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Dentistry After Using my Online Loupes
Lisa Mikol-Doering  
Quote OpenThe inexpensive loupes worked for about 12 months before the wires and other small parts became loose. The light was failing and I knew I would need to make a decision: purchase Quote Close another online pair, or invest in higher quality loupes...
Not All Loupes Are Created Equal
B.J. Chang PhD

Is your colleague or coworker settling for lower quality loupes? They may not realize compromising their loupes may result into compromising their work and working posture.

This month we review the causes and results of the new, " alternative" inexpensive loupe phenomenon.

New Product:

New Oakley Frames and Colors!

Flak 2.0 Grey Smoke

Flak 2.0 Sky Blue

Flak 2.0 Neon Green
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Radar EV Silver
Radar EV Sky Blue Radar EV White
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