JUNE 2020
Welcome to June! As states gradually  reopen  even as the pandemic wears on, many of us are concerned about our health and well-being. Within our local communities, the reality is that not only do people have  different ideas on what constitutes social distancing  but for many others still, in the face of racial inequality, the desire to create social change far outweighs the potential risk of spreading or catching the virus.

It's all the more reason to make sure we're taking the best care of ourselves. In this edition, we wanted to focus on how to go back to "normal" after all this time in quarantine... we hope there's something for everyone to benefit from!
As you begin to establish your new normal, be sure to take these three things into consideration. . SEE TIPS
Tips for Helping Children Move Forward After COVID-19 Pandemic
Dr. Laura Saunders, Child Psychologist, Hartford HealthCare Institute of Living, provides advice and helpful tips for helping children move forward after spending so much time at home.
Are you feeling anxious about returning to work/life after COVID19?
"Something Happened In Our Town" A child's story about social injustice
It's important to let the little ones in on what's happening around us these days. This book reading is a great resource to help us talk with your children about racism and police brutality. Check out this list of toddler books that celebrate black families
Don't Underestimate the Power of Your Voice
Feeling overwhelmed and struggling with how to address racism? You aren't alone...
QUIZ: Do I need therapy therapy?
Anyone can benefit from talking to a professional, but if you’re feeling really low, it might be time to prioritize it. Jennifer Mann, a psychotherapist in New York City, created a quiz to help you gauge where you’re at:

  1. Have you had difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep in the past few weeks?
  2. Do you catch yourself obsessing over getting sick?
  3. Are you constantly worried about worst-case scenarios?
  4. Have you been feeling hopeless lately, to the point where everything—work, friends, future plans—feels pointless?
  5. Are you disinterested in things you normally enjoy?
  6. Have you been ignoring friends and family?
  7. Do you have increased feelings of anxiety, sadness, or anger?
  8. Have you started changing your behaviors out of fear?

Your results:
Did you answer yes to more than two of the above? If so, now may be the time to consider talking to someone. Nothing is “wrong” with you, but it’s been a rough few months, and you deserve to focus on yourself.

Starting July 6th, we'll start to see clients in-person at the office . Our staff and visitors will be following very strict social distancing guidelines, will have their temperatures taken daily and will be asked to complete a health questionnaire before coming in.
NEED HELP NOW? Talk to a licensed therapist from home, using any mobile device, it's THAT easy!
Please call our office at 402-330-2024 to make an appointment.
  • Our therapists have conducted over 180 virtual sessions since the campus closed, with 57% of our new clients being from the Jewish Community, and 21% being campus employees + relatives (EAP).

We served 65 families in need for a total of $15,107, helping them have food on their table, pay their rent and other timely bills.
JFS is here for you!
Need help with groceries, utilities, rent or other outstanding bills? Please call our MAIN LINE at 402-330-2024 during the allocated times ( Monday trough Thursday, 9am to noon )
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