This month we explore how security has evolved into a core business function for organizations. In our featured article, Tony Sager (Center for Internet Security) explains how decision-making about cybersecurity risk competes in the domain of overall enterprise risk, a natural convergence that requires a modern notion of trust. 
CISOs and security leaders frequently find themselves in positions where they need to advance initiatives to various groups across the organization. Taking a page from Marketing 101, Tina Meeker (Sleep Number) reveals how the 4 Ps framework (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion) can help build credibility, trust and buy-in.
More than just an IT issue, information security extends to the viability and reputation of an organization. For security controls to be implemented in a way that is pramatic and supports the business, writes Judy Hatchett (Surescripts), information security leaders must have a seat at the table and regularly engage with business leaders.
In our June 29 webinar, join us as Mary Frantz – primary technical cyber expert in the Equifax, Yahoo and many other high-profile breaches – provides a product-agnostic look at the capabilities of enterprise SIEMs, what to look for, how to implement and use them effectively, and how they can benefit the entire organization – not just security.
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As a business owner, I need to comply to banking, insurance and client requirements to operate. Moving forward, businesses, cities, tribes and organizations of all sizes will be required to have cybersecurity as a critical part of their business function. The Summit programming has been designed to provide you with an operating edge. This year we’ve added a new Public Sector day to address the needs of town, municipalities and tribes. We also offer an enhanced small business track, along with healthcare, IoT and corporate strategies. Please join us!
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