mission of caring for the families of fallen police officers and firefighters.
  • If you are unable to renew, please consider a donation.